Club Update, From Sweden in Bondage

Posted on March 26 2013 by RopeMarks
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Psylocke, From Sweden in BondageAll the way from up-north on our Globe we bring you Swedish model Psylocke.

Famous for her work in latex modelling, where she is covering herself, preferably, head to toe in latex.

We strip this beauty from all these layers of latex she is used to wear and show you her natural, inked, body... and then we tie her good!

Psylocke, a naked Swedish beauty, stripped of her latex, tightly tied, for you to enjoy.

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Kink & Kinbaku in Norway

First impression

Posted on March 11 2013 by RopeMarks

With full intent to write about our experience in Norway the organisation of Kink&Kinbaku beat me to it with a review that I cannot do better:

The RopeMarks and Dutch-Dame weekend has come to and end - and it has been wonderful!

Master and I started Bergen Kink&Kinbaku in order to be able to bring in some top riggers from abroad for workshops and shows. The Norwegian rope scene has been really isolated for too long and we need inspiration to go further. At the very top of the wishlist was RopeMarks and Dutch-Dame, our all-time favourite rigger/bunny-couple. We were so happy when they said yes to our request to do a workshop and show in little old Bergen, Norway!

Both the workshop and the show was fully booked in no time, with people travelling across the country to participate. The workshop was amazing. Bob is such a talented teacher - very precise, humorous, patient and inspiring - and Dutch-Dame is an equally talented bunny. We loved the way they approach teaching Japanese bondage, with the emphasis on understanding why we do things instead of just providing "monkey-see, monkey-do" recipes. Bob and DD also make the best example possible of what bondage is all about with their playful approach to the ropes and amazing connection with each other.

Their show on the playparty that followed the workshop was simply gorgeous. We have seen them perform at BoundCon several times and were excited to see how they would go about making a show for a (much!) smaller stage, and we were really impressed. They did an intimate show with lots of humor that still had the usual Ropemarks-WOW!!-factor: The skill and speed of Bob, the flexibilty and strength of DD - it was just perfect. And it was fun to see the non-rope people in the audience truly enjoying the show, some of them for the first time actually understanding what bondage is all about.

Organizing this weekend turned out to be way more work than we ever imagined. But it as SO worth every hour.

A great big thank you to Bob and DD for making the trip and doing wonderful work. And a great big thank you to each and every one of the participants, both at the workshop and at the party!

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Part of the Kink&Kinbaku workshop participants

To protect the innocent, only a part of the Kink&Kinbaku event in Norway workshop participants holding their well earned RopeMarks Ryu certificate.