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Posted on June 30 2013 by RopeMarks

Broken record: our backlog with stuff to add to the site and boost our own ego is huge. Especially the first half of this year was a 24/7 kinbaku, rubber, shooting, party and event period for us. For the second half we plan to take it easy and work on the backlog, organise workshop in the Netherlands. With that much free time (*uchum*) here are the first results:

The lastest issue of the Massad magazine is a big RopeMarks issue. First my photo is on the cover showing you Dutch Dame dressed as the perfect rubber doll, as I like to see her best. Even though it is a pity to cover her beautful face it is for good cause, a Massad cover. 

On top of that this issue of Massad has a twelve page interview with photo's *proud*

Here are the links

After a few years of absence the Bondage Awards returned again in 2012. In the past years we have always been promoting ourselves. This time 'round we decided to ride this train by sitting back and relax. Here are our results:

  • 5th place in the category "Extreme bondage"
  • 5th place the category "Bondage picture"
  • 7th place in the category "Bondage movie"
  • 9th place in the category "Free bondage website"
  • 10th place in the category "Bondage suspension"

Especially the "Extreme bondage" and "Bondage movie" ranking makes us very happy. I consider what I do extreme bondage and without promotion or anything you, our visitors, seem to agree. Thank you very much for this.

Also the "Bondage movie" position makes me very happy. This movie Jumpcut is the very first official movie we played in and this ranking shows your apprecitation for it, thank you very much for this.

Here's the link: Bondage Awards 2012.

A number of photo's we created in coooperation with Patrick Ceuppens from KinkyStyle have been published in the book Fetish Fantasies

Here's the link: Fetish Fantasies.

We got word of a new book from Tony Ward about Wasteland "the wildest party on earth". Could be fun, but not directly of interest for us, however it turned out that we are in it.

Here's the link:  Tony Ward's Wasteland book.

There are a series of books being published in print and as e-books. The cover of these books are by Steve Mayer and he incorporates our work in his cover-art.


Here's the link: Cover art by Steve Mayer.

Leading weekly magazine for the man, Panorama, has an item about BITCH. BITCH is the No.1 Dutch Kinky party where we are regularly present with our interactive show and main stage act. Pictures of our show(s) have been used.


Here are the links :

Last December we got our face on the flyer for the party "Angel in Bondage". This party is a very cool combination of Gothic and Fetish dance and play party and now with RopeMarks' own angel on the flyer.

Angel in Bondage, flyer front

Here's the link: RopeMarks in the Media, Angel in Bondage flyer.

Last time we were in London we found out that we are also visible on the London Fetish map

Here's the link: Fetish map, London.

That's it for now, more to come!

Bondage Negotiations - finished...


Posted on June 29 2013 by RopeMarks

Not sure what is going on here but my best guess is that we just finished negotiating and I... just not sure what is going on here...

Finished bondage negotiations

 see the update that goes with this

Club Update, Pool table Tricks

Posted on June 29 2013 by RopeMarks

rm20121209_cover_8441_8500.jpgI want to play a game... A pool game... RopeMarks style...

I'm not interested in hustling my girl from her money in a game of pool, I'm interested in hustling her out of her clothes and into my ropes.

That proved too happen with little effort, I just had to ask. So our innocent game of pool started with a naked Dame wearing a RopeMarks original karada.

Stake of the game, you loose you suffer.

She lost.. So I made her suffer, tied her twisted arms above her head, bent her legs together and keeping them spread. For good measure added a ballgag (yes, I tried a pool ball, didn't fit :))

Dutch Dame all exposed and vulnerable had to endure my play with the cue... no chalk needed.

click here for the Club update Pool table Tricks

German Fetish Ball


Posted on June 21 2013 by RopeMarks

There a few German fetish events, my favorite, by far, is the German Fetish Ball in Berlin; this year celebrating its ten year anniversary.

This time we rented an appartment in Berlin Mitte with good friends of ours. People we don't see daily but really consider good people and good friends (you know who you are! :) ). Looking back, this was one of the nicer ways to stay in Berlin.

Me, I had the weekend off, it was my model that had to work, well, work, she had the pleasure of getting all dressed up in the most beautiful rubber outfits from the most amazing rubber designers. Can't really call that work for a rubber fetishist, now can we?

