To blog or not to blog...

...that is the question

Posted on June 12 2017 by RopeMarks
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To blog or not to blog...

We are contemplating the use of our Blog (, in the current digital environment dominated by social media the usefulness of a separate blog seems... superfluous.

I am very interested to hear your opinions on this subject?
And I am very intersted to learn if you actually read our blog?

Awaiting feedback and an executive decision you can reach us through the regular (and less regular) social media platforms.

RopeMarks on Facebook  RopeMarks on Twitter  RopeMarks on FetLife  RopeMarks on Instagram


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Update: After feedback on my questions, on social media, not on this blog (there's a neon sign) we have decided that for now we stop using this blog and move our blogging activities to social media. Please reach out for us there if you have not done so.

For a yet undetermined time this blog will remain live as an archive and for emotional :) reasons.

Update: We currently run a very active newsletter instead of blogging, if you are interested to read the previous newsletters or subscribe, please follow the link.

Yukimura Haruki - obituary

May 11, 1948 - Mar 3, 2016 (68 years old)

Posted on March 07 2016 by RopeMarks
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Haruki YukimuraThe newaza grandmaster Yukimura Haruki has passed away.

He is joining Osada Eikichi, Akechi Denki, Ito Seiu and Chimou Nureki. With the passing of Haruki Yukimara it is safe to say all grandmasters that have made Japanese bondage, kinbaku, what it is today are gone - a truly sad moment. 

Yukimura Haruki
May 11, 1948 - Mar 3, 2016
68 years old
The biography of Yukimura Haruki:

More posts about the passing of Yukimura Haruki:


Posted on December 25 2015 by RopeMarks
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Christmas time... that is usually that time of the year... *uhm*, that we here at RopeMarks HQ get a changes to get rid of our backlog of the past year. At least, that is what we say this year, what we said last year and the year before that and... Well, you get the point right?  It just does not happen...

Our last update on Club RopeMarks, awesome as it is, is was produced in 2011(!) and we have photo and video sets going back to 2007(!) that we still think are worth posting. We have sets going back to 2002 that we have not shared with you, but we have to draw a line somewhere and that line is quality, so 2007 it is.

This year however got me thinking, why do we need a backlog, what is so special about what we want to share with you about our way of live that can't be done within a reasonable timeframe? Well, first of all, we still need to have a day job to pay the bills since you cheapskates are not willing to pay what we think we are worth :) therefore we produce way more than we have time to process. Second, and this dawned on my trying to get through some of our backlog, we have so many images that have a complete story behind them and we love to share that story... given time.

Since our enthousiasme in producing does not allow for much extra time we thought to give you a number of photo's with stories and leave it up to your imagination as to what it might be. As a welcome addition this brings a nice dent in our backlog.

Curious to see what stories you think are behind the images? leave 'm in the comments :)




Moving day

or months ohw and migration month

Posted on September 25 2015 by RopeMarks
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With most things in live I'm in it for the ride, not the goal. Moving... not so much. Moving for me is one of the most stressful situations that I know, I don't move for the fun of it but strictly for the goal.

Moving dayIn the last period we have sold our house and, needing a roof over our heads, bought a new one. Only buying a house is *hell* now double that because we are also selling, add to that a bunch nitwits that we had to cooperate with and you have a recipe that… well you don’t even want to prepare; but we had too.

Moving dayOur digital home (the servers that are running the RopeMarks family sites and then some) have been on the list to move as well. Fortunately (note the sarcasm) the contractual-period for our servers ended in about the same period as our physical move - oh joy.

Moving dayNow, not only did we have the fun of playing with mortgages, notaries and everything related to buying and selling a house, we also had to spend our time on digitally migrating (moving) our sites to different servers at the same time… and preferably without you noticing any disturbance (in the force? :) or offline periods.

Moving dayWhen I write this, the physical move is done and we’re about 90% settled in. The last 10% will take a few more months but has no stress. Also, the migration has been done and things look to be running smoothly, some configuring and details is left but we’ll do that as we see how the systems are performing.

