Club Update, Hogtied on the kitchen table

Posted on September 20 2011 by Bob

Dutch-Dame, hogtied on the kitchen tableWe had a friend photographer over with the intention to capture a unique Japanese bondage suspension, but before we did that, don't know if it was after the fourth or fifth vodka, the sweet Dutch-Dame ended up in a hogtie, wearing nothing but ankle-high ballets...

It was a fairly simple hogtie, so after another vodka (and some photo's) later I added another layer of difficulty for my sweet girl and continued chit-chatting about techno-stuff with our friend photographer.

Another vodka I think (and some photo's) later we checked up on Dutch-Dame and interpreted her sweet pleading eyes not to be released but to add yet another layer of difficulty for her. Going back up, continuing our chit-chat, filling up and emptying our glasses.

When we went down again, looking at Dutch-Dame on our kitchen table, tightly bound, elbows together, collared and visibly having a difficult time we trashed her around on the table a bit, exposing her womeness, turning her, making her feel the bondage and her helpessness even more.

Time for one more vodka, on the kitchen table, watching a bound and suffering Dutch-Dame before I decided it was time to release her.

Did we do that unique Japanese bondage suspension, oh yes! Update soon :)

For now, enjoy the amazing Dutch-Dame hogtied on our kitchen table.

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