Club Update: In Bed with Spring

Posted on May 10 2017 by RopeMarks

In Bed with SpringSo… here I am. Nervous, in front of hotel room 238. Wearing a silky black dress with sexy lingery underneath. All exactly like he told me in his very precise instructions. It’s exactly at a quarter past three. I have no clue what will happen now, but the door is slightly open and I enter the small hallway, wondering why the next door is closed.

Softly I close the door behind me. There’s no way back now. Just as I’m about to knock on the wooden door in front of me, I see a little note. ‘Good girl, you’re here’ it says. And: "Undress and come in. Just wear lingery and heels. No talking." I feel nervous in my stomach. Why doesn't he welcome me? Is he even here? My heart is going crazy in my chest. My pussy is tingling. What if….

I’m a good girl, so I do as I’m told. I take my dress off and check if my stockings are on the same hight. They are. I can’t think of any reason to wait any longer, so I take a deep breath and enter the room. Phew… The room is light and there’s a big bed in front of me, inviting me to play around. I can’t help my smile. I like to play, so that’s what I do.

I enjoy myself and when I want to feel a bit more cosy, I wrap myself in a white sheet. I like feeling the fabric around me and I curl up to relax for a bit, but I don’t get time for that. Is playtime over? Maybe…

Without saying a word he ties my hands together and he wraps the sheet around my legs, very tight. He uses rope to keep the sheet in place and to prevent me from moving my legs. After a while he also wraps the fabric around my upper body, as tight as possible. Rope is pressing into my upper arms and into my ribs. It’s a slow mummification process and it’s getting harder and harder to move. I like being restricted like this. It’s warm in here and being in this tight white thing makes me feel… exactly like that. Like a white little thing. I’m slowly changing into a cocoon. Just a shape, nothing more than a random object.

Just as a part of my consciousness notices that it’s getting dark outside, my head is covered in a white pillowcase and I feel myself disappearing into nothingness. Rope presses the fabric of the pillow case against my eyes. I’m double blindfolded and can’t see a thing. He squeezes my jaws, so I open my mouth. From now on the rope forces me to keep my mouth open. When I exhale, I immediately feel my warm breath coming back to my skin. I don’t hear anything apart from my own breath. Slowly I’m floating away in a white world that swallows me whole. Breathing gets harder and I start drooling. I sink away even deeper. Nothing I can do, apart from surrendering to whatever comes next. So here I am, in this small white world.

No escape.

Can you enter my world?

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Club Update: Rubber kinbaku kitten

with Amarantha LaBlanche

Posted on October 14 2016 by RopeMarks

Rubber kinbaku kitten - with Amaranthe LaBlancheIn the words of Amarantha: So I was taken to an abandoned office building for some latex and bondage fun.

After lubing up my skin and my shiny latex gloves, stockings, neck corset and waist corset, it was time to add some layers of both latex and rope. Who doesn't like more and more latex, restrictive ballet boots, a gag and a completely immobilizing bondage?

I was trapped like no tomorrow!

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Rubber Kinbaku Kitten with Amarantha LaBlanche

And on top of that, I was even forced to crawl a round of shame on video, struggling in the tight ropes and drooling uncontrollably...

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Hard Liquor

A sensual red head drooling at the bar - with Necia Navine

Posted on May 30 2016 by RopeMarks

Necia Navine drooling at the barWe're taking sexy red head Necia Navine to the bar for a good time.

Miss Navine orders a delicous cocktail but before she gets the change to taste it we strip her of clothes, put her in a tight corset, wearing ballet shoes, tie, collar and ballgag her.

Not entirely unexpected, soon after we ballgag Miss Navine she starts to drool, uncontrollably. This is a sight, a very sexy and sensual red head bound and gagged at the bar drooling dripping on her amazing b00bs while yearning for her ordered cocktail.

Little did she know the good times in the bar was ment for us, Miss Navine gets to be our bar-ornament for our enjoyment.

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Hard Liquor with Necia Navine

This is an update in 2 parts, one photo set and one video.
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Giant Dame

with Dutch Dame and Snake

Posted on May 05 2016 by RopeMarks

We have a pair of speciality boots, giant boots, at our disposal. With these we make Dutch Dame, tall as she is, even taller.

Dressed in rubber catsuit and with the help of Snake Dutch Dame puts on her giant boots. Standing 2.16 impressive meters she is taken for a stroll.

The giant that she has become does not stop her inner self from being different; submissive. Snake makes her wear a rubber slave collar and ballgag before he takes her for another stroll

For the full length video please visit Rubber Restrained.

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Floating in the pool

with Sinteque and HW-Design

Posted on April 02 2016 by RopeMarks

In our Mallorca HQ I had the pleasure of capturing  Sinteque, having rubber and bondage fun in a HW-Design outfit. That moment result in the update "Floating in the pool" on our sister site Rubber Restrained.

Here is the preview video for you

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Floating in the pool

For the full length video please visit Rubber Restrained.