There is still enough ends left to finish because of the moves but we hope to pick up a little more momentum, first one, our workshop in cooperation with fetish shop Your Lifestyle

RopeMarks Ryū workshop - 22 Nov. 2015

and did you see the last update on Club RopeMarks? The first part (of three) of “Bliss in suspension”

Bliss in suspension on Club RopeMarks

See you all soon,


Posted on April 10 2015 by RopeMarks
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rm19991231_2-safe-tbt.jpg#TBT This image was among the first we published as RopeMarks, in 1999

It was taken with an analogue camera and scanned to use on the site (,- a site that was a non-automated, what we call now a, blog.

This was also the time where the information about bondage from Japan was hard to find, needed to be hunted and in effect made sure that as a Western student your only path was developing your own style (

This is a stark contrast where you now have a rope-get-together-event-festival-munch-whatever almost ever week somewhere on our blue globe; information is happily exchanged and accepted blindly as a truth and then copied, photographed and posted on as much social media as possible.

The "old rope-days" were hard, definitely not something to want back; but sometimes, just sometimes, I miss the hunt for that one pearl related to rope-bondage, a technique, a pose, a bit of information that will progress your growth and style where instead finding that pearl these days means "the world" has already copied it, took photo's of it, spread it as their own, named it and changed it - all before I had my first morning coffee.

doing rope since 1977 #TBT

I am visiting Amsterdam...

Posted on November 07 2013 by RopeMarks
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That's how one of the many mails I regularly get start and that I find hard to answer.

If we can and have the time we are very willing to point you in the right direction, but think of this::

  • don't mail us asking what hotel to book when you are in Amsterdam. We live in Amsterdam, we have no need to book a hotel and do not have the information on what hotel is good or bad on-file.
  • Don't mail us on the day you leave/arrive that you would like to meet, would like a workshop, etc., this might sound strange, but we too have a life, a schedule and plans.
  • don't mail us on the day you arrive asking for where to go. We are not a tourist agency that has this sort of information up-to-date.

So, what can we help you with? We can point you to the resources we use when you send us a mail starting with "I am visiting Amsterdam..."

Looking for a hotel in Amsterdam?
Try Bed, Rope, Breakfast (and combine it with kinbaku tuition)
Try, we use this one a lot for our travels as well.
Are you looking for fetish shopping?
Try DeMask,
Try mail&female,
Try Black Body,
Let me Google it for you.
Are you looking to buy rope in Amsterdam?
Try Shop RopeMarks,
Let me Google it for you.
Looking for a bondage/shibari/kinbaku event/get-together/action?
Try the RopeMarks calendar.
Try, it's the worlds largest fetish and bdsm community and most Dutch events can be found here.
Try RopeLounge (on FetLife, on FaceBook)
Try Ellipis, (in Rotterdam)
Looking for a fetish/kinky party?
Try the RopeMarks calendar.
The above resources don't give me the information I am looking for?
Try visiting Amsterdam on FetLife.

We will edit this post when I have new resources to use

Having said all this, of course you can write us if your questions are not answered above.

RopeMarks, the true beauty of Japanese Bondage (aka shibari aka kinbaku)

Edit 1: Added some fetish shopping for you.
Edit 2: Added bondage locations for you.
Edit 3: Added direct FetLife groups for you.
Edit 4: Added Places to stay, get tuition and peer-rope's


You just have to love her weird and wonderful ways.

Posted on October 24 2013 by RopeMarks
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We owe you an apology, it has been more than one month that we have updated Club RopeMarks. In the past two months we have had a lot of fun and done a number of very interesting things. We will write blogs about this at a later moment. But we unfortunately have also been on the wrong side of karma, or so we perceived this :)

Our lack of time to update started with having to much on our plate, regular work (yes, for those who don't know, we still hold a regular job, bills need to be payed and you cheapskates don't wish to pay enough for our services to drop that :)) and a number of bookings outside of our home-country, the Netherlands. Actually nothing out of the ordinary for us. But then...

