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  • Club Update: In Bed with Spring
    So… here I am. Nervous, in front of hotel room 238. Wearing a silky black dress with sexy lingery underneath. All exactly like he told me in his very precise instructions.
  • Newsletter April 2017
    Welcome to the Eight RopeMarks newsletter. It's already May when you receive this newsletter and we have just returned from the German Fetish Ball. The GFB was filled with
  • Club Update: Suffering in full view
    I don't see my slavegirl from Singapore that often, so when I do, I'd like to make it count. It does make me proud to own her and I love to show her of, no matter where, n
  • Newsletter March 2017
    Welcome to the seventh RopeMarks newsletter. It's April when you receive this newsletter and we are very busy prepping for... well, April but even more for May, Jun and Ju
  • Bedeseme Magazine #55
    In this edition of the Bedeseme magazine the featured kinbaku is of yours truly, Louisa L'Amour tied in a demanding ryou ashi gote kakae shibari and dominated by Spanish b
  • Club Update: Hashigata zuri
    Today we present to you the classy, sexy, sweet but oh-so crazy Miss "A" (we love her). She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, you can take her out to the fanciest
  • Newsletter February 2017
    Welcome to the sixth RopeMarks newsletter. In this newsletter we will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming eve
  • Newsletter January 2017
    Welcome to the fifth RopeMarks newsletter. The new year is already in full swing and it is throwing more opportunities than we can handle, we are making hard decisions at
  • Club update: On top of her world
    The sweet Luisa, a petite bondage-minded beauty from Portugal, so cute you just want to put her in the inside pocket of your coat and take her with you! Since that is not
  • Wasteland - voodoo edition
    The Wasteland voodoo edition has been a big one for RopeMarks, it started with creating the flyer-design of Dennis Diem, then participating in the Wilhemus Vlug's video-wa
  • Club update: Playing in the hotel lobby
    We've been having alot of fun for quite some time now, but this time we have proof; photos. Cobie is the most beautiful and sweet girl you shall ever meet, she belongs on
  • Business at the front...
    Business at the front... party at the back! (wait! what?)
  • Man with hand in pants...
    Man with hand in pants... feel cocky all day
  • Fijne Vrienden live #1
    Fijne Vrienden is going live on YouTube and the Ziggo channel for the very first time. RopeMarks, with the aid of the Dutch spark plug "spring", was invited to participate
  • Club Update: Rubber kinbaku kitten
    In the words of Amarantha: So I was taken to an abandoned office building for some latex and bondage fun. After lubing up my skin and my shiny latex gloves, stockings, nec
  • Shop window kinbaku
    Recently I had the pleasure to decorate the shop window of Amsterdams preferred adult-shop, Mail & Female. This decoration is part of the Wasteland pop-up shop located ins
  • Private fun
    Some private fun (not so private now) with little flower/Bloempje during the RopeLounge's last edition on the (now) old location. Private fun with little flower
  • Club Update: Mary experiences the power of rope...
    With the help of the spectacular facilitator we make Mary Gram experience the power of rope. Mary´s delicously tight body should not be hidden, it must be show, paraded ar
  • Club Update: Growing Flowers
    Summer time in the Netherlands, not the best moment to start growing flowers, but we try anyway. We do grow flowers in our own little perverted way. First we plant our lit
  • Club update: In Amsterdam
    Early morning, sunrise, Amsterdam; a sleepy rigger, a stunning Spanish beauty and an awesome photographer... and so starts the adventure. First we arrive at one of Amsterd
  • Club update: Mary, Mary, quite contrary...