On top of this "work" we planned a rubber-shoot with the one and only Miss Rubber World 2013 and all-round cutie, Swedish super fetish model Psylocke (yes, we like her, lots).

The remainder of the time we spend together, relaxed and enjoyed the weather and each other. The months before the GFB we have been working 24/7 and at one point that starts taking its toll.

Know your meme, pics or it didn't happen! Here they are:

For our shoot with Psylocke we recruited Bommi as the photographer and were generously provided with outfits by HW Design. The final results of this shoot are not in yet, but in anticipation of Bommi's awesome results I will show you some of my crappy behind the scenes shot with an iPhone.

click here for the large version


I have so many shots of the Ball that I don't even know how to begin showing them; that's what you get when I have the weekend off! Let's start with the serious images. My model walked for two amazing rubber designers; Bondinage and Inner Sanctum. Incidently, Inner Sanctum also won the Best Designer 2013 award (we have a not so serious image of that).



rm20130417-20_gfb_is01.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_is02.jpgMax (Inner Sanctum), Psylocke, Sister Sinister


Next I have bunch of shots taken from the backstage area, always a joy to be surrounded by too many beautiful girl running around naked looking for their rubber outfit... and a number of shots from the beginning of the party...



On the images you see the Marilyn Yusuf, Psylocke, Max (Inner Sanctum), Sister Sinister, Fetish Liza, Stephen (Bondinage), Kari Berg, Sinteque, In comnmand, Irresistible Iris, Tim, Amrita, Miss Mirjana, Bommi.

And, well... it was all downhill from here...

I _will_ get you...rm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1048.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1052.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1053.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1055.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1061.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1064.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1066.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1069.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_bs_1070.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1074.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1082.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1084.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1088.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1090.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1091.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1093.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1094.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1100.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1101.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1102.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1103.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1104.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1105.jpgrm20130417-20_gfb_p_1106.jpg

On the images you see Marilyn Yusuf, Psylocke, Sister Sinister, Miss Mirjana, Lara Aimee, Kari Berg´s Butt, Max (Inner Sanctum), Stéphane Roy, ME-Chiel,  Xander, Bommi, a clown, Kwipi Lovebite, Stephen (Bondinage), Max (InnerSanctum) and repeat...

If you see yourself on an image that is too compromising, let me know, I'll add a Hello Kitty bar in front your eyes... or something.

the links
German Fetish Ball -
RopeMarks -
Psylocke -
Bommi -
HW Design -

Club Update, Feeling Blue

Posted on June 18 2013 by RopeMarks

Feeling Blue, starring Dutch DameThe best remedy to relax and fight of stress and feeling blue is visiting a relaxing spa, enjoy the environment, sit in the sauna, cool down with a cold shower bath and repeat for ultimate relaxation.

We did do just that... RopeMarks style!

I dressed my girl, Dutch Dame, in a beautiful blue rubber Westward Bound outfit and headed off to the spa. There we relaxed a bit, talked and enjoyed each others company.

Next on the schedule was a visit to the sauna. No need to remove hot rubber from a hot body in a hot place, right? So I put her all rubbered up in hot sauna.

After a while I felt something was missing... hot girl, hot outfit, hot place... Obviously... Hot bondage was missing with a restricting ballgag that reduced my girl to a mumbling bound piece of property suffering in the heat.

No slave girl can endure this for a long time, so, as is common in a sauna, time to cool down with a shower bath. I stripped my girl from her outfit, re-tied and re-gagged and put her in the cold showers. There I enjoyed myself cooling her down by splashing buckets of cold water on her hot, tied, body.

Click here for the update

RopeFest 2013

an apology

Posted on June 16 2013 by RopeMarks

Ok... I am not going to point you to the RopeFest 2012 event...
Ok... one more time :-)

RopeFest, a shibari festival in St.Peterburg

More Eyecandy

We received our invitation for RopeFest 2013 the moment the date was set. With the amazing experience we had on the premiere 2012 edition we check our schedule and thought, we can make that, and accepted the invitation.

For RopeFest 2013 we had discussed two masterclasses on RopeMarks Ryu and two mainstage shows that we were really looking forward too. Our anticipation was fueled by the many mails and masterclass requests in our mailbox from people looking forward to it.

