Club update, Breathless Puppy

with Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame as the puppy

Posted on December 28 2013 by RopeMarks

Breathless puppyWith this update we welcome the beautiful and sweet Marilyn Yusuf into the RopeMarks family. Don't let the looks of this Bulgarian beauty fool you, she's a mistress and a good one.

Mistress Yusuf is turning Dutch Dame, my property, into a puppy! On all fours Dame gets collared by Mistress Yusuf's and has to has to worship her boots.

After being thoroughly bound, and wearing ballet boots, Dutch Dame is being taken for a walk by Marilyn.

Puppy Dame is not a good walker and Mistress Yusuf has to punish her. The choice of punishment is a heavy rubber breath control collar. A puppy must obey or suffer.

Marilyn is controlling the breath of Dutch Dame with the heavy rubber collar, the look and persistence of Marilyn, the look and little noises of Dutch Dame are... *hot*.

Download this video.

Breathless puppy with Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame

Two hot, and sweet, girls in a bondage power play...

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Seasons Greetings


Posted on December 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame

the moving images

Posted on December 12 2013 by RopeMarks

rm20130623_3318.jpgRecently I had the pleasure to work with not one amazingly beautiful and sweet lady but two amazingly sweet and beautiful ladies! Marilyn Yusuf from Bulgaria and Dutch Dame from the Netherlands, even though they both look as different as day and night their mindset was very much the same, sweet, sexy and crazy about wearing tight rubber.

This really was my pleasure to shoot the photo's and video. On the right you see a photo preview and below you see the video preview. 

Download this video.

Rubber Beauties with Marilyn Yusuf and Dutch Dame

The beauties Marilyn Yusuf, Dutch Dame.


I ❤ Festo @ Paradiso, December 2012

Posted on December 06 2013 by RopeMarks
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Manifesto is the annual socially critical "orgy" of organisation Meubelstukken. Manifesto has always been a topic that has occupied the minds the year before, such as terrorism or the economic crisis. The outfits of the 1500 visitors are not only extravagant and grand addressed: they make you think further. But Manifesto is mostly a colorful, over-the-top spectacle in which the roof flies every time and the visitor is constantly put on the wrong track.

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The links: ManifestoMeubelstukkenRopeMarks, Paradiso.


November 2012

Posted on December 03 2013 by RopeMarks
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Wasteland... another edition of a party that I am more than one year late with reviewing it... even if two more Wastelands have already happened since the November 2012 edition I do want to spend some words on it since it was another Wasteland where we really added to the entertainment of the party.

fetish_motel.jpgWe participated in a video installment from Wilhelmusvlug (aka Run PaintRun). The theme of Wasteland and the video installment was Fetish Motel. On the right you see an image with the 19m installation and below the video with our participation:

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Fetish Motel wall

Then, where the Fetish Hotel video installement was a lot of fun but a RopeMarks bread and butter, two fingers in the nose, activity, we participated in the catwalk of -the- best corset designer of (imo) the world. No, I was not participating by wearing a corset, I was participating behind the scenes, together with the man himself, Jeroen van der Kliss, ME-Chiel and a truckload of the most beautiful models including my own Dutch Dame and Playboy's Playmate Zimra Geurts.

rm20121124_coll.jpgSetting up a catwalk like this was definitly not bread and butter and I was sticking my complete arm up my nose to do this, but the end result is stunning thanks to everyone who participated in one way or another but special mention ofcourse to Jeroen van der Kliss and ME-Chiel.

Download this video.

Bizarre Design Catwalk

The suspects: RopeMarks, Wilhelmusvlug, Bizarre Design, ME-Chiel, Dutch Dame, Zimra Geurts (Playboy Playmate).

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