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  • To blog or not to blog...
    We are contemplating the use of our Blog ( www.BlogRopeMarks.com ), in the current digital environment dominated by social media the usefulness of a separate blog s
  • Website update
    Broken record: our backlog with stuff to add to the site and boost our own ego is huge. Especially the first half of this year was a 24/7 kinbaku, rubber, shooting, party
  • Some site updates
    Hiya!   Finally found some time to do some long overdue site updates. For the moment we have changed the site in a nice christmas look and feel. Truly hope everyone is hav
  • 2009... Ancient history?
    It really feels as if I've been recording ancient history, even though it was only a year old material. We are now almost half way 2010 and _finally_ I've been able to get

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