Club update: Bliss, in Leather

with Bliss Theadora

Posted on June 13 2016 by RopeMarks

Australian beauty Bliss returns to RopeMarks HQ and this time we decide to leave our ropes stored and go nuts on her perfect body with leather and leather accessories...

We strap Bliss in a leather-strap harnass, tightly locked in-between her vjj, and make her wear knee-high ballet boots. The strap going through her vjj nicely stimulates that sensitive spot when she wiggles and we decide to leave her wiggling for a while; then add a leather collar, wrist cuffs, upper arm cuffs and upper leg cuffs. With the addition of each cuff bliss is starting to look more and more like a leather slavegirl - she fits the part perfectly.

The faces of BlissBliss, in LeatherBliss, in Leather


When there has been enough wriggling it's time to cuff bliss her arms behind her back! In this tied position we make her show every inch of her perfect little body and perfect little ass and perfect leather strapped vjj.

Objectification is the name of the game, we thoroughly enjoy Bliss in her current state of helplessness, but add our speciality blindfold that takes away part of your hearing as well and put a panelgag in her lucious mouth and tighten the straps around her head - sweet whimpers are now coming from behind the panel.

At this point our girl is in need of a little cooldown (leather can only absorb so much moist...). We put her on her knees as a proper slave girl on the hard wooden floor and immediatly her flexible body makes her hot vjj go all the way to the floor for some cooling down. Pleasure and pain - we add painful nipple clamps to her perfect b00bs...

Bliss, arms cuffedBliss, blindfoldedBliss, gaggedBliss, nipple clampedBliss, done...


After enjoying the sight, sounds and wriggling we remove the painful nipple clamps, lay her down on the floor and leave for more pressing matters... her usefulness has passed, no need to unlock but a need to leave it strapped and cuffed, blinded, deaf and speechless...

Download this video.

Bliss in Leather with Bliss Theadora

This is an update in 3 parts, two large photo sets and one long video. Part 1 is now live.

click here for the photo's and video

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  1. These pictures of Bliss are stunning. I am desperate to find out where I can purchase the same blindfold. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Basil,
    They will available in our shop soon.

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