Visit our Rubber Restrained porfolio site for all the rubber and bondage free goodies

Doing Daisy sideways - preview video

with Daisy Bells

Posted on November 18 2015 by RopeMarks

Today we are doing Daisy, our pretty blond, sideways - a kataashi yokozuri, since girls need to have their legs spread, as often as possible...

In good RopeMarks style we love to dress our girls up in appropriate fetish attire. Our submissive Daisy gets to wear a tight, wide, restricting, rubber collar and a pair of I-won't-be-walking-any-time-soon balletheels.

Who needs bondage when your naked collared girl is struggling for every activity that you demand from her? Well... we do... So, Daisy is tied up, put down, pulled up from the floor by ropes alone and left swinging back and forth for us to enjoy.

Our Daisy is a pretty face, but under RopeMarks' control that really has no value. We decide to reduce her to the submissive flesh she is too us. We use our tenugiu to seriously gag her, Japanese style and remove her sight. This covers her face completely only leaving her blond hair out swinging along with her swaying body suspended from ropes alone...

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Doing Daisy sideways preview video

We lead an awesome life!

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Bliss, in suspension - part 3/3, the full video

with Bliss Theadora

Posted on October 09 2015 by RopeMarks

Bliss in suspension, part 3/3We have a real treat for you, an Australian treat. We got a visit from Bliss Theadora a green haired sweetheart and beauty and we're going to use her for our pleasure...

The arms of her flawless body covered with stunning inkt are quickly tied behind her back and her legs are tied ankle to upper-leg ending in a beautiful agura for a beautiful Bliss.

After enjoying the view we move forward to a low, sideways suspension wiht Bliss still in the agura position. Some lovely sounds are coming from her when she is freely swinging in the air.

We do like to see our girls suffer a bit and wrap a new rope several times around the neck of Bliss and tighten it behind her, chocking her just enough to make her lovely sounds a little louder and little less further apart. We leave her slowly swinging, suffering, suffocating and do nothing but sit back and ejoy ourselves.

At one point we take her down... and then decide otherwise and bring her back up again.. a little and a gag.

In this new pose Bliss has more space to move and not entirely unexpected there are some f*ck*ng movements against her suspension ropes... and a wet spot underneath her...

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Bliss in Suspension preview video

This is an update in 3 parts, two photo sets and one long video.

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Mallorca HQ

something not even close to a Flamingo dance

Posted on September 01 2015 by RopeMarks

This summer we have spend nothing short but an amazing time at our Mallorca HQ. We is the HW-design team, model Sinteque and awesome photographer Mr. Daniel Berserker.

There was a lot of necessary relaxing, eating, drinking and swimming, but also a lot of rubber, bondage and sexiness. The content we created will soon be published on Club RopeMarks, Rubber Restrained and will appear in selected magazines and media.

In the mean time, enjoy something not even close to a Flamingo dance...

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Something not even close to a Flamingo dance - with Mr. HW-Design himself.

Club update, Surrender

with Necia Navine

Posted on August 09 2015 by RopeMarks

Surrender - with Necia NavineIn a club, after hours, we have the sexy red head Necia Navine at our disposal. We have been teasing each other all night long, drinking, partying, talking dirty about kinky stuff.

Little did she know that the owner of the club and I go way back and I made an arrangement to stay after hours with sexy Necia.

When everybody left Necia was surprised we stayed. She was even more surprised when I ordered her to strip and dress up in corset, stockings and heels - which she did.

Next I brought out my rope bag and started a tight bondage session where Necia was turned into a beautiful bundle of red-headed submission - bound, gagged, blindfolded and totally and willing surrendered to my kinky pleasures.

There was little sleep that day...

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Surrender with Necia Navine

Club update, Bed, bed and beyond

with Abraxas

Posted on July 03 2015 by RopeMarks

Bed, bed and beyond with AbraxasWe have the immensely sexy Abraxas for you, small in size but huge in sexy attitude. Today we severely tie up her petite body with her legs spread, gag her, clamp her and choke her; all for our own perverted pleasure... and it seems she gets some enjoyment from it as well.

But first, we ask her to seduce us, to show us her fine ass and delicious body. We then start to tie her body, step by step in preparation for exposure of the vjj. Even bound this girl does not stop moving and it's not simply moving it's like sensual seductive waves going through her body.

The lips of Abraxas are as sensual as they look but for today we have no use for them, we put a harness-gag on her bald head and strap it tight, forcing the ball deep in her mouth, her lips luscious over ball. It is not a particularly big gag but for a petite girl as Abraxas it's sizable and she handles it like she's had bigger things in her mouth...

Next we clamp her petite tits and her pussy - this brings out some interesting moans.

Finally a neck rope to finish this exposed pièce de résistance - now the drooling starts.

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Bed,bed and beyond with Abraxas

She takes our abuse like a pro and suffering like this Abraxas' petite body gets some uncontrollable shakes...

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