Ellipsis Rope Event

the first

Posted on April 03 2016 by RopeMarks

Last weekend we participated in the first Ellipsis Rope Event - it was one awesome experience where we provided our "The Rope, The Ring, The Knockout" and a two day RopeMark Ryu learning experience.  I  have every intention to write about, but could not do it better than the organiser himself:

120 visitors, 3 performers and 2 workshops... I think we're off to a good start ;)

With the help of RopeMarks, Asiana, Shikara, Voleuse, Funmaatje and Tina we were able to provide this evening with an awesome program. The Ellipsis Team did an amazing job helping out whenever and wherever needed and there was a lot of unexpected help from Rope Tower regulars when it was time to clean up at the end

Open doors and workshops (1900 - 2145)

People arrived at a slow pace (as expected) and seemed to like the new venue right away. When the first workshop began there were a few too many couples participating at first but this was easily resolved ;). The workshops looked fun and the participants as well as the spectators seemed to be enjoying themselves. Someome noted that the workshop area could have been moved to the center of the room so that more people would be able to watch… I made note of that for next time ;). At the end our lovely flowergirl provided the workshop hosts with beautiful bouquets which she had made herself earlier that day.

Intro and special appearance (2145 – 2215)

After a short “Hey you guys, great to see you, this is what this evening is about” by yours truly, we had a special surprise from London. The lovely Nina Russ (well known rigger, teacher and co-organiser of Bound and her model Sophia had taped a special HELLO ROPE PEOPLE OF HOLLAND video as an introduction for the evening and to the video of their performance at Bound in May 2015

Performances (2215 - 0030)

The first performance was by Voleuse and myself. Due to a change in the program we had about a week and a half to prepare and Voleuse was still sore from Eurix, but fuck it! Lets do this! :P We had a great time! A few hiccups here and there but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a smile and a face slap…

Asiana and Shikara were up next. With Spanish music and the sun in their back they gave an amazing performance. The room was deadly quiet as everyone watched their beautiful show.

Last but not least… RopeMarks! A energetic boxing match with matching music, great visuals and fantastic ropework. It was clear to see these pro’s really enjoyed themselves on stage. What a performance…

Here's the original post https://fetlife.com/groups/83939/group_posts/8912561

Otonawa @ RopeLounge

Posted on September 26 2015 by RopeMarks

In 2013... Yes some time ago already, we have a serious backlog… Perhaps we should start our blogs with:

“Once upon a time…”

Tubasa and Dutch DameAnyway, in 2013 Otonawa toured Europe and the Netherlands was also on the list. RopeLounge, *the* Amsterdam peer-rope-group-and-a-lot-more, organized a full rope-day around Otonawa and his beautiful wife/mode/muse Tsubasa.

Who is Otanawa? A professional Kabuki actor with 18 years of experience (20 when I write this :)), a professional kinbaku performer and teacher with his roots in Kitagawa-ryu, a long time member of Kinoko-san’s ichinawa no kai group (a group of professional kinbaku teachers and performers) and the organiser of the annual Tokyo kinbaku festival “Toubaku shouen”.

Here’s a peak at some of Otonawa’s pre-2013 performances

RopeMarks ft. Dutch Dame live with OtonawaRopeLounge organised a full rope-day around Otonawa and Tsubasa including workshops and shows. For the last we come in, besides Otonawa, RopeLoune invited RopeMarks for another show - the opening act for Otonawa.

RopeMarks, Otonawa and TsubasaRopeMarks with Otonawa - I don't know what's happening hereWhen the work is done it is time for fun and it was fun, Otonawa is one cool and funny dude. I hope to meet him again soon.


Two year anniversary

Posted on September 02 2015 by RopeMarks
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Last June it was the second anniversary of the weekly Amsterdam rope meeting; Rope Lounge.

We had to honor to perform a live show, no photo's, but to whet the activity it had something to do with a naked girl, rope and bamboo - it was good :)

Dutch Dame and RopeMarksDutch Dame suspended for the RopeLounge group suspensionBefore the performance we participated in a group suspension activitiy; this is where a small group of people suspended their partner for the sole purpose of creating a kick ass image as result.

