Posted on April 06 2006 by Bob

Chantal. Kureha-san, Miyamoto-sanKureha-san, ChantalOur sixed day (april 5), no nawa-news just a quick update on playing silly gaijin in Nagoya. Today Kureha-san took us to visit Nagoya-jo. A beautifull castle that was build by Tokugawa Ieyasu for his ninth son. Much of the castle was destroyed during WWII and replaced in 1959.

There is a teahouse on the castle ground that is really nice to see during the sakura season. Which is now :) Our trip to Japan was purposly planned during this period to be able to watch the sakura.

Kureha-san taking picture of the food... or of me taking a picture of the foodOur dinner was fully arranged in a wonderfull traditional Japanese restaurant called "shimonoishiki", selected by our honorable host. Eating in Japan is highly social event and the dish is presented as a work of art. Takeing pictures of the food is a very common activity in Japan. Here is a shot of one of our dishes.

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  1. Dank u well! Welcome to Jp! Bob san Chantal san.

    How’s Kyoto? I think you and chantal san likes Kyoto.

    Oops, See you A’dam! Ya?

    Your Show was very very NICE!! dank U well!

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