Studio Six, Jail Tokyo

Posted on April 16 2006 by Bob

April 15, Our 16nd day in Japan

Stress... Getting up at 07:00 in Ohara, packing suitcases, having Japanese breakfast (fish and miso-soup!). Calling taxi to bring us to subway, taking subway to Kyoto station. Just in time to hop on the shinkansen to Tokyo. Trying to get some sleep in the shinkansen (not!). 3 hours later in Tokyo, looking for the right exit, finding a taxi. Trying to tell the driver where to go (Japanese address thing again). Check in the hotel, unpack what we need, shower, pack Nawa and goodies, back to the Tokyo subway to Ikebekuro, Osada Steve's Studio Six. At Ikebekuro finding the right exit, finding the right address, finding the right floor, getting in the elevator and.... made it on time with minutes to spare but very tired.

RopeMarks@StudioSixThis evening we where announced as a feature in Studio Six and did a few very nice things during the 4 hours that this evening lasted. Ofcourse we got see a few very nice things from nawashi Osada Steve.

After the Studio Six evening we got a short tour in the Roppongi area of Tokyo, giving us a completly new view on Tokyo (it is said that "Amsterdam has it", well for us "Tokyo has it"). We ended in one of the two Jail Tokyo's (Tokyo Jail, Roppongi Jail), met a few very nice people again and eventually did a short demo/show there. We left Jail Tokyo at around 03:00 at night, having been up for almost 20 hours we felt it was time to go back to the hotel. We left Steve at the Jail, playing with his new toy :)

(update: One pictures added, the rest will be added to the club)

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  1. No pictures yet, they will follow soon.

    How soon? :)

  2. Lazy is my middle name :) Added one of them a few minutes ago, the rest, including a gallery of your own work with your lovely girl of that evening (will ask your officially permission for this) will be added to our club (

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