RopeLoung group suspension

check the large image on our events page.

The Links: RopeMarks, Rope Lounge, Menno van der Meulen.

BoundCon XI


Posted on May 15 2015 by RopeMarks

It is that time of the the year again! We’re looking forward to it like Christmas, but in shorts...

This is a big blog entry, if you're feeling impatient, here's a video impression of RopeMarks @ BoundCon.

Download this video.

RopeMarks @ BoundCon

RopeMarks booth @ BoundConThe RopeMarks presence on BoundCon seems to grow by the year (and we love it!), this year we had a combined booth together with BindMe and Matthias Grimme creating one monster of a place for people to get rope and see rope.


BoundCon show planThis time we got booked for three big-ass prime-time main-stage acts, three custom photo shoots and one 4 hour workshop. On top of this we had continues bondage activities in the booth

RopeMarks, Safiya Winta, Dutch Dame, SerendipityBecause of the size of the booth and presence in activities we had this year we brought reinforcements in the form of Safiya Winta and Serendipity to help out.

RopeMarks @ BoundCon

Day 1

Video capture of RopeMarks vs Raven and NadjaThe first day of BoundCon I had the pleasure of a custom photo shoot with Raven C. and Nadja Nice. First time models for me, no plan so I decided to go bad-ass on them and make them suffer… a little… This has been captured on video and will be available on Club RopeMarks (http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com) soon.


The other obligation was the first of three prime-time mainstage shows - this time based on the PlayStation game Kuon together with Safiya Winta.

RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon


In between obligations it was fun in the monster booth with Safiya Winta and others.

RopeMark @ BoundCon RopeMark @ BoundCon RopeMark @ BoundCon RopeMark Safiya Winta @ BoundCon RopeMark Safiya Winta @ BoundCon RopeMark @ BoundCon RopeMark @ BoundCon


Day 2

Rain De Grey and Red HibiscaThe second day of BoundCon or as I like to call it the “crazy day”, this is the day the venue is filled to the max with visitors and there is no time to breathe… which gave me an idea for the custom photo shoot of today that I was honored to do with the awesome Rain DeGrey and Red Hibisca as my willing models. This has been captured on video and will be available on Club RopeMarks (http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com) soon.

Dutch Dame, Safiya Winta and Rain DeGrey

The other obligation of today was our second primetime mainstage show of this BoundCon - this time we went with a fetish medical theme; I love these on “crazy day”, the number of people watching your show is just insane. The biggest crowd we performed for must be around 3000 people and the smallest two! This is somewhere in between.

RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon

RopeMarks @ Prime time @ BoundCon

My ropes are professionally escaped...Somewhere during the event I was asked to participate in a bondage challenge (tying up a pretty girl and she then has to escape the bondage); how could I say no… Well… if I knew she would escape I probably would have saved myself the embarrassment...


In between the activities there was some bondage in our booth with Boiled bean (The lovely partner of maestro Quartacorda); I displayed a totally sensory deprived Safiya Winta in front of a big crowd and played around with a metal-collared Pling.

Boiledbean Displaying Safiya Winta for a big crowd Displaying Safiya Winta for a big crowd Displaying Safiya Winta for a big crowd Playing with Pling Playing with Pling


The BoundCon event also comes with one awesome fetish party, the SubRosaDictum party. As it so happened we got invited to perform on this parties mainstage as well. Since this a rubber-fetish party we came up with something appropriate and… extreme - including some bondage as well… just the way we like it!

Download this video.

RopeMarks live @ SubRosaDictum

After the work it’s good partying; with Mr. BindMe - Maurice, Max Kuhl, Safiya Winta and others.

Party with Mr BindMe Party Party with Max Kuhl Dutch Dame The stunning Safiya Winta


Day 3

The third day is usually a more relaxed day… except for me - feeling quite broken from the SubRosaDictum party - busting my balls teaching Japanese bondage to a group of enthusiastic people; having Safiya Winta as my lovely crash test dummy was a big added bonus to a very smooth and fun workshop.

