To blog or not to blog...

...that is the question

Posted on June 12 2017 by RopeMarks
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To blog or not to blog...

We are contemplating the use of our Blog (, in the current digital environment dominated by social media the usefulness of a separate blog seems... superfluous.

I am very interested to hear your opinions on this subject?
And I am very intersted to learn if you actually read our blog?

Awaiting feedback and an executive decision you can reach us through the regular (and less regular) social media platforms.

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Update: After feedback on my questions, on social media, not on this blog (there's a neon sign) we have decided that for now we stop using this blog and move our blogging activities to social media. Please reach out for us there if you have not done so.

For a yet undetermined time this blog will remain live as an archive and for emotional :) reasons.

Update: We currently run a very active newsletter instead of blogging, if you are interested to read the previous newsletters or subscribe, please follow the link.

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