Our main computer decided to malfunction and become practically unusable. being regularly away from home for a longer time in this period did not give us time to fix this and the few moments we did have were spent trying to get the f*ck*r fixed. We ended up replacing motherboard and CPU, no luck, the machine still malfunctioned. So nothing left but get a new computer and in tiny slots (read: graveyard shift hours) set it up, install, configure and restore backups.

This is unfortunate, but hey, things break from time to time. We have a laptop, so mail can be answered and communication can continue... that is, until the laptop decided to refuse to boot... Really, laptops are not my thing, had to bring it back to the seller to have it fixed and fingers crossed my data could be safed.

Nothing left but get my iPad, browse some youtube/vimeo videos and enjoy them, through my iTV, on my television... That's is... if my iTV would start... Nope, nothing, back to the Apple store to have that fixed.

Then I think a nice hot shower and a good, strong, cup-of-coffee will relax me and think about how to sort this is all out and get it all back to a working situation. All soaped up and singing under the shower (now there's a site you will never see :)), grabbed the shower head and *crack*... the shower head breaks, water going everywhere except on me... *sigh*. Finished the shower as best as possible, toweled off and went for that much needed coffee.

Prepare the coffee machine and turned it on... nothing... turned it off and on again... nothing... uttered some foul language and in an OCD-frenzy turned the coffee machine repeatedly on and off again... Obviously, nothing. Of all the things that can break, not the coffee machine, my life-line...

On top of this there are a few things in our private life that keeps us busy but since that has nothing to do with RopeMarks it's none of your business :)

Don't get me wrong I feel blessed to actually have all this technology that can get broken but it is a pain when it breaks, and it's an even greater pain when it breaks all at once. Just another proof that we are greatly dependent of technology nowadays.

Current status:

  • We replaced the coffee machine (no coffee, no life!).
  • The iTV problem turned out to be a from a bad batch and Apple replaced it for me at no cost. Thank you Apple and thank you Apple for not mentioning something about a bad batch sooner.
  • The laptop issue turned out to be a 1:1000000 change of this specific boot-issue to occur. It was fixed at no cost and it will most likely never happen again in the lifetime of this machine.
  • Main computer is replaced and is close to being finished setting up and restoring backups so normal business will continue asap.

Heated discussions

Reviews and references

Posted on January 12 2013 by RopeMarks
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There are a few heated threads running at the moment on Facebook and Fetlife. If I have my timeline correct it all started with a now removed thread on Facebook. This thread was restarted on Fetlife and it also spawned a thread on Fetlife with a more general approach on the subject.

The subject is bondage (*duh* :)) and is is roughly about getting images from the internet and using them for critisism on the subject and moved into a possible copyright infringment discussion. The spawned thread followed-up on what the expectation is when you publicly post material (i.e. through your own website, on social media, physical media - i.e. DVD's, etc.)

Click on the links above, read up to fully understand the remainder of this post.

Done so? Now continue...

continue reading...


a Mai Randa column

Posted on December 16 2012 by RopeMarks
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The following text is by Mai Randa, written on 3 Dec. 2007 and perfectly translated by Faviola_Llervu.

Together with Akechi Denki, Mai Randa was part of my first exposure to bondage from Japan. Mai Randa is now (2012) in the "business" for around 25 years and with him I think that counts for something, besides his obvious knowledge he has gained experience, insight and a good overview of the business. With that he wrote the following text about becoming a kinbakushi.

Ishi (doctor), kyoushi (teacher), chourishi (cook), kaigoshi (caregiver), kangoshi (nurse), kenganshi (eye doctor) biyoushi (beautician), umachoukyoushi (horse trainer). . . and then, kinbakushi (bondage artist).

The common feature among these words is the expression "shi." And the only big difference being the occupation. That is. . . kinbakushi.