Blond propertiesAnd when the cat's away… my blond property found someone else's blond property…

As always one of the things I look forward too is seeing the friends who live far away, talking, laughing, drinking a cocktail (or two) and meeting new people and sometimes friends. On the pictures you see: Mr BoundCon - Andreas, Damon Pierce, Max Kuhl, Anna Rose, Pling and Safiya Winta.

Andreas and Damon Pierce with Max Kuhl with Anna Rose with Pling with Safiya Winta


GiftsAn added bonus to BoundCon are the gifts we get to take home every year. The loot of this year is a framed Konijn original drawing, bubbles that go very well with the Norwegian chocolate and some maintenance oil for my ropes - thank you everybody!


Now: If I might believe the inquiries in mailbox and text-messages on my phone a lot of people have heard a rumour that they didn’t expect, or believe. The rumour is true, I’m sorry to say… We will not be attending the 2015 BoundCon XII.

"See you soon" align

However, since we need to be in the neighborhood that period we will be at BoundCon XII during “crazy day” (the Saturday). But we will just be there as guests and have no plans to be active… but… this thing we do… it’s in my blood… so….

You can also catch us on and on the SubRosaDictum party with a kick-ass main stage act together with Anna Rose. 

The links: RopeMarks, BoundCon, Art created from our activities on BoundCon

A weekend with RopeMarks

Review of Kink & Kinbaku, Norway.

Posted on March 21 2015 by RopeMarks

We have had the most amazing, bondage, weekend in Norway and I have been dying to write about it; but the organization beat me to it and I can not do a better job at blowing my horn as their review :)

Here it is:


It´s Friday.  The sun is shining (does not happen too often here), we´re at this really nice location, weekend coming up…what could possibly make it better??  Well, add Bob from Ropemarks, beautiful Dutch-Dame and a bunch of very excited riggers and bunnies from all over Norway and it´s just perfect.

The workshop

Bob is a fantastic teacher. We already knew that,but every time we meet him he takes it up another notch. This time he had quite a challenging task: Two days of workshops, no suspension points for the participants and a group of riggers and bunnies with various degree of experience.

Using both his historical and cultural knowledge, his vast experience and his creativity Bob centered the teachings around the timeline of the gote. He used variations of the gote as a starting points for full body ties and for layering tie upon tie. As soon as he was sure the riggers had gotten the basics, Bob encouraged everyone to play around and to be creative, and to work towards developing their own style instead of simply copying someone elses work.

Teaching Tengu shibari

This way, the participants not only gained technical knowledge, but also a deeper understanding of the concept of kinbaku and more confidence in doing their own thing. This is so important in todays rope community where so many proclaimed «experts» are simply copying other riggers work (up to copying their exact workshops!), and also being very dogmatic about their style being «the one twue way» and that there are exact ways you have to follow in order to be connective with rope. In Norway we have this saying «A little knowledge can be dangerous», meaning if you don´t know how much there is to learn about something, it´s easy to be dogmatic. As a teacher, Bob is the opposite of dogmatic, and his enthusiasm for the other riggers ideas and styles at the workshop showed a confidence and humbleness lacking in many other riggers.

Bob would not be Bob without DD, and having her around for a whole weekend is just really a treat. She provided lots of great tips and hints for the bunnies, and having such an experienced model around to ask questions is very helpful.

The show

On our two last events we have hosted large parties. That is A LOT of work. So this time, we decided to just do a small party with the workshop participants and a few extra ropey people who couldn´t make it to the workshop. The highlight of the evening was, of course, the show.

Beautiful suffering by DD

The party started with a light meal, and then everyone gathered in the largest room of the location, excited to see the show.  As always, it was fantastic.  It´s impossible not to be impressed by Bob´s amazing techniqual skills, his speed, his sense of humour and stage presence.  

As a bunny, I´m always equally impressed by DDs fantastic strength and flexibility, she is one tough and talented bunny!  The things that girl can do and still be smiling…there are not many bunnies in the world that can match her skills and grace.  And together, the two of them are just dynamite.  It´s so obvious that they enjoy both each other and what they do, and Bobs evil ideas and wicked grins contrasts DDs calm beauty perfectly.  

Still smiling!

