Otonawa @ RopeLounge

Posted on September 26 2015 by RopeMarks

In 2013... Yes some time ago already, we have a serious backlog… Perhaps we should start our blogs with:

“Once upon a time…”

Tubasa and Dutch DameAnyway, in 2013 Otonawa toured Europe and the Netherlands was also on the list. RopeLounge, *the* Amsterdam peer-rope-group-and-a-lot-more, organized a full rope-day around Otonawa and his beautiful wife/mode/muse Tsubasa.

Who is Otanawa? A professional Kabuki actor with 18 years of experience (20 when I write this :)), a professional kinbaku performer and teacher with his roots in Kitagawa-ryu, a long time member of Kinoko-san’s ichinawa no kai group (a group of professional kinbaku teachers and performers) and the organiser of the annual Tokyo kinbaku festival “Toubaku shouen”.

Here’s a peak at some of Otonawa’s pre-2013 performances

RopeMarks ft. Dutch Dame live with OtonawaRopeLounge organised a full rope-day around Otonawa and Tsubasa including workshops and shows. For the last we come in, besides Otonawa, RopeLoune invited RopeMarks for another show - the opening act for Otonawa.

RopeMarks, Otonawa and TsubasaRopeMarks with Otonawa - I don't know what's happening hereWhen the work is done it is time for fun and it was fun, Otonawa is one cool and funny dude. I hope to meet him again soon.

Moving day

or months ohw and migration month

Posted on September 25 2015 by RopeMarks
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With most things in live I'm in it for the ride, not the goal. Moving... not so much. Moving for me is one of the most stressful situations that I know, I don't move for the fun of it but strictly for the goal.

Moving dayIn the last period we have sold our house and, needing a roof over our heads, bought a new one. Only buying a house is *hell* now double that because we are also selling, add to that a bunch nitwits that we had to cooperate with and you have a recipe that… well you don’t even want to prepare; but we had too.

Moving dayOur digital home (the servers that are running the RopeMarks family sites and then some) have been on the list to move as well. Fortunately (note the sarcasm) the contractual-period for our servers ended in about the same period as our physical move - oh joy.

Moving dayNow, not only did we have the fun of playing with mortgages, notaries and everything related to buying and selling a house, we also had to spend our time on digitally migrating (moving) our sites to different servers at the same time… and preferably without you noticing any disturbance (in the force? :) or offline periods.

Moving dayWhen I write this, the physical move is done and we’re about 90% settled in. The last 10% will take a few more months but has no stress. Also, the migration has been done and things look to be running smoothly, some configuring and details is left but we’ll do that as we see how the systems are performing.

There is still enough ends left to finish because of the moves but we hope to pick up a little more momentum, first one, our workshop in cooperation with fetish shop Your Lifestyle

RopeMarks Ryū workshop - 22 Nov. 2015

and did you see the last update on Club RopeMarks? The first part (of three) of “Bliss in suspension”

Bliss in suspension on Club RopeMarks

See you all soon,

Bliss, in suspension - part 1/3

with Bliss Theadora

Posted on September 24 2015 by RopeMarks

Bliss in suspension, part 1/3We have a real treat for you, an Australian treat. We got a visit from Bliss Theadora a green haired sweetheart and beauty and we're going to use her for our pleasure...

The arms of her flawless body covered with stunning inkt are quickly tied behind her back and her legs are tied ankle to upper-leg ending in a beautiful agura for a beautiful Bliss.

After enjoying the view we move forward to a low, sideways suspension wiht Bliss still in the agura position. Some lovely sounds are coming from her when she is freely swinging in the air.

We do like to see our girls suffer a bit and wrap a new rope several times around the neck of Bliss and tighten it behind her, chocking her just enough to make her lovely sounds a little louder and little less further apart. We leave her slowly swinging, suffering, suffocating and do nothing but sit back and ejoy ourselves.

At one point we take her down... and then decide otherwise and bring her back up again.. a little and a gag.

In this new pose Bliss has more space to move and not entirely unexpected there are some f*ck*ng movements against her suspension ropes... and a wet spot underneath her...

This is an update in 3 parts, two photo sets and one long video.

click here for part 1

RopeMarks Ryū workshop - 22 Nov. 2015

i.s.m Your Lifestyle, Heerlen

Posted on September 23 2015 by RopeMarks


*** this kinbaku workshop will be held in the Dutch language ***

RopeMark Ryu workshop ism Your LifestyleHet is een spannend voorspel, het word over het algemeen ervaren als de beste vorm van BDSM, verdiept het vertrouwen en respect tussen de partners, het ziet er erotisch en opwindend uit en is gewoon leuk om te doen; Japanse bondage ook wel shibari of kinbaku genoemd.

