On a regulare basis I take place behind the camera. I'm far from any good imvho but make up for that in enthousiasme.

Club update, Breathless Puppy

with Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame as the puppy

Posted on December 28 2013 by RopeMarks

Breathless puppyWith this update we welcome the beautiful and sweet Marilyn Yusuf into the RopeMarks family. Don't let the looks of this Bulgarian beauty fool you, she's a mistress and a good one.

Mistress Yusuf is turning Dutch Dame, my property, into a puppy! On all fours Dame gets collared by Mistress Yusuf's and has to has to worship her boots.

After being thoroughly bound, and wearing ballet boots, Dutch Dame is being taken for a walk by Marilyn.

Puppy Dame is not a good walker and Mistress Yusuf has to punish her. The choice of punishment is a heavy rubber breath control collar. A puppy must obey or suffer.

Marilyn is controlling the breath of Dutch Dame with the heavy rubber collar, the look and persistence of Marilyn, the look and little noises of Dutch Dame are... *hot*.

Download this video.

Breathless puppy with Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame

Two hot, and sweet, girls in a bondage power play...

 click here for the update

Seasons Greetings


Posted on December 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame

the moving images

Posted on December 12 2013 by RopeMarks

rm20130623_3318.jpgRecently I had the pleasure to work with not one amazingly beautiful and sweet lady but two amazingly sweet and beautiful ladies! Marilyn Yusuf from Bulgaria and Dutch Dame from the Netherlands, even though they both look as different as day and night their mindset was very much the same, sweet, sexy and crazy about wearing tight rubber.

This really was my pleasure to shoot the photo's and video. On the right you see a photo preview and below you see the video preview. 

Download this video.

Rubber Beauties with Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame

The beauties Marilyn Yusuf, Dutch Dame.

Table top Dame

Posted on November 08 2013 by RopeMarks
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A older attempt of me doing HDR... the images couldn't be aligned 100%, still an nice result that I wouldn't want to keep from you.


Table top Dame

Table top Dame.

Leather bound Dame

Posted on July 13 2013 by RopeMarks

Beside my specialty, Japanese rope bondage aka shibari or kinbaku, I enjoy a wide variety of ways to restrain pretty girls. Leather gear is one of them. Here are a few shots from a series that I made with Dutch Dame.

Pole bound ladder

Sensory deprived DameA Dame and her polePeek-a-boo DameBeautiful gaze.Deprived of sensesPole Bound


Here's the update where all material (photo's and video) can be seen.

A prayer... for good work

Posted on January 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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I love taking photo's, love shooting video even more, but as a pro rigger my problem is that when I am alone with my girl and want to shoot some cool bondage some parts during the process will not get my 100% attention. That is either the bondage or the photo.

If I give my attention to the bondage, the photography will be crap. If I give my attention to the photography the bondage will be crap. So to see that in my view both the bondage and photography failed to live up to my standards... well... 

Luckily there is always my girl who can save any picture with her natural grace and beauty!

The full set can be seen on Club RopeMarks, here.

Dutch Dame, summer time

Posted on September 19 2012 by RopeMarks
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Summer appears to be over in the Netherlands... Enjoy a last shot of the most beautiful Dutch girl in beautiful  summer-time weather - Dutch Dame:

Dutch Dame - Summer time

(click the thumb for a five-image collage)

More of this on the amazing Dutch Dame's own site and of course next summer :)

Dutch-Dame, undolled in the Wörthersee

Posted on July 27 2012 by RopeMarks
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Time for something beautiful and sunny after all the hassle...

Dutch Dame, Undolled

(click the thumb for a four-image collage) 

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet it is the perfect moment to undoll my doll and capture this amazing Dutch Dame in her full beauty...

On the Dame's own site you can see more images

Quick and Dirty

Posted on April 09 2012 by Bob
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Westward bound by Dutch Dame

Posted on April 03 2012 by Bob
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An amazing Dutch-Dame, a shiny outfit by Westward Bound and a luxurious location, enjoy :)