November 2012

Posted on November 30 2013 by RopeMarks
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Right on time for a proper review... Dominatrix, the new best fetish party in the Netherlands, the edition held on November 2012 (!!)...

Screw it... Here is the review, short and sweet:

This was _the_ place to be! You missed it? Make up for it the coming edition. There was a meet&greet, dinner, big party with rubber fashion shows. I had fun and even got to model for the Black Body label fashion show :-)







the suspects: RopeMarks, Dominatrix, Dutch Dame, Lara Aimee, ME-Chiel, Vodka, Kay Morgan, Yolinda Vixen, Psylocke, Marilyn Yusuf, Tony Mitchell, Petra, Black Body + crew, Lotte Groeneweg, Elegy Elem, Sister Sinister, Marcus Gloger, Milla Vie, Onna Sakura.

Tokyo Kabukicho wall

Wasteland, November 2011

Posted on November 30 2013 by RopeMarks
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As promised two years ago Wasteland, November 2011...

Hey, at least I'm good for my word :)  

We particiapted in the video installation of Run Paint Run during this Wasteland edition, below you see our parts in his Tokyo Kabukicho wall:

Download this video.

Tokyo Kabukicho wall

More about RopeMarks shows can be seen here.

Club update, Struggling Dame

Western style bondage with Japanese aesthetics

Posted on November 28 2013 by RopeMarks

rm20121208_cover.jpgThis is a hot, hot, steaming hot video. We have 17 minutes of a tightly hogtie bound, gagged and struggling Dutch Dame for you

To actually get 17 minutes of bound, gagged and struggling Dame we had to capture one hour long material. That's right, Dutch Dame was bound and gagged for over an hour and struggling for you.

She makes the sweetest noises in her predicament, you will love it.

In proper RopeMarks style, a simple hogtie is not enough, around the 45 minutes of being bound and gagged we added a thin rope, pulling Dutch Dame's head back and tied-off on her toes, *ouch*. This got us another of 15 minutes of a Dutch Dame in a serious predicament

This has become one amazing video of a Western style hogtie bondage with Japanese aesthetics, RopeMarks style.

Click here for the complete video update

Here's a preview of the video in this update:

Download this video.

Struggling Dame, with Dutch Dame

Photo realistic art

by Thorsten Freye

Posted on November 24 2013 by RopeMarks

From one of our performance on the 2012 Venus fair in Berlin, German based artist Thorsten Freye created a number of photo realistic pieces of art.

I think the art speaks for itself, go see for yourself.

Club update, the toy in the attic

Posted on November 17 2013 by RopeMarks

The toy in the atticWe have a toy in our attic, the lovely Amely. This time we made her endure three challenges during a weekend.

This particular Saturday we had some business outside where Amely was not needed. So we tied, collared, blindfolded and gagged her. Suspended her from the ceiling and went to do our business (don't worry, we have webcams installed to monitor our toy).

The heavy very restricting collar, inability to move made our toy fall several time, only held by the suspension rope, struggling to get back on her feet (obvioulsy we left some slack in the suspension rope :)). The struggle and the ballgag in place made quite a wet spot on the floor when we returned

For the evening our toy was allowed some form of relaxation and we tied her to a chair and made her boobs stick out for our fun. Since my use for the evening we just her mouth I didn't want to be distracted by our toys face, a head covering rubber hood with just a mouth hole was the perfect addition to Amely's predicament.

For the next day a little repeating of Amely's first predicament but this time the collar was very, very extremely restrictive. Also, we didn't leave the house. We left Amely there for quite some time, came up to check our toy regularly and when it was obvious her suffering gave her a complete "I will now do whatever you want" state-of-mind... well... you know... :)

enjoy our toy in the attic

click here for the update

Table top Dame

Posted on November 08 2013 by RopeMarks
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A older attempt of me doing HDR... the images couldn't be aligned 100%, still an nice result that I wouldn't want to keep from you.


Table top Dame

Table top Dame.

I am visiting Amsterdam...

Posted on November 07 2013 by RopeMarks
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That's how one of the many mails I regularly get start and that I find hard to answer.

If we can and have the time we are very willing to point you in the right direction, but think of this::

  • don't mail us asking what hotel to book when you are in Amsterdam. We live in Amsterdam, we have no need to book a hotel and do not have the information on what hotel is good or bad on-file.
  • Don't mail us on the day you leave/arrive that you would like to meet, would like a workshop, etc., this might sound strange, but we too have a life, a schedule and plans.
  • don't mail us on the day you arrive asking for where to go. We are not a tourist agency that has this sort of information up-to-date.

So, what can we help you with? We can point you to the resources we use when you send us a mail starting with "I am visiting Amsterdam..."

Looking for a hotel in Amsterdam?
Try Bed, Rope, Breakfast (and combine it with kinbaku tuition)
Try, we use this one a lot for our travels as well.
Are you looking for fetish shopping?
Try DeMask,
Try mail&female,
Try Black Body,
Let me Google it for you.
Are you looking to buy rope in Amsterdam?
Try Shop RopeMarks,
Let me Google it for you.
Looking for a bondage/shibari/kinbaku event/get-together/action?
Try the RopeMarks calendar.
Try, it's the worlds largest fetish and bdsm community and most Dutch events can be found here.
Try RopeLounge (on FetLife, on FaceBook)
Try Ellipis, (in Rotterdam)
Looking for a fetish/kinky party?
Try the RopeMarks calendar.
The above resources don't give me the information I am looking for?
Try visiting Amsterdam on FetLife.

We will edit this post when I have new resources to use

Having said all this, of course you can write us if your questions are not answered above.

RopeMarks, the true beauty of Japanese Bondage (aka shibari aka kinbaku)

Edit 1: Added some fetish shopping for you.
Edit 2: Added bondage locations for you.
Edit 3: Added direct FetLife groups for you.
Edit 4: Added Places to stay, get tuition and peer-rope's