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  • Club Update: Hashigata zuri
    Today we present to you the classy, sexy, sweet but oh-so crazy Miss "A" (we love her). She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, you can take her out to the fanciest
  • Club Update: Neon yoko
    We're going on a RopeMarks guided tour into the world of a sideway blacklight suspension. The finished sideway suspension lit the entire, otherwise dark, room making the e
  • Tanuki torture
    Dutch Dame experiencing the full power of the Tanuki. Today we are testing the limits of Dutch Dame! We suspend her from all fours... gag her, twice and then turn her pig-
  • Doing Daisy sideways
    Today we are doing Daisy, our pretty blond, sideways - a kataashi yokozuri, since girls need to have their legs spread, as often as possible... In good RopeMarks style we
  • Club update, Houchi seori zuri, part 2 of 2
    After our finger-exercise with the stunning Dutch Dame suspended by her wrists we decide it's time to match the beauty of Dutch Dame with the beautiful photography of PhoT
  • Club update, Houchi seori zuri, part 1 of 2
    We put Dutch Dame through one hell of an ordeal in one of Amsterdam's more notorious bars. A beautiful, but hard, back bending suspension by the wrists! We make Dutch Dame
  • Club update, The Pillory
    We have spend an awesome time in a medieval dungeon with among others a working pillory. A pillory that we just had to put to the test, RopeMarks style! We have the amazin
  • Club Update, Yoko zuri
    From time to time we stray from the path of kinbaku to mix and match with other fetishes that we love. However, there is just one true fetish love for us; kinbaku, traditi
  • Club update, futomomo zuri
    Way back in 2009 there was a moment that I had the availability of the amazing Dutch-Dame, a wonderful medieval-looking location and a photographic light-wizard from Studi
  • Aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri, triptych
    It took some time to find some time to finally get this piece of art together, three images off beauty in suffering on a backdrop of the great wave of kanagawa. The suffer
  • Club Update, Sakasa Ebi Zuri
    This is one rough session I'm playing with Dutch-Dame and incorporates an awesome new RopeMarks suspension, brutally hard for the sweet Dutch-Dame and definitly not for th

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