Posted on April 16 2006 by Bob
April 14, our 15nd day in Japan

bedtime in OharanosatoYesterday we traded Kyoto for one of the rural area's of Kyoto, Ohara. Here we are staying for a few days in ryokan Oharanosato, a traditional Japanese guesthouse. Currently we are living in a tatami room, sleep on futon's, eat Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner and are just enjoying the rest and quit of the area without big-city-distractions. Live is good :)

Traditional sessionSession with a RopeMarks twistOh... we can not handle to much rest, so...

With did two series while in Ohara, one with a traditional idea behind the series. Kimono, nawa, tatami room, tea, the works. The second serie is with a twist that imo does not really fit in the setting and thus makes it very... "interesting".

The rest of these series will follow soon.
(update: the photo's and video will be published in our club)

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  1. Der Plural von Futon ist Futons, nicht Futon’s ;-)

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