The party

The fact that everyone had been truly inspired by the show and workshops became apparent very soon – just minutes after the show people were tying each other everywhere. The evening was very cozy and intimate, and so successful that we will probably repeat the «small-party-formula» for our next event.

The surprise

Master hurt his hand a few days before the workshop, and while he was able to follow the teachings at the workshop he had to take it easy at the party. Which gave yours truly a chance to be rigged by DD. Yes, you read that right…surprise, the multi-talented DD can also do rope! With a very elegant and considerate approach to it. It was really fun to be her first bunny. Watch out, you other riggers out there…

From Bergen Kink&Kinbaku, a very big thank you to both Bob and Dutch-Dame for making yet another trip to Norway. Getting a chance to learn from you means so much to the Norwegian rope scene. We are already getting e-mails asking when you will be back!

For BK&K,


Photos by Anshargal, cilie, Theeye

The original post is here.

update: For us this weekend ended showered with unexpected gifts!

Kink & Kinbaku 2015

Bergen, Norway

Posted on January 26 2015 by RopeMarks

The Kink&Kinbaku event in Norway is in it's third year now and the event will take place on Friday March 13, Saturday March 14 and Sunday March 15.

We had the pleasure of being the first guests to feature on the event in 2013. If you like to get an idea of how that went read this entry on the RopeMarks blog.

This year RopeMarks returns to Norway and the Kink&Kinbaku event. The planning in the words of the inspired organisation:

Bergen Kink&Kinbaku is very proud to announce our latest event: "En helg med Ropemarks". A weekend for experienced riggers and bunnies who want to take their knowledge of kinbaku to the next level.

Bob and Dutch-Dame need no further introduction: One of the world's very best riggers and his beautiful, lovely bunny! Bob and DD visited Bergen in 2012 with huge success.

This event will be more intimate than the last one: Instead of hosting a huge party Saturday night, we go for a nice, small party with only the workshop attendees. Bob and DD will give lectures both Friday night and Saturday, and will also present a demo/small show during the party. A perfect opportunity to get lots of new inspiration and knowledge of bondage!

After the publication of this upcoming event things went fast... very fast! We're happy and proud that Kink&Kinbaku is sold out.

This sold out event should not stop you from registering and gamble on an opening via the waitinglist.

More information and registration can be found on the website of the organisation.

Let us know you're coming via the FetLife event https://fetlife.com/events/312817.

Visit RopeMarks www.RopeMarks.com.

BoundCon 2013 - 10 year anniversary

Europe's biggest bondage and fetish event

Posted on March 06 2014 by RopeMarks

The BoundCon of 2014 is only a few months away, so I guess it's time to tell you about BoundCon 2013. It might not come as a surprise, but it was awesome! And by the looks of things this year will be even better (if that is even possible)!.

A quick reminder, BoundCon is Europe's biggest bondage and fetish fair. I think it's even save to say the biggest world wide.

The RopeMarks booth @ BoundConThe 2013 edition was the ten year anniversary of BoundCon and we're very proud to have been present almost every year, save two for some very good reasons.

Usually RopeMarks' main stage show is the closing show during the busiest day, Saturday, of the fair. This year we got moved to the Friday, apparently something special was planned for the Saturday.

For the 10nd anniversary RopeMarks provided a (even if I say so myself) kick-ass main stage show with a lot of humour, party theme and ending.The video from this show will be on-line soon on our show page (http://www.RopeMarks.com/shows). Here are a few stills to wet your appetite

RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage


Also RopeMarks provided a workshop where the focus was basics and decorative Japanese bondage.

RopeMarks workshop @ BoundConRopeMarks workshop @ BoundCon


I had the pleasure of featuring as a rigger in two custom photo shoots, one was with the sweet and beautiful Drea Morgan. My second custom photo shoot I had the pleasure of using and abusing the limber Lena King and the chatty Hellvet (I did shut her up! :)).  Here are some photo's of the CPS', the video's from these shoots will be on-line soon on Club RopeMarks (http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com)

The beautiful Drea Morgan, just before the CPSThe beautiful Drea Morgan, just before the CPSThe beautiful Drea Morgan suffering for RopeMarksThe beautiful Drea Morgan gagged and suffering for RopeMarksThe beautiful Drea Morgan The beautiful Drea Morgan upside down in distressThe beautiful Drea Morgan, beauty in sufferingWe just can't get enough :)


HellvetWith Lena King and HellvetHellvet and Lena King in reverse prayer ebi bondageHellvetand Lena KingHellvet, sexy red headWith Hellvet and Lena KingLena King, Limber, pretty and submissiveHellvet and Lena King in pussy suffering


One of my favourite activities on BoundCon are the demonstrations in our own booth.