    Aided by the spectacular facilitator we have caught Mary Gram in our ropes. Striped to her birthday suite we move around Mary like a little perverted spider, weaving our w
  • Hard Liquor
    We're taking sexy red head Necia Navine to the bar for a good time. Miss Navine orders a delicous cocktail but before she gets the change to taste it we strip her of cloth
  • Club update: Deadlysin - part 2 of 2
    Today we present Spanish beauty Nereida Deadlysin - a sexy, dark haired, brown eyed and inked addition to RopeMarks - we are pleased. Being used for the first time on Rope
  • Club update: Deadlysin - part 1 of 2
    Today we present Spanish beauty Nereida Deadlysin - a sexy, dark haired, brown eyed and inked addition to RopeMarks - we are pleased. Being used for the first time on Rope
  • Tanuki torture
    Dutch Dame experiencing the full power of the Tanuki. Today we are testing the limits of Dutch Dame! We suspend her from all fours... gag her, twice and then turn her pig-
  • RopeMarks blacklight installation
    For the Wasteland party 20 year anniversary we have gotten the opportunity to set up a three hour lasting Japanese rope bondage installation, performance art if you will.
  • Media updates
    From time to time we get published here and there and when we are aware of the publication we let you know about on our " In the Media " section on the RopeMarks site . Th
  • Doing Daisy sideways - preview video
    Today we are doing Daisy, our pretty blond, sideways - a kataashi yokozuri, since girls need to have their legs spread, as often as possible... In good RopeMarks style we
  • Doing Daisy sideways
    Today we are doing Daisy, our pretty blond, sideways - a kataashi yokozuri, since girls need to have their legs spread, as often as possible... In good RopeMarks style we
  • Bliss, in suspension - part 3/3, the full video
    We have a real treat for you, an Australian treat. We got a visit from Bliss Theadora a green haired sweetheart and beauty and we're going to use her for our pleasure... T
  • Bliss, in suspension - part 2/3
    We have a real treat for you, an Australian treat. We got a visit from Bliss Theadora a green haired sweetheart and beauty and we're going to use her for our pleasure... T
  • Bliss, in suspension - part 1/3
    We have a real treat for you, an Australian treat. We got a visit from Bliss Theadora a green haired sweetheart and beauty and we're going to use her for our pleasure... T
  • eXtravaganXa
    We're trying to process our backlog... It feels like such a futile attempt... before we've processed two months three new months of material appear... *sigh*...  But we lo
  • Shibari fashion and shoe porn
    We have had the immense pleasure to cooperate with the amazing Dutch designer Dennis Diem. Together with Dennis' beautiful beetle dress, some amazing shoes and RopeMark's
  • Club update, Surrender
    In a club, after hours, we have the sexy red head Necia Navine at our disposal. We have been teasing each other all night long, drinking, partying, talking dirty about kin
  • Club update, Bed, bed and beyond
    We have the immensely sexy Abraxas for you, small in size but huge in sexy attitude. Today we severely tie up her petite body with her legs spread, gag her, clamp her and
  • Club update, Upside down and legs spread
    Tied in a innovative gote Dutch Dame will be put through the kinbaku paces of a spread legged upside down suspension from the stairs by the ankles only. First we tie our g
  • BoundCon XI
    It is that time of the the year again! We’re looking forward to it like Christmas, but in shorts... This is a big blog entry, if you're feeling impatient, here's a video i
  • #TBT
    #TBT This image was among the first we published as RopeMarks, in 1999 It was taken with an analogue camera and scanned to use on the site ( www.RopeMarks.com/ ),-
  • Club update, Blacklight
    Two absolute amazing bondage's with an amazing and naked Dutch Dame on the receiving end. Sponsored by: Wasteland click here for the update .
