Club Update, Clowning around

Posted on May 16 2013 by RopeMarks
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Dutch Dame, Clowning aroundDutch Dame loves to dress up, and I love to see her slip into a different, fetish character. This time not as we both love, a doll, but a character we both love as well, a perverted clown, make-up all smudged, corseted, killer heels and hot as hell!

We keep Dutch Dame in an underground club, after hours. The music still playing loud. We like to see Dutch Dame to clown around in fetish for us.

First, with minimal rope we make her dance in rope. When this has pleased us enough we use maximum rope to dangle our fetish clown upside down for nothing more than our perverted pleasure...

Club Update, Clowning around


The award winninig short by Saskia Quax is available

Posted on May 08 2013 by RopeMarks


First released on February 2012 then quickly became a Long sought after short; now finally available online after touring the worlds (fetish) film festivals; JumpCut.

Jumpcut is a film by Saskia Quax that lets you playfully get acquinted with the sexual fantasies of a young woman without becoming explicit. Sexuality is very personal and each and everyone experiences this in its own way, no matter who is in control.

If you've seen it on a festival, you can now own it. Haven't seen it yet, get it now, you won't be disappointed

 Get the JumpCut DVD here

Club Update, In the Closet

Posted on May 07 2013 by RopeMarks
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rm20091103_3770_cover.jpgWe invited Miss Duveaux for a nice dinner out, all pretty and dressed up she arrived at our place.

As she is always in for some good fun we asked if she liked some quick and dirty bondage before dinner; she did...

A quick upper body bondage, legs together and before she realized what happened we lifted her in in our closet and bound her tightly by the neck against the clothing-hanger.

A cleave-gag finished the job, before we went out to dinner, without Miss Duveaux...

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Club Update, Cheesecake

Posted on May 01 2013 by RopeMarks
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CheesecakeSometimes, just sometimes it is not about (Japanese) bondage, shibari or kinbaku, sometimes it is just about natural beauty...

This club update shows you images of the most beautiful girl in this world, Dutch Dame!

Cheesecake - soft, sweet, enjoyable