Last but not least, events like BoundCon are a joy to meet old friends (and make new ones)

Together with the beautiful Drea MorganWith the inimitable Maestro BDWith the charming Mr. InnerSanctum himself, Max :)With the cutest Italian property, Morrigan Little.


With the amazing Katarina Blade and the sweetest CatWith the amazing Katarina Blade and Russian bondage master Boris MosafirOhw, yeah, the Saturday night event because of the 10 year anniversary, a KISS cover band! Rock on! :)

Tired, but happy.

I must not forget, we als went to the Saturday night SubRosaDictum fetish party. We had to cancel a main stage act there simply because we were way-to-tired, it would have become irresponsible, but my model did participate in the DeMasK heavy rubber show - a beautifull sight, not tied in rope, but fully enclosed in rubber... Here are some backstage- and party shots:

With Anna RoseWith Anna Rose, show outfit almost readyHead-to-toe in DeMasK RubberWith Stefano LaforgiaWith Ukiyo DiemWith the Italian Connection: Stefano, Ukiyo, AndreaWith DeMasK beauty OrnellaWith the Lovely Julie SimoneWith Ukiyo and Maurice


The 2014 edition promises to be even more interesting and fun already, I'm getting more Zzzz to prepare... see you there!

BoundCon http://www.BoundCon.de
RopeMarks http://www.RopeMarks.com
RopeMarks shows http://www.RopeMarks.com/shows
Club RopeMarks http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com
DeMasK http://www.DeMasK.com
SubRosaDictum http://www.SubRosaDictum.de

German Fetish Ball


Posted on June 21 2013 by RopeMarks

There a few German fetish events, my favorite, by far, is the German Fetish Ball in Berlin; this year celebrating its ten year anniversary.

This time we rented an appartment in Berlin Mitte with good friends of ours. People we don't see daily but really consider good people and good friends (you know who you are! :) ). Looking back, this was one of the nicer ways to stay in Berlin.

Me, I had the weekend off, it was my model that had to work, well, work, she had the pleasure of getting all dressed up in the most beautiful rubber outfits from the most amazing rubber designers. Can't really call that work for a rubber fetishist, now can we?

On top of this "work" we planned a rubber-shoot with the one and only Miss Rubber World 2013 and all-round cutie, Swedish super fetish model Psylocke (yes, we like her, lots).

The remainder of the time we spend together, relaxed and enjoyed the weather and each other. The months before the GFB we have been working 24/7 and at one point that starts taking its toll.

Know your meme, pics or it didn't happen! Here they are:

For our shoot with Psylocke we recruited Bommi as the photographer and were generously provided with outfits by HW Design. The final results of this shoot are not in yet, but in anticipation of Bommi's awesome results I will show you some of my crappy behind the scenes shot with an iPhone.

click here for the large version


I have so many shots of the Ball that I don't even know how to begin showing them; that's what you get when I have the weekend off! Let's start with the serious images. My model walked for two amazing rubber designers; Bondinage and Inner Sanctum. Incidently, Inner Sanctum also won the Best Designer 2013 award (we have a not so serious image of that).



rm20130417-20_gfb_is01.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_is02.jpgMax (Inner Sanctum), Psylocke, Sister Sinister


Next I have bunch of shots taken from the backstage area, always a joy to be surrounded by too many beautiful girl running around naked looking for their rubber outfit... and a number of shots from the beginning of the party...



On the images you see the Marilyn Yusuf, Psylocke, Max (Inner Sanctum), Sister Sinister, Fetish Liza, Stephen (Bondinage), Kari Berg, Sinteque, In comnmand, Irresistible Iris, Tim, Amrita, Miss Mirjana, Bommi.