  • Club update, Houchi seori zuri, part 2 of 2
    After our finger-exercise with the stunning Dutch Dame suspended by her wrists we decide it's time to match the beauty of Dutch Dame with the beautiful photography of PhoT
  • A weekend with RopeMarks
    We have had the most amazing, bondage, weekend in Norway and I have been dying to write about it; but the organization beat me to it and I can not do a better job at blowi
  • Club update, Houchi seori zuri, part 1 of 2
    We put Dutch Dame through one hell of an ordeal in one of Amsterdam's more notorious bars. A beautiful, but hard, back bending suspension by the wrists! We make Dutch Dame
  • Honeyhair uses Dutch Dame, part 2 of 2
    This is the second of two instalments of a stunning and sexy update. We decided to go with the flow and let Honeyhair have a real go at a tighly bound and submissive Dutch
  • The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage
    What's in a name? In the end not much, it's content that determines value, but let's use the slightly easier abbreviation: LFAJRB. In the field of content this edition of
  • Honeyhair uses Dutch Dame, part 1 of 2
    We have a stunning and sexy update in two parts for you. We have Czech beauty Honeyhair over at RopeMarks HQ. This sexy and dominant lady was very eager to play with RopeM
  • Club update, Asphyxiating Abraxas
    We have slavegirl abraxas over at RopeMarks HQ, a petite bald super sexy girl. At a certain point we tie up abraxas, collar her in a big leather collar and put her on some
  • Club update, Dutch Dame dominated by Sinteque
    We paid a visit to the beautiful Sinteque for the sole purpose to have my property molested by someone else then me! First Dutch Dame was made to wait in a agura shibari,
  • RopeMarks Ryū, shibari workshop
    ### For the Dutch among us: Het is een spannend voorspel, het wordt over het algemeen ervaren als de beste vorm van BDSM, verdiept het vertrouwen en respect tussen de part
  • Club update, Ryouashi gattai ichimonji shibari
    Today we were honourable guests in "the loft", a charming place with some interesting additions for fun rope-play (or just bdsm play for that matter). The atmosphere oozes
  • RopeMarks Ryu
    The RopeMarks kinbaku glossary, now part of RopeMarks Ryu, has seen a complete make-over. To the best of my knowledge this is now the first visual searchable kinbaku gloss
  • Wild beaming
    Some time... years ago (three and a half to be exact) I made a casual remark about cooperating in a wild beam action . Now, I think it is about time that we show you the r
  • RopeMarks Ryū
    The past period we have been spending a lot of time to innovate our previous workshop section into something vastly more appropriate;  RopeMarks Ryū . RopeMarks Ryū is one
  • Club update, Slaughter ready
    Woman are precious souls that need to be treated with kindness, love and respect and if you have the possibility put on a pedestal and worshiped. But sometimes... just som
  • The Witch
    Sometimes you just want a little artsy-fartsy in your Japanese style rope bondage. Dutch Dame is just the girl to pull that off in a deceptivly easy, comfortable, looking
  • Exposed Dame
    No slavegirl is complete without a wide collar and high heels, this goes double for the hotness that is Dutch Dame, it completes her; mind, body and soul. First Dutch Dame
  • We did leave who, where?
  • Club update, The initiation of Daisy Bells
    This update is of a new face on Club RopeMarks, Daisy Bells. A sexy blond with a matching mindsex... set, mindset. We easy her into the traditional Japanese rope bondage o
  • Club update, A Round of Bondage
    A beautiful medieval location, a beautiful model - Dutch Dame and a whole lot of equipment to use and abuse her on. I decided to go a round of bondage with the amazing Dut
  • Happy silly
    Happy... but somewhat surprised that two pretty girls agreed to my train of perverted thoughts.... silly! (photo by Alex Perex, model Dutch Dame) Negotiation happened for
  • Club update, the rise and fall of the Tengu
    Things start out innocent enough, two pretty girl, Dutch Dame and slavegirl19971, enjoying a sip of sake. It doesn't take long before Dutch Dame is tightly tied withslaveg
  • BoundCon 2013 - 10 year anniversary
    The BoundCon of 2014 is only a few months away, so I guess it's time to tell you about BoundCon 2013. It might not come as a surprise, but it was awesome! And by the looks
  • Club update, BoundCon III - Custom Photoshoot 2
    If you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes of the BoundCon custom photo shoots (CPS) this is your chance to see! This video is from one of my CPS's during the
  • RopeMarks Workshop
    This will be a primarily Dutch speaking workshop Later als geplanned, de eerste shibari workshop van 2014 komt er aan, het gaat om een zogenaamde level 1++ workshop waar w
  • B.I.T.C.H.
