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Posted on December 29 2014 by RopeMarks

As RopeMarks we have a great love (understatement) for tying the prettiest girls in tight rope, Japanese rope, and then have fun with them.

Now we do not only appreciate a nude girls we also like girls dressed in, heavy, rubber and tie them up with rope, Japanese rope,  or leather cuffs, or rubber belts or... well basically anything that restrains them in a way that we like and makes the inner beauty of the girl come out.

This has now been separated in a completely new site

Rubber Restrained

Rubber Restrained

The beauty of rubber dressed girls restrained in belts, cuffs, rope and whatever makes their inner beauty come out.

Come over and take a look, you will see some familiar faces... right before they are hooded, double hooded, blindfolded, gagged, collared and restrained for... well, our pleasure... but we make you a part of the experience!

Club update, Dutch Dame dominated by Sinteque

with Dutch Dame and Sinteque

Posted on December 09 2014 by RopeMarks

rm20140221_4_5021_cover.jpgWe paid a visit to the beautiful Sinteque for the sole purpose to have my property molested by someone else then me!

First Dutch Dame was made to wait in a agura shibari, not able to go anywhere, contemplating what might be going to happen...

When Sinteque arrived she played a little with Dutch Dame, untied her from the agura, only to prepare her for a sakasa ebi shibari.

After playing with Dutch Dame in the sakasa ebi a tight rope gag and even tighter kubi nawa was added for suffering of Dutch Dame and enjoyment of the on-viewers.

Click here for the update, Dutch Dame dominated by Sinteque