Honeyhair uses Dutch Dame, part 2 of 2

Posted on February 15 2015 by RopeMarks

Honeyhair uses Dutch Dame, part 2 of 2This is the second of two instalments of a stunning and sexy update.

We decided to go with the flow and let Honeyhair have a real go at a tighly bound and submissive Dutch Dame.

We untied Honeyhair, but left her ballet boots. Any girl looks stunning in them, Honeyhair twice that. Gave her a ballgag and the freedom to use Dutch Dame as she pleased.

You have to see it enjoy it, Honeyhair gagged Dutch Dame, Kissed her, licked her, spanked her, pulled her hair... and the actions were much appreciated by Honeyhair, Dutch Dame and well... now you.

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RopeMarks on TV

BNN's Spuiten en Slikken

Posted on February 10 2015 by RopeMarks
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Wasteland's latest edition, the 20 year anniversary, had the live RopeMarks Japanese bondage (shibari, kinbaku) performance installation that lasted for three hours! This installation was set up in cooperation with the bigger names in the Netherlands and Japan; First and foremost Wasteland then there was RopeMarks, Dutch Dame, Amrita, Hibiki (with Karen), ME-Chiel, Haas & Co, Nikki Flames, Kim OnArt and last but definitely not least Abraxas.

Gwen in RopeMarks' rope @ WastelandTo top of this milestone for Wasteland and RopeMarks the Dutch TV network BNN, for the program "Spuiten en Slikken" was there to capture this joyful event and to let RopeMarks have some playtime with the host of the show Gwen.

Tonight, Tuesday February 10, 2015 is the episode where all of this will be aired.

Since I have not seen any of this footage yet, I apologize in advance for anything... odd. 

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The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

the fifth edition, 2013

Posted on February 07 2015 by RopeMarks

Finding our way in LondonWhat's in a name? In the end not much, it's content that determines value, but let's use the slightly easier abbreviation: LFAJRB.

Naka Akira and RopeMarksSugiuara Norio with RopeMarks In the field of content this edition of the LFAJRB had nothing to complain for me. The main attractions for me where the presence of bondage God Naka Akira and photographer supreme Sugiura Norio. Both brought their respected lovely models Iroha Shizuki and Ikeda Miho.

Naka-san and Sugiura-san provided workshops and Naka-san also provided a main stage act. A treat for the visitors of the event. Same as our Japanese visitors, RopeMarks was at the LFAJRB to provide workshops and a main stage act. 

Over the years RopeMarks has grown into being the main- or closing-act of an event (see us live and you know why!), this time the closing act was obviously Naka-sama. RopeMarks had the honour to be the support act for Naka Akira. This did make us a little nervous but pride won.

Shows, demonstrations, on Japanese rope bondage events sometimes tend to be very serious (and a dime a dozen). Our intent was to liven-up the place with a fun- fast paced show based on the popular TV-show SouthPark. Also we wanted to have a party on stage... Check out the video of the show, we decided to provide you with the entire show, no cuts, enjoy!

Download this video.

RopeMarks @ The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Among the best feedback of the show was "I wished you guys could stay on stage longer" and "All I wanted to do was party". Here are a few more visuals of the show:

RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB RopeMarks Live @ LFAJRB


rm20130830_redpandadee_dutchdame_001.jpgrm20130830_redpandadee_jiai.jpgOne of the visitors of the event was artist SingingTree during the show and the day after during the workshops he sketched a quick drawing of our bondage's; beautiful and so fast!

RopeMarks with Andrea RopesRopeMarks with Esinem Events like this are always over too soon; this one ended with a big closing dinner where a large group of us took over an Italian restaurant. A great ending of an event that left a big positive impression with us.

Photo credits: Clover Brooks, Rebecca Davis.

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MOSS procedure

EU VAT Rule changes per Jan. 1, 2015

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As of January 1, 2015 the VAT rules in the EU for businesses like ours has changed. This is the so called MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop scheme) procedure.

Effectively, and brief, we must start paying VAT over our memberships in the country of the members origin. The effect is a drastic increase in, administrative, costs and lose of income.

To keep our service as it is this means we must adjust our membership prices accordingly. We have chosen to pick up 100% of the extra cost this new EU VAT change brings with it. Yes, you read this correct, we will not increase the prices to become a member of Club RopeMarks (http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com). 

So head on over to our Club and benefit from the continued low membership prices.

Thank you for your continued membership

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Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted...

... no more. With Dutch Dame

Posted on February 01 2015 by RopeMarks

No more preaching to the pervertedhttp://www.RubberRestrained.com

From the update "Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted" on Rubber Restrained (our Rubber and bondage branche), no more preaching!