    One could argue we are  becoming part of the furniture for the B.I.T.C.H party. We've written more than enough about by it now (search this blog for more info). One fun th
  • Club update, Star me Kitten
    Please enjoy new face Mari Kitten. To properly welcome Mari into the RopeMarks family we have a triple bondage experience in mind for her. First we make Mari be the secret
  • Club update, Struggling Dame
    This is a hot, hot, steaming hot video. We have 17 minutes of a tightly hogtie bound, gagged and struggling Dutch Dame for you To actually get 17 minutes of bound, gagged
  • Photo realistic art
    From one of our performance on the 2012 Venus fair in Berlin, German based artist Thorsten Freye created a number of photo realistic pieces of art. I think the art speaks
  • Club update, the toy in the attic
    We have a toy in our attic, the lovely Amely. This time we made her endure three challenges during a weekend. This particular Saturday we had some business outside where A
  • Club update, Pussy zuri
    We need to apologize for this delayed update. We've written a blog on the official RopeMarks blog about why here . As a good friend said, shit happens :). Onwards with the
  • Smile like an asian
    Two pretty girls, one perv with a dirty mind and all agree on his dirtyness, sometimes negotiation goes smooth   Happy as can be :) Full set of images and video can be see
  • RopeMarks Workshop
    De laatste shibari workshop van 2013, het gaat om een zogenaamde level 1++ workshop waar we je de basis technieken van Japanse bondage (ook bekend als shibari of kinbaku)
  • Club Update, Yoko zuri
    From time to time we stray from the path of kinbaku to mix and match with other fetishes that we love. However, there is just one true fetish love for us; kinbaku, traditi
  • Club Update, Ryo-kakyaku heiretsu hashira ushirodaki shibari
    The continuation of part 1 . Dangeling like a doll we release the now broken Dame from her suspension. Unable to resist anything we now lay her down on the cold floor, tie
  • In the Closet
    We invited Miss Duveaux for a nice dinner out, all pretty and dressed up she arrived at our place ... Download this video. In the Closet, with Miss Duveaux var flashvars =
  • Room Service
    In some rancid hotel room Miss Duveaux might get more than she bargained for... Download this video. Room Service, with Miss Duveaux var flashvars = { file: "/pivotx/pivot
  • B.I.T.C.H.
    B.I.T.C.H. the kinky party of the Netherlands has released a compilation DVD containing scenes from the party. We found ourselves on it. Here's part of the footage  Downlo
  • Club Update, Ryo-kakyaku heiretsu hashira ushirodaki shibari
    We love ballet boots, we love Dutch Dame, we love Dutch Dame in ballet boots. With legs like hers that is the closest thing to fetish-perfection. It's clear she loves to w
  • Club Update, Pool table Tricks
    I want to play a game... A pool game... RopeMarks style... I'm not interested in hustling my girl from her money in a game of pool, I'm interested in hustling her out of h
  • Moscow Knot
    If you are following the RopeMarks blog (hi mom!) you might recall our entry on RopeFest. The premiere Russian (Japanese) bondage event. You can read this entry about our
  • JumpCut
    First released on February 2012 then quickly became a Long sought after short; now finally available online after touring the worlds (fetish) film festivals; JumpCut. Jump
  • Club Update, Exposed Cherry
    My properties love for rubber is no secret, collaring her naked body with a wide rubber collar in the middle of a heavy rubber room will certainly make her anticipate more
  • LFAJRB 2012
    2012 saw the 3rd edition (I think) of the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, or the easier short name LFAJB no... LFJARB no... LFAJRB... no... yes... LFA
  • Club Update, Upside-down Dame
    This update is fun, upside-down fun. We have the amazing Dutch Dame at our disposal and decide to tie her arms, a little differently, behind her back. Add a rubber hood an
  • Club update: Squeezed
    We have a new face for you on Club RopeMarks, the petite and sexy redhead Nikki Flames. Famous for seducing late evening and nighttime viewers of erotic television program
  • Akira Naka's rope of torture, primer version
    RopeMarks (the mother site) | Club RopeMarks | Shop RopeMarks When I heard about the new tutorial video of Akira Naka "rope of torture" I was anxious to see it, even thoug
  • BoundCon IX, First impression
    It's over and done with for this year, unfortunatly :( But it was so much fun again :) Two custom photo shoots, one with my own amazing Dutch-Dame and the sexy Czech beaut
  • RopeMarks, Japanese, bondage workshop 24 Jun 2012
    This workshop will be in the Dutch language We gaan weer een workshop geven; het gaat om een zogenaamde level 1 workshop waar we je de basis technieken van Japanse bondage
