Happy silly

Posted on March 22 2014 by RopeMarks

Happy... but somewhat surprised that two pretty girls agreed to my train of perverted thoughts.... silly!

Happy silly

(photo by Alex Perex, model Dutch Dame)

Negotiation happened for the series, The rise and fall of the Tengu.

Club update, the rise and fall of the Tengu

part 1

Posted on March 19 2014 by RopeMarks

The rise and fall of the Tengu, with Dutch Dame and Kim OnArtThings start out innocent enough, two pretty girl, Dutch Dame and slavegirl19971, enjoying a sip of sake. It doesn't take long before Dutch Dame is tightly tied withslavegirl19971 following quickly.

A rough aranawa (rice rope) is gracing the loins of Dutch Dame and passing through her VJJ, stimulating her with rough fibers with every single move she makes.

These two stunning girls find themselves in a predicament where Kim is controlling the tension on Dutch Dame's VJJ. The more tired slavegirl19971 gets the more tension Dutch Dame has to endure. A beautiful sight...

When the girls are finally free from their predicament Dutch Dame is going for sweet and sexy payback, she lets her inner demon take over, the rise of the Tengu, the Yamabushi Tengu...

click here for the update

RopeMarks Portfolio

now with video's

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Something that has been on my wishlist for some time is the ability to have video's in the RopeMarks portfolio. Yesterday I decided to go for it, nerd through the night and et voila... video's are in our portfolio. Go see and let me know what you think

RopeMarks Portfolio


People think we make art.

Posted on March 12 2014 by RopeMarks
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Who would have ever guessed, people seem to like what we do!  Over the years several artists have created pieces of art in cooperation with us or from our work or public appearances.

by Miss Jane UK, Dutch Dame and Honey hairVenus Trail Series, by Thorsten FreyeDDC by Pedro KonijnLifesize ebi shibari sculpture by Dann Chetrit


Here's the first batch http://www.ropemarks.com/media/artwork, there is more in the pipeline, keep an eye on this page.

BoundCon 2013 - 10 year anniversary

Europe's biggest bondage and fetish event

Posted on March 06 2014 by RopeMarks

The BoundCon of 2014 is only a few months away, so I guess it's time to tell you about BoundCon 2013. It might not come as a surprise, but it was awesome! And by the looks of things this year will be even better (if that is even possible)!.

A quick reminder, BoundCon is Europe's biggest bondage and fetish fair. I think it's even save to say the biggest world wide.

The RopeMarks booth @ BoundConThe 2013 edition was the ten year anniversary of BoundCon and we're very proud to have been present almost every year, save two for some very good reasons.

Usually RopeMarks' main stage show is the closing show during the busiest day, Saturday, of the fair. This year we got moved to the Friday, apparently something special was planned for the Saturday.

For the 10nd anniversary RopeMarks provided a (even if I say so myself) kick-ass main stage show with a lot of humour, party theme and ending.The video from this show will be on-line soon on our show page (http://www.RopeMarks.com/shows). Here are a few stills to wet your appetite

RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage


Also RopeMarks provided a workshop where the focus was basics and decorative Japanese bondage.

RopeMarks workshop @ BoundConRopeMarks workshop @ BoundCon


I had the pleasure of featuring as a rigger in two custom photo shoots, one was with the sweet and beautiful Drea Morgan. My second custom photo shoot I had the pleasure of using and abusing the limber Lena King and the chatty Hellvet (I did shut her up! :)).  Here are some photo's of the CPS', the video's from these shoots will be on-line soon on Club RopeMarks (http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com)

The beautiful Drea Morgan, just before the CPSThe beautiful Drea Morgan, just before the CPSThe beautiful Drea Morgan suffering for RopeMarksThe beautiful Drea Morgan gagged and suffering for RopeMarksThe beautiful Drea Morgan The beautiful Drea Morgan upside down in distressThe beautiful Drea Morgan, beauty in sufferingWe just can't get enough :)


HellvetWith Lena King and HellvetHellvet and Lena King in reverse prayer ebi bondageHellvetand Lena KingHellvet, sexy red headWith Hellvet and Lena KingLena King, Limber, pretty and submissiveHellvet and Lena King in pussy suffering


One of my favourite activities on BoundCon are the demonstrations in our own booth.



Last but not least, events like BoundCon are a joy to meet old friends (and make new ones)

Together with the beautiful Drea MorganWith the inimitable Maestro BDWith the charming Mr. InnerSanctum himself, Max :)With the cutest Italian property, Morrigan Little.


With the amazing Katarina Blade and the sweetest CatWith the amazing Katarina Blade and Russian bondage master Boris MosafirOhw, yeah, the Saturday night event because of the 10 year anniversary, a KISS cover band! Rock on! :)

Tired, but happy.

I must not forget, we als went to the Saturday night SubRosaDictum fetish party. We had to cancel a main stage act there simply because we were way-to-tired, it would have become irresponsible, but my model did participate in the DeMasK heavy rubber show - a beautifull sight, not tied in rope, but fully enclosed in rubber... Here are some backstage- and party shots:

With Anna RoseWith Anna Rose, show outfit almost readyHead-to-toe in DeMasK RubberWith Stefano LaforgiaWith Ukiyo DiemWith the Italian Connection: Stefano, Ukiyo, AndreaWith DeMasK beauty OrnellaWith the Lovely Julie SimoneWith Ukiyo and Maurice


The 2014 edition promises to be even more interesting and fun already, I'm getting more Zzzz to prepare... see you there!

BoundCon http://www.BoundCon.de
RopeMarks http://www.RopeMarks.com
RopeMarks shows http://www.RopeMarks.com/shows
Club RopeMarks http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com
DeMasK http://www.DeMasK.com
SubRosaDictum http://www.SubRosaDictum.de