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  • Newsletter February 2017
    Welcome to the sixth RopeMarks newsletter. In this newsletter we will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming eve
  • Ellipsis Rope Event
    Last weekend we participated in the first Ellipsis Rope Event - it was one awesome experience where we provided our "The Rope, The Ring, The Knockout" and a two day RopeMa
  • A weekend with RopeMarks
    We have had the most amazing, bondage, weekend in Norway and I have been dying to write about it; but the organization beat me to it and I can not do a better job at blowi
  • Kink & Kinbaku 2015
    The Kink&Kinbaku event in Norway is in it's third year now and the event will take place on Friday March 13, Saturday March 14 and Sunday March 15. We had the pleasure of
  • RopeMarks Ryū, shibari workshop
    ### For the Dutch among us: Het is een spannend voorspel, het wordt over het algemeen ervaren als de beste vorm van BDSM, verdiept het vertrouwen en respect tussen de part
  • RopeMarks Ryu
    The RopeMarks kinbaku glossary, now part of RopeMarks Ryu, has seen a complete make-over. To the best of my knowledge this is now the first visual searchable kinbaku gloss
  • RopeMarks Ryū
    The past period we have been spending a lot of time to innovate our previous workshop section into something vastly more appropriate;  RopeMarks Ryū . RopeMarks Ryū is one
  • Kink & Kinbaku in Norway
    With full intent to write about our experience in Norway the organisation of Kink&Kinbaku beat me to it with a review that I cannot do better: The RopeMarks and Dutch-Dame
  • Kinbaku lesson in Akechi ryu by Mr. S.
    Our third day in Japan (April 2, 2006) was a very special day for me. I have been admiring the work of nawashi Akechi Denki ever since I saw the first images of his work.

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