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Posted on January 30 2009 by RopeMarks
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A few weeks ago we got asked for a main stage show during the BITCH party on February 21. That's cool, allthough we always have some reserve for the BITCH party; the crowd is more kinky instead of fetish and in general people prefer to see hardcore kinky-p*rn instead of bondage or BDSM. For a party like BITCH we twist and turn our shows around to make them fit the occasion, this ususally means we add some sex in the mix that goes well with the loud beats of the playing DJ.

This time we had to tell them "no" we can't make it and that is one of the reasons of this entry. On the 21'st we planned our first public workshop of the new year and that workshop got filled so quick we had to plan another one on March 28. This one got filled even quicker (what''s happening in the Netherlands?) so we intent to plan a third (and how its looking now, a fourth) one but are unable to find a date that works for us. In any case, since you are interested in our workshops I'm assuming (silly me :)) that you are also reading this blog. We are doing our best to proces our workshop-list and provide workshops for as many people as we can in the coming months.

The  second reason for this entry is also the second reason why we had to decline the BITCH organisation, the 22nd of February we get company from a croation TV crew, they will film part of a private workshop, some bondages and an interview. This all should air on February 28 in Croatia on Nova TV.

Our other projects are running smooth at the moment and we hope to be able to tell you more about them soon.

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