The closer the date for RopeFest 2013 came the more crammed our schedule around the RopeFest date started too look. Still we could make it in our usual fashion, fly-in on the day it starts and fly-out same day the event ended. When, unfortunatly, a few weeks ago we received an unexpected (personal) addition to our schedule and it become impossible to even fly-in on the day RopeFest would start and would have to fly-out before RopeFest would be over.

We discussed with the organization what would be the wisest move. Allthough we would have _loved_ to be present we decided that it would be in the best interest of RopeFest to skip this year.

With this blog we would like to apologize again to Борис for his efforts to get us to RopeFest 2013 and we would like to apologize to everybody that mailed us saying how much they looked forward to our masterclass and/or shows.

All is not lost and we are working on a virtual presence for RopeFest 2013 :-)

We expect our schedule for RopeFest 2014 to be more relaxed and be there to drink a Vodka with you all :)


Book Shibari in Russia

now available in our shop

Posted on June 15 2013 by RopeMarks

This unique book about the Russian view on Japanese bondage is now available in our shop

go to the shop

Moscow Knot

Moscow's premiere, Japanese, bondage event.

Posted on June 13 2013 by RopeMarks

If you are following the RopeMarks blog (hi mom!) you might recall our entry on RopeFest. The premiere Russian (Japanese) bondage event. You can read this entry about our amazing experience at RopeFest.

RopeFest, a shibari festival in St.Peterburg

RopeFest, more eyecandy

The RopeFest initiative, in St.Petersburg got a follow up in Moscow, in the form of Moscow's first (Japanese) bondage event, Moscow Knot. 

We were very happy to receive our invitation to participate in the Moscow Knot from Vlada and Falco, but the event couldn't have been planned at the worst possible date for us, even the worst possible period. We had intensive contact with Vlada and Falco to find ways for us to be able to participate in the Moscow Knot. This even went so far as re-scheduling the event to a sooner or later date, but with the window in which to work with it was impossible to find a suitable date for the event.

From this position I would like to thank Vlada and Falco so very much for making the (imo) immense effort of trying to re-schedule the Moscow Knot to ensure our participation that we feel really guilty that it turned out be in fain because our schedule was overcrowded. Vlada, Falco, thank you again and again and again!  

We are very happy that at least we got to meet again on last BoundCon and I'm sure we will meet again soon  on one or the other bondage event in the world!

Did I say thank you already? :-)

Moscow Knot,

Ball Bizarre Show and Party

Posted on June 13 2013 by RopeMarks
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On one of last years Ball Bizarre parties we we're invited to kick-ass on stage! :-)  So... I did... Kick ass of my property, Dutch Dame. Pics! Or it didn't happen!  Well... see here:

RopeMarks Kicking ass, live on stage

After the show we party, hard! As a dirty pervert, I just had to share this next image with you. You see me flanked by the beautiful Yolinda Vixen. I'm the one in the middle, smirking :-)

RopeMarks and Yolinda Vixen

Club Update, Blind Pony

Posted on June 10 2013 by RopeMarks
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Milla Vie in Blind PonyIn this update we treat you to Netherlands youngest fetish model, Milla Vie. As you can expect from RopeMarks we do things a little different than what this cutie is used too so far.

We dress her young body in a tight rubber catsuit, on top of the catsuit, around her torso we put a strict rubber corset, rubber gloves for her hands and some amazing pony boots to finish the first stage of this image.

For the second stage we cover Milla's head with a rubber "blind pony hood" taking away her sight making her more dependable. Even though her sight is already gone a rubber blindfold is added to emphasize her feeling of dependency with extra pressure around her head.

Finally, as a good pony should wear, a bit-gag.

For the night we lay this pony down on the couch, strap her down tight to ride her again another day.

Enjoy Milla Vie as a blind pony.

So much to write about...

Posted on June 01 2013 by RopeMarks
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We have so much to write about that I don't even know where to start. 

We still owe you reviews of parties, events and shows from 2012 and there still is that one hell of a gossip. There have been a bunch of parties, events and shows in 2013 already and we have just returned from a two week tour through Germany. Lots to talk about and we will asap (this week! really! :) ), you will get

  • German Fetish Ball in Berlin
  • Valentina FD in Italy
  • AlterPic in Germany
  • BoundCon in Munich
  • and more!
Some of the presents we received

Stay tuned,