Collared, lifestyle & fashion

an interview

Posted on May 23 2017 by RopeMarks

Interview with RopeMarksBeen away for a few days to beautiful Milano (Italy) for the Shibari on Stage event and came home to the interview I did with Collared, lifestyle & fashion


Club Update: Rubber kinbaku kitten

with Amarantha LaBlanche

Posted on October 14 2016 by RopeMarks

Rubber kinbaku kitten - with Amaranthe LaBlancheIn the words of Amarantha: So I was taken to an abandoned office building for some latex and bondage fun.

After lubing up my skin and my shiny latex gloves, stockings, neck corset and waist corset, it was time to add some layers of both latex and rope. Who doesn't like more and more latex, restrictive ballet boots, a gag and a completely immobilizing bondage?

I was trapped like no tomorrow!

Download this video.

Rubber Kinbaku Kitten with Amarantha LaBlanche

And on top of that, I was even forced to crawl a round of shame on video, struggling in the tight ropes and drooling uncontrollably...

Click here for all images of Rubber kinbaku kitten on Club RopeMarks.

Click here for all images of Rubber kinbaku kitten on Club Rubber Restrained.

Giant Dame

with Dutch Dame and Snake

Posted on May 05 2016 by RopeMarks

We have a pair of speciality boots, giant boots, at our disposal. With these we make Dutch Dame, tall as she is, even taller.

Dressed in rubber catsuit and with the help of Snake Dutch Dame puts on her giant boots. Standing 2.16 impressive meters she is taken for a stroll.

The giant that she has become does not stop her inner self from being different; submissive. Snake makes her wear a rubber slave collar and ballgag before he takes her for another stroll

For the full length video please visit Rubber Restrained.

Visit our Rubber Restrained porfolio site for all the rubber and bondage free goodies

Floating in the pool

with Sinteque and HW-Design

Posted on April 02 2016 by RopeMarks

In our Mallorca HQ I had the pleasure of capturing  Sinteque, having rubber and bondage fun in a HW-Design outfit. That moment result in the update "Floating in the pool" on our sister site Rubber Restrained.

Here is the preview video for you

Download this video.

Floating in the pool

For the full length video please visit Rubber Restrained.

Visit our Rubber Restrained porfolio site for all the rubber and bondage free goodies

Mallorca HQ

something not even close to a Flamingo dance

Posted on September 01 2015 by RopeMarks

This summer we have spend nothing short but an amazing time at our Mallorca HQ. We is the HW-design team, model Sinteque and awesome photographer Mr. Daniel Berserker.

There was a lot of necessary relaxing, eating, drinking and swimming, but also a lot of rubber, bondage and sexiness. The content we created will soon be published on Club RopeMarks, Rubber Restrained and will appear in selected magazines and media.

In the mean time, enjoy something not even close to a Flamingo dance...

Download this video.

Something not even close to a Flamingo dance - with Mr. HW-Design himself.

Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted...

... no more. With Dutch Dame

Posted on February 01 2015 by RopeMarks

No more preaching to the perverted

From the update "Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted" on Rubber Restrained (our Rubber and bondage branche), no more preaching!

Club update, Playing in Blue

with Valentina Fetish Doll and Dutch Dame

Posted on January 02 2015 by RopeMarks

Valentina Fetish Doll and Dutch Dame Playing in BlueRummaging through the extensive rubber collection of Valentine Fetish Doll we found a matching rubber set for Mistress Valentina Fetish Doll and submissive Dutch Dame.

We dress Dutch Dame in a blue bra, leaving her boobs available, blue opera gloves, blue stocking with suspender, blue face covering hood and collar and finally ballet boots. While wearing this outfit Dutch Dame is teasing the Mistress to come forward.

The Mistress, dressed in a blue corset, blue opera gloves, blue open face hood and collar and finally thigh-high boots comes forward and decides on a closer inspection of Dutch Dame's VJJ.

Pleased with what is going on there makes sure nothing happens there until she allows this. Dutch Dame is tied with her ballet-booted ankles together and her gloved arms together. To smother the little sounds of pleasure a rubber bit-gag is added.

This bondage loving submissive does not sit still and does not stop making little noises of pleasure; the Mistress decides to blindfold the submissive and stop the noises by making her wear a big blow-up hood while still keeping her in bondage.

Dutch Dame, tied-up, unable to see, speak, hear or walk has become a stunning, amazing sight and we allow her to enjoy this; she does...

click here for the update

a new RopeMarks site

Posted on December 29 2014 by RopeMarks

As RopeMarks we have a great love (understatement) for tying the prettiest girls in tight rope, Japanese rope, and then have fun with them.

Now we do not only appreciate a nude girls we also like girls dressed in, heavy, rubber and tie them up with rope, Japanese rope,  or leather cuffs, or rubber belts or... well basically anything that restrains them in a way that we like and makes the inner beauty of the girl come out.

This has now been separated in a completely new site

Rubber Restrained

Rubber Restrained

The beauty of rubber dressed girls restrained in belts, cuffs, rope and whatever makes their inner beauty come out.

Come over and take a look, you will see some familiar faces... right before they are hooded, double hooded, blindfolded, gagged, collared and restrained for... well, our pleasure... but we make you a part of the experience!