And, well... it was all downhill from here...

I _will_ get you...rm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1048.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1052.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1053.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1055.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1061.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1064.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1066.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1069.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1070.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1074.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1082.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1084.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1088.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1090.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1091.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1093.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1094.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1100.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1101.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1102.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1103.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1104.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1105.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1106.jpg

On the images you see Marilyn Yusuf, Psylocke, Sister Sinister, Miss Mirjana, Lara Aimee, Kari Berg´s Butt, Max (Inner Sanctum), Stéphane Roy, ME-Chiel,  Xander, Bommi, a clown, Kwipi Lovebite, Stephen (Bondinage), Max (InnerSanctum) and repeat...

If you see yourself on an image that is too compromising, let me know, I'll add a Hello Kitty bar in front your eyes... or something.

the links
German Fetish Ball - http://www.german-fetish-ball.com
RopeMarks - http://www.RopeMarks.com
Psylocke - http://www.Psylocke.se
Bommi - http://www.facebook.com/thomas.burggraf.Photo
HW Design - http://www.hwdesign.at/

RopeFest 2013

an apology

Posted on June 16 2013 by RopeMarks

Ok... I am not going to point you to the RopeFest 2012 event...
Ok... one more time :-)

RopeFest, a shibari festival in St.Peterburg

More Eyecandy

We received our invitation for RopeFest 2013 the moment the date was set. With the amazing experience we had on the premiere 2012 edition we check our schedule and thought, we can make that, and accepted the invitation.

For RopeFest 2013 we had discussed two masterclasses on RopeMarks Ryu and two mainstage shows that we were really looking forward too. Our anticipation was fueled by the many mails and masterclass requests in our mailbox from people looking forward to it.

The closer the date for RopeFest 2013 came the more crammed our schedule around the RopeFest date started too look. Still we could make it in our usual fashion, fly-in on the day it starts and fly-out same day the event ended. When, unfortunatly, a few weeks ago we received an unexpected (personal) addition to our schedule and it become impossible to even fly-in on the day RopeFest would start and would have to fly-out before RopeFest would be over.

We discussed with the organization what would be the wisest move. Allthough we would have _loved_ to be present we decided that it would be in the best interest of RopeFest to skip this year.

With this blog we would like to apologize again to Борис for his efforts to get us to RopeFest 2013 and we would like to apologize to everybody that mailed us saying how much they looked forward to our masterclass and/or shows.

All is not lost and we are working on a virtual presence for RopeFest 2013 :-)

We expect our schedule for RopeFest 2014 to be more relaxed and be there to drink a Vodka with you all :)

RopeFest, http://www.ropefest.com

Moscow Knot

Moscow's premiere, Japanese, bondage event.

Posted on June 13 2013 by RopeMarks

If you are following the RopeMarks blog (hi mom!) you might recall our entry on RopeFest. The premiere Russian (Japanese) bondage event. You can read this entry about our amazing experience at RopeFest.

RopeFest, a shibari festival in St.Peterburg

RopeFest, more eyecandy

The RopeFest initiative, in St.Petersburg got a follow up in Moscow, in the form of Moscow's first (Japanese) bondage event, Moscow Knot. 

We were very happy to receive our invitation to participate in the Moscow Knot from Vlada and Falco, but the event couldn't have been planned at the worst possible date for us, even the worst possible period. We had intensive contact with Vlada and Falco to find ways for us to be able to participate in the Moscow Knot. This even went so far as re-scheduling the event to a sooner or later date, but with the window in which to work with it was impossible to find a suitable date for the event.

From this position I would like to thank Vlada and Falco so very much for making the (imo) immense effort of trying to re-schedule the Moscow Knot to ensure our participation that we feel really guilty that it turned out be in fain because our schedule was overcrowded. Vlada, Falco, thank you again and again and again!  

We are very happy that at least we got to meet again on last BoundCon and I'm sure we will meet again soon  on one or the other bondage event in the world!

Did I say thank you already? :-)

Moscow Knot, http://www.MoscowKnot.ru/