RopeMarks Ryū omvat een traditionele style, ontwikkeld door Bob van RopeMarks, die de synthese is van de vele aspecten van de bedrieglijke eenvoud van Kinbaku en Hojojutsu. Het is ontworpen om je essentiële vaardigheden en technieken aan te leren met de nadruk op technische, fysieke en emotionele veiligheid.

Wat moet je weten

Voor deze middag is kennis van shibari geen vereiste. We zullen ter plekke het nivo van de workshop aanpassen aan de kennis van de deelnemers zodat zowel de rigger (de persoon die gaat bonderen) als de “bunny” (de persoon die gebonden gaat worden) profijt hebben van de technieken, patronen en posities de je gaat leren.

Wat ga je doen

De RopeMarks Ryū put uit een lange geschiedenis van kennis, informatie en ervaring. Hiermee hebben we de mogelijkheid om naast een vast programma een interactieve middag te maken waar iedereen het meeste uit kan halen

De nadruk zal liggen op een hands-on ervaring en zaken die we zeker aan bod willen laten komen zijn o.a. de basis blokken van een Japanse bondage

  • de Tejou shibari, binnen RopeMarks Ryū de basis techniek voor een boei van touw
  • de Ryoute kubi shibari, de polsen gebonden
  • de Ushiro takate gote shibari, een bovenlichaam bondage.
  • Gote, de bovenlichaam bondage, variaties.

Wat heb je nodig

Om deel te nemen aan deze RopeMarks workshop ism Your Lifestyle is vereist:

  • Dat je als (gelegenheids)stel komt,
  • Makkelijk zittende kleding draagt,
  • 4 stukken touw van 7-8m lang en 5 of 6mm dik,
  • Motivatie,
  • Enthousiasme,
  • Een open-mind,
  • Humor.

De praktische informatie

Aanmelden: info@yourlifestyle.eu of bel 0610845777
Kosten: € 70 per (gelegenheids)stel
Datum: 22 November 2015
Tijd: 12:00 tot 16:00 (inloop vanaf 11:30)
Locatie: Your Lifestyle , Vrusschenhusken 1, 6422 PL Heerlen

Meer informatie

Your Lifestyle http://www.yourlifestyle.eu
RopeMarks http://www.RopeMarks.com
RopeMarks Ryū http://www.RopeMarksRyu.com
Het event op RopeMarks http://RopeMarksRyu.com/event (ticket verkoop)
Het event op FetLife http://fetlife.com/event (meld je aan)
Het event op FaceBook http://facebook.com/event (meld je aan)

Your Lifestyle


Hamburg, Germany

Posted on September 04 2015 by RopeMarks

We're trying to process our backlog... It feels like such a futile attempt... before we've processed two months three new months of material appear... *sigh*...  But we love it :)

Now almost two years ago we got invited by the Hamburg (Germany) party eXtravaganXa to be present and perform; we accepted, There are few photo's and some video, we thought it worthwhile to put it all together for you. Here you go:

Download this video.

RopeMarks live @ eXtravaganXa

We had a truly amazing time on the eXtravanganXa party, good vibe, good people and a whole lot of sexiness

More RopeMarks live can be found here.


Two year anniversary

Posted on September 02 2015 by RopeMarks
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Last June it was the second anniversary of the weekly Amsterdam rope meeting; Rope Lounge.

We had to honor to perform a live show, no photo's, but to whet the activity it had something to do with a naked girl, rope and bamboo - it was good :)

Dutch Dame and RopeMarksDutch Dame suspended for the RopeLounge group suspensionBefore the performance we participated in a group suspension activitiy; this is where a small group of people suspended their partner for the sole purpose of creating a kick ass image as result.

RopeLoung group suspension

check the large image on our events page.

The Links: RopeMarks, Rope Lounge, Menno van der Meulen.

Mallorca HQ

something not even close to a Flamingo dance

Posted on September 01 2015 by RopeMarks

This summer we have spend nothing short but an amazing time at our Mallorca HQ. We is the HW-design team, model Sinteque and awesome photographer Mr. Daniel Berserker.

There was a lot of necessary relaxing, eating, drinking and swimming, but also a lot of rubber, bondage and sexiness. The content we created will soon be published on Club RopeMarks, Rubber Restrained and will appear in selected magazines and media.

In the mean time, enjoy something not even close to a Flamingo dance...

Download this video.

Something not even close to a Flamingo dance - with Mr. HW-Design himself.