  • Club update, Double Bill: The True Beauty of, Japanese, Bondage
    The new flyer and business card is out The flyer and business card are both based on a hashira ushirodaki shibari. One balancing on one leg in a ballet boot and the other
  • Workshop review by Mrs. Soviet Mercedes
    We don't want to withold you this review by Mrs. Soviet Merceded of our workshop last weekend (in Dutch for now) For those who know me, they know I have no affinity with B
  • BoundCon IX, a first peak
    It's almost time for BoundCon, the ninth edition already. Unable to say no to the charming invitation to be present we are there! What can you expect from RopeMarks sofar:
  • Club update, Bound and Loving it
    Today new face Natasja came to visit RopeMarks HQ. Fairly new to rope bondage but eager to be wrapped in RopeMarks' rope. Not wanting to make Natasja's bound life to diffi
  • Aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri, triptych
    It took some time to find some time to finally get this piece of art together, three images off beauty in suffering on a backdrop of the great wave of kanagawa. The suffer
  • RopeMarks workshop voor Absolute Danny op 6 December 2011
    In samenwerking met Absolute Danny organiseert RopeMarks een serie Japanse bondage workshops in de uiterst sfeervolle Absolute Suite in hartje van Amsterdam. Voor de laats
  • Club Update, Sakasa Ebi Zuri
    This is one rough session I'm playing with Dutch-Dame and incorporates an awesome new RopeMarks suspension, brutally hard for the sweet Dutch-Dame and definitly not for th
  • Workshops with Absolute Danny
    Good news. Together with Absolute Danny we will set up two (Japanese) bondage workshops.  The workshops will be held in the famous Absolute Suite and will last approximatl
  • Club RopeMarks, The Hanged Man... Dame
    Inspired by the tarot card the hanged man we have Dutch-Dame suspended upside down by one ankle As the card Dutch-Dame is entranced... but in this case because of the tort
  • Club Update, BoundCon III, Custom Photo Shoot part 1 of 2
    Here's an oldy for you (2006), the RopeMarks Custom Photo Shoot with the lovely Melanie at BoundCon III Melanie is put through three session and get to endure (but ohw, do
  • Club Update, Replay: On her knees
    This is the continuation of  this  series. I continue the play we started with Dutch-Dame, Replay! After Dutch-Dame's suffering on her knees I untie her folded legs, drag
  • Club Update, Double Hooded Dame
    The amazing Dutch Dame is being put through some very interesting and favorite paces of mine... We dress the Dame in thigh high ballet boots, stop her from walking, we the
  • Club Update, Miss Double I
    We have a meeting with Iris and photographer Frits Kraefft in the RopeMarks studio. The result, Iris is restrained, hooded, gagged, bound and suspended... A cover, 6 page
  • Club Update, In Heat
    This studio shoot in the sindering heat resulted in some stunning shots of Vendetta Li tightly bound in different positions. When the gag was added there was no denying he
  • Dutch Dame, Property of RopeMarks
    n. pl. prop·er·ties    Something owned; a possession. With more pride than I'm able to express in words, I present to you, my girl, my property... Dutch Dame, Property of
  • Club Update, On Her Knees
    In this update I have the pleasure to show you Dutch Dame the way I like to see her best, on her knees! Actually, there are a few more poses I like to see her in best... s
  • Club Update: Suspended under the stairs
    Simply a set of beautiful images by Guldor of Chantal suspended under the stairs. Nuff said, go look! The Links  Club Update - Suspended under the stairs
  • Club Update, back at the School Gym
    It's been a while seen I was in a school gym, not my best memories there. Personally I always preferred the glow of a computer monitor over the sweaty bodies of young boys
  • Shop RopeMarks
    RopeMarks has been a personal project for years (and a full business for the last few years), focusing on the beauty of Japanese bondage in particular and bondage in gener
  • Club Update, Dutch Dame Finger Bound
    We told you she'd be back and here she is, Dutch Dame. This time we get to fool around with the lovely Dame in a Japanese room. To not fall into standards I decided on a n
  • Generation SEX
    Before we got asked for BNN's Spuiten en Slikken we had antoher interesting experience with the media, English TV in this case. We got taped for the British TV program Gen
  • Kamasutra Erotic Fair - after the dust
    Most of the Dust of the three day erotic fair Kamasutra has setteled. It were 3 very long and heavy but rewarding days. First of all we decided to use our bamboo tripod ag
  • BNN, "Spuiten en Slikken" request
    Nice tidbid of information, we have been a guest on the Dutch national TV program "Spuiten en Slikken" (a program about drugs and sex) and they contacted us again to be a
  • Life is fun!
