RopeMarks blacklight installation

@ Wasteland 20 year anniversary

Posted on December 28 2015 by RopeMarks

RopeMarks blacklight installation @ Wasteland 20 year anniversaryFor the Wasteland party 20 year anniversary we have gotten the opportunity to set up a three hour lasting Japanese rope bondage installation, performance art if you will.

For this RopeMarks joined forces with two Japanese riggers Hibiki and Amrita and we got the Dutch crème de la crème of the fetish model scene, Dutch Dame, Abraxas, Haas, Nikki Flames and Kim OnArt and as icing on the cake a top Japanese model, Karen Mai.

This was a though experience for all the models involved, some of them have been tied for close to the full duration of the installation and handled it without complaints and still asked for more afterwards... what more can you want as a rigger?

We have condensed the three hour video of the installation in, roughly, half an hour while keeping the "soul" of the installation alive.

Download this video.

RopeMarks blacklight installation

Since setting up an installation of this size cannot be done without some rehearsal, we've also included images of our rehearsal time.

Did you know: BNN, one of the big Dutch televison networks was present to film this installation and we got to play with the sexy host of the program. More here

The update on Club RopeMarks

ShowBoat Fetish and BDSM play party

with Wiltdties and Red Sabbath

Posted on December 26 2015 by RopeMarks
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Some time ago already (2013!) Wildties and Red Sabbath visited the Netherlands, an opportunity we could not let pass by:

RopeMarks, Wildties and Red Sabbath

We spend some time together including a nice Japanese (*duh*) dinner.


Posted on December 25 2015 by RopeMarks
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Christmas time... that is usually that time of the year... *uhm*, that we here at RopeMarks HQ get a changes to get rid of our backlog of the past year. At least, that is what we say this year, what we said last year and the year before that and... Well, you get the point right?  It just does not happen...

Our last update on Club RopeMarks, awesome as it is, is was produced in 2011(!) and we have photo and video sets going back to 2007(!) that we still think are worth posting. We have sets going back to 2002 that we have not shared with you, but we have to draw a line somewhere and that line is quality, so 2007 it is.

This year however got me thinking, why do we need a backlog, what is so special about what we want to share with you about our way of live that can't be done within a reasonable timeframe? Well, first of all, we still need to have a day job to pay the bills since you cheapskates are not willing to pay what we think we are worth :) therefore we produce way more than we have time to process. Second, and this dawned on my trying to get through some of our backlog, we have so many images that have a complete story behind them and we love to share that story... given time.

Since our enthousiasme in producing does not allow for much extra time we thought to give you a number of photo's with stories and leave it up to your imagination as to what it might be. As a welcome addition this brings a nice dent in our backlog.

Curious to see what stories you think are behind the images? leave 'm in the comments :)




Party Dame

with Dutch Dame

Posted on December 18 2015 by RopeMarks

Party DameShe's is ready to party... if wasn't for her leg tied in a futomomo, her wrists shackled together with leather cuffs and her feet in sky-high ballet boots.

Not much left other then to open those bottles and make the most of the time in bondage...

Did you know: Images from this set have been used on the Boudoir Bizarre party flyer ( and one image from this set graced the cover of German leading scene magazine Schlagzeilen (

click here for the update


the awesome Hibiki

Posted on December 12 2015 by RopeMarks
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Before we publish the full fledged review of the previous Dominatrix, EuroPerve and Wasteland (all three *beyond* kick-ass events!) we want to take a moment and thank Hibiki-sama!

Hibiki and her staff have been attending all three events and whenever she is in Amsterdam we have a lot of fun. When she left again last time she really surprised us with a number of gifts:


It looks like we will be doing an awesome shoot soon with a theme that leaves no one guessing :)

Also, we need to brush up on our Japanese since we got a copy a Hibiki's book "Hibikism".

Here's a few more shots from Hibiki's last visits to Amsterdam.

Together with Dominatrix organiser, Dutch Dame and Kink InfoCuteness


Thank you Hibiki for everything and we hope to see each other soon.

Party on

a gift

Posted on December 12 2015 by RopeMarks
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My new party-bottleNow two months ago already my girl went on a short tour through Europe. Unfortunately I was unable to attend and on one of her stops, the Luxuria party in Hungary, I was given a gift by Carn Ned. My girl took it home for me and from Amsterdam we thank you! *awesome*

Although I am a little concerned about how well spread the knowledge about me "having a bottle" at parties is?

Now: off to buy a razor...