BoundCon II - 2005

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; june 14, 2005)

It's over for this year; Bound Con.  

Chantal in front of our BoundCon II booth
Here's a first (work safe) image of Chantal in front our booth:

After this 3 day event we are very tired but also very happy and content. We finally got to meet Lew Rubens (after years of e-mail exchanges) Maria Shadoes and the Sergeant Major. We saw the familiar faces again of Matthias, Anna and Nicole, it's always nice to spent time with them. And we got to see Zamil and Maliz. We got to talk to Master U and Anna Rose from AlterPic (many thanks for the book and we'll talk soon) and many many more.

This was our first time on BoundCon and it was super, friendly people, many people dressed in beautiful fetish/gothic and bdsm outfits. It was a real treat to watch all the beautiful people.

Was there nothing negative about the event... maybe the overkill of non-official photographers, every time we played a bondage scene there where at least 10-15 photographers with hard flashes (remember guys, send us the photo's!)

Our show during the party went like a charm and was received very well by the audience (or so the compliments after-wards made us believe :). The only thing I can say is that our shibari style show was complimented with a f*ck*ng machine, 1.5 liters of water and a wiggling butt :)

That's all for now, now it's back to unpacking.

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