    As you have seen, we've changed our website. RopeMarks is now our portfolio site, with our blogs, workshop and show information and our galleries can be found on our new w
  • Kink.com
    Time to untangle some more. Some of you might know Kink.com, most probably don't. Kink.com is the company behind sites like Sex and Submission , Hogtied , Waterbondage , W
  • More shibari by RopeMarks on Dutch national tv.
    We will be on television again, Saturday 13 May at 20:20 on Dutch television (Veronica) we will be in the programm "Bizar & Bijzonder" (Bizar and Extraordinary). The rerun
  • More RopeMarks on Dutch national tv.
    Is it possible that our Dutch national TV network is picking up on our oh so beloved shibari? We have been approached by the people of the Dutch TV program "Bizar & Bijzon
  • Smile like an asian
    Two pretty girls, one perv with a dirty mind and all agree on his dirtyness, sometimes negotiation goes smooth   Happy as can be :) Full set of images and video can be see
  • The last days in Japan
    Our final days in Japan (for this year!). We have been doing some shopping in a Kitty-chan store, the Ginza area, the Sony-building (ooooohhh... the goodies :), the Shibuy
  • Sanwa publishing Interview and Miura Takumi
    April 16, our 17nd day in Japan Today is expected to be yet another interesting day for us. Today we have an interview scheduled with Yamaga Shizuka of Sanwa Publishing .
  • Studio Six, Jail Tokyo
    April 15, Our 16nd day in Japan Stress... Getting up at 07:00 in Ohara, packing suitcases, having Japanese breakfast (fish and miso-soup!). Calling taxi to bring us to sub
  • Ohara
    April 14, our 15nd day in Japan Yesterday we traded Kyoto for one of the rural area's of Kyoto, Ohara. Here we are staying for a few days in ryokan Oharanosato, a traditio
  • Kitty-chan love
    April 12, our 13nd day in Japan Success!!! We left Kyoto for Osaka again, went to the love hotel, got recognized by the people working there and as we hoped the Hello Kitt
  • B.I.T.C.H.
    One could argue we are  becoming part of the furniture for the B.I.T.C.H party. We've written more than enough about by it now (search this blog for more info). One fun th
  • Johnnie Hillwalker
    The wheather is s*ck! It's raining and the forecast is not looking positive. Luckily for tommorow we have some things planned that take place inside (in Osaka, not Kyoto).
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu
    April 9, our tenth day in Japan   Our third day in Kyoto. No nawa-news, we purposly did not schedule any rope-related activities during our stay in Kyoto. We did not want
  • Kyoto
    April 8, our ninth day in Japan   Kyoto; new city, new subway and railway, new challenges... Let's not bore you with the fact that everything in Japan takes longer than yo
  • Miyamoto-san
    April 7, our eight day in Japan Still all tired from the day before, we had to get up way to early to leave Nagoya and go to Kyoto. Kureha-san came to visit the hotel and
  • Bar "R", Nagoya, Japan.