Other "shi" are titles that organizations bestow and which our country acknowledges. It's a title someone finally obtains after overcoming obstacles and frantically studying in order to receive the title (Incidentally, I possess licences as a chef and an eye doctor - ahem! Laughs).

So what is a kinbakushi?

There are associations without national accreditation, and there are titles one sometimes gives oneself without cause. It's become so that a person can label himself a "kinbakushi," think up a stage name, and start up a home page right away. I'm one of them, too. I've been using it for 21 years. Of course I hold it as self-confidence and pride in my own occupation. That is because I have "now" grasped it with incredible effort in this one occupation. This is a 21 year asset for me. So I'll puff out my chest. I say it and write it audaciously. I've been doing this work for half my life, you know. That would get anyone to puff out their chest.

There's something of a kinbakushi boom now, and the number of people who thoughtlessly call themselves kinbakushi has grown. Especially young men. I'd say they are snot-nosed brats with a long way to go. They're no-nothing children. I think these guys are headed for pain and bitterness, and it's sad.

Tie women. It certainly looks good, and it satisfies the thirst to conquer, which is one of the human lusts.

That doesn't mean I'm saying it's "bad." But I'd say we're drowning in the "shi" word! Guys who started tying 2-3 years ago already have their own students? Huh??? They have enough technique to teach what? Just because they've been taught the technical side of bondage. . . ? I want to say, "What a joke!" Technique comes second. First, the most important thing is. . . it's from the heart and soul. One should at the very least seriously work to get called a "shi." There are many things you should study before studying tying techniques, like medicine, neurology, history, etc.

I was doing this for 20 years before I had my first apprentice.

Those techniques can be learned with the "Randa Mai Complete Kinbaku Manual" book and DVD.

One doesn't boast about being a "shi." One gets labeled a "shi" because they've overcome huge barriers with their own hard work.

Kinbakushi. . . not a big deal at all, right?!

Being close to 15 years in the business myself there is one particular statement that I find very strong in this text "One doesn't boast about being a "shi." One gets labeled a "shi" because they've overcome huge barriers with their own hard work.".

Food for thought!

Teppo yoko zuri

An asymmetrical side suspension

Posted on August 09 2012 by RopeMarks

I have a slight concern about some activity I see related to a teppo shibari combined with a yoko zuri. See the images below about what these mean.

The main concern is related to the following. The last RopeMarks show, premiered on BoundCon IX (see this blog entry), consisted of a (brutal) sequence where we go from a teppo shibari to a yoko zuri. This particular sequence is one that I've never seen before. This doesn't mean it hasn't been done, just that my knowledge about the performances people around the globe do might be incomplete. After the premiere of our show we see specifically our teppo redone by a number of people and we see the particular sequence being taught in bondage workshops exactly the way we did it during the show. Now, let's assume for the sake of my ego :), that our show is indeed the trigger of this. Then I would like to point out some details.

rm20120512_150.jpgThe particular teppo that we utilize in our show is an adapted version of the complete one. We stripped it for reasons of speed and dramatic effect. This teppo shibari is safe but only ment for short term and cooperative usage, the short term of less than a few minutes during our show.

rm20120715_2_y.jpgNext, the yoko zuri we utilize is achieved by applying a very simple mune nawa that connects the nawa zuri to the suspension point. The simple version of the mune nawa is definitly not ment for home use. It is again a stripped version for speed and dramatic effect of a complete mune nawa. A full body suspension with this mune nawa is brutal and only ment for a _very_ short period of time with an experienced rope bunny.

On two occasions I have seen our exact teppo shibari and yoko zuri from our show being used in a private play situation (in a public place) and I have seen it being taught. Remember people we do this for a show, entertainment, an act, a bondage fetish circus act based on kinbaku patterns. it's a complete choreagraphed and timed action practised to be done safe, fast and perfect. It is not ment to be redone like the show or taught like the show. Please, please take heed whatever we do during a show, especially our last one, is not ment to be taught for use in serious private play. 

So there... be warned :)