BoundCon VIII

Posted on June 13 2011 by Bob

It's been a few weeks now after BoundCon VIII (The worlds biggest bondage convention) and slowly the dust is settling.

We couldn't attend BoundCon VII (last year), a friend of ours got married and we enjoyed a wonderful wedding and party. This year, BoundCon VIII, RopeMarks returned to BoundCon stronger than before (imvho :)).

This year I went with the wonderful support of my girl who also experienced her first BoundCon (yes, it is an experience :)). This year I also got asked, together with Damon Pierce, to be the main riggers of the event. With a start of BoundCon like that, what can go wrong? :)

The BoundCon event lasted three days, two of those were full fledged event days, long and tiring but very fullfilling. The third day was a shorter day and mainly focused around the Bondage Escape Challenge (two riggers tying 6 teams of two people who have to escape the bondage as fast as possible, a lot of fun :)).

During the three days RopeMarks had two Custom PhotoShoots each day, several bondage demonstrations on the BoundCon stage and enormous amount of fun with my girl in our own booth.

For me, to top this of, the organisation gave us prime time for our main stage show. We created this show ourself (choreography, lights, music, outfits and ofcourse kickass bondage) and even we still think this show rocks. The anticipation of the audience before the show made me a wee bit nervous but the appreciation of the jam packed audience after the show was, even for me, unheard-of (love it!). The entire show was filmed, I will post that at a later time in the RopeMarks shows section

For the rest, I'll add a some impressions of the things we did, enjoy.

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