    April 6, our seventh day in Japan Today is the day of our first officially scheduled, announced and promoted show (read: we got payed for this one!) in Bar "R", Nagoya, Ja
  • Nagoya-jo
    Our sixed day (april 5), no nawa-news just a quick update on playing silly gaijin in Nagoya. Today Kureha-san took us to visit Nagoya-jo. A beautifull castle that was buil
  • Mistresses Kureha-san, Hibiki-san, Rei-san
    On our fifth day (april 4) we took the shinkansen (bullit train) and left Tokyo to go to Nagoya for a few days. This vacation we had not planned a trip to Fuji-san but got
  • Hanami
    We have been spending our fourth day in Japan (april 3) being real tourists. We went to visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. After that we went to Ueno park for some hanami
  • Kinbaku lesson in Akechi ryu by Mr. S.
    Our third day in Japan (April 2, 2006) was a very special day for me. I have been admiring the work of nawashi Akechi Denki ever since I saw the first images of his work.
  • Osada Steve at Studio Six
    konichi wa! The evening of our second day in Tokyo, Japan was spent in the presence of the honorable Osada Steve at his " Studio Six ". Before we left our hotel room to ge
  • Arisue Go in club Shangri La
    When I write this we are halfway into our second day in Japan. On our first day having skipped one night of sleep, absolutely and totally exhausted we decided it would be
  • Busy
    I will keep it short this time, because I have so much to do and so little time! This Thursday we are off to Japan and I still need to do many things for the trip. And to
  • Dracula
    DRACULA... the monster within What do you see when you look in the mirror...? Theaterworks Amsterdam will bring their unique interpretation of the classic story of Dracula
  • Kinbaku on BNN (Dutch national TV)
    (backdated entry; March 6, 2006) So... let's talk television... something that has been on my mind for some time. Why talk now then? Well, basically because we have been i
  • La Tannerie in Pezenas, France
    (backdated entry; Feb 28, 2006) We have spent the last weekend in the South of France, Paulhan and Pezenas to be exact. We were invited by Franse sculpter Dann Chetrit to
  • Dann Chetrit - La Tannerie, Pezenas
    (backdated entry; Feb 17, 2006) Next week we are going to the South of France for a kinbaku art project in stone sculptures. We are going to model for the artist.
  • ARS - Austin Ropecraft Symposium II
    (backdated entry; Feb 17, 2006) After intensive communication with Steve (ARS organisation) we had to decline his offer to come and teach on the second Austion Ropecraft S
  • Akechi Denki
    (backdated entry; 17 july, 2005) A sad thing has happened on July 17th at 10:35 in Japan. Nawashi Akechi Denki has died at the early age of 64. With his departing the grea
  • BoundCon II - 2005
    (backdated entry; june 14, 2005) It's over for this year; Bound Con.   Here's a first (work safe) image of Chantal in front our booth: After this 3 day event we are very t
  • Bob Untangles
    There are a lot of things happening behind the RopeMarks scenes that you, our faithfull visitor, don't know anything about. Things like our plans for the future of RopeMar
  • Kinbaku in the South of France
    The sculpturist Dann Chetrit from Pesenaz makes among other things sculptures of women in bondage. For his work he needed a model and a rigger to study. So last weekend we
  • RopeMarks on Dutch national tv.
    The controversial program "Spuiten en Slikken" (about drugs and sex) on Dutch TV by BNN, has asked us for an item about shibari. So for all the Dutch people: it will be li
  • Party time
    We had a busy month! We gave a private workshop to Marrow and Debora of BindMe and afterwards we went out to dinner with them and with Kumi Monster (you all know her), Anc
  • Bondage where it was originally intended for?!
    A burglar, who has been overpowered by a group elderly people in New Zealand after a failed burgling, did not get sentence lowering. Local television stations transmitted
  • Japan, here we come!
    Yes! We're finally going to Japan. We leave on March 30 for 3 weeks. Tips and advice are more then welcome.
  • BoundCon XI
    It is that time of the the year again! We’re looking forward to it like Christmas, but in shorts... This is a big blog entry, if you're feeling impatient, here's a video i
  • RopeMarks @ Kamastura
    Do you live in The Netherlands and want to see us live without having to go to a fetish party? On Friday 20 January at 21:00 we give a bondage demonstration on the SM isla
  • Memes
    Bondage negotiations and memes

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