Club Update, Exposed Cherry

Posted on February 23 2013 by RopeMarks

rm20100611_7051.jpgMy properties love for rubber is no secret, collaring her naked body with a wide rubber collar in the middle of a heavy rubber room will certainly make her anticipate more rubber. But, she is in for another endurance, of the mind and the body.

Instead of more rubber I tie my girls perfect body with rough rope, make her kneel, beg for rubber, only to suspend her high in the sky, exposing her cherry for the world to see.

No rubber today girl, just collared, naked, bound, exposure of your cherry...

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Kink & Kinbaku in Norway

Posted on February 20 2013 by RopeMarks

The RopeMarks schedule is pretty stuffed until this summer, our online calendar is kept as up-to-date as we can for you the see where we can be found.

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The FD TourBesides our own activity we are also part of the FD tour.

We've already done B.I.T.C.H, a five hour live bondage extravaganza topped with a main stage live act in front of 1000's of people (adrenaline rush)! Had an amazing shoot with Swedish Miss rubber world 2013 Psylocke and my own Dutch Dame, a very successful collaboration and performed the main act for the ShowBoat's Fetish and BDSM Play party 11nd year anniversary. In between this we squeeze a shoot with Hollands youngest fetish model Milla Vie.

Psylocke and Dutch Dame, shot by ME-Chiel, edited by Lara Aimee

bergen_vaagen_740x334.jpgThe next big event on the RopeMarks schedule is the first Kink & Kinbaku event in Norway.

We have two reasons for writing about this event, first and foremost, this blog is about all things RopeMarks, keeping you up-to-date with what we do, where you can meet us IRL if you so desire :) and the other reason for writing about the Kink & Kinbaku event is that this event was sold out within one week of the first notice that during this event RopeMarks would be the party to teach Japanese rope bondage. We are so, so, so very proud about this! So there... :)

This event takes place from Friday 8 March to Sunday 10 March, three full days filled with Workshops from RopeMarks, Shows and demonstrations by RopeMarks and a big party for all participant to put into practice what they have been taught.

As mentioned, the event is sold out at the moment, but don’t let that stop you to contact the organisation and see what options they have to offer at the moment.

There is a FetLife event with more info:

After the event we’ll be writing a review about it, right here!
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