London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Posted on January 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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2012 saw the 3rd edition (I think) of the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, or the easier short name LFAJB no... LFJARB no... LFAJRB... no... yes... LFA and then some more letters of the alfabet.

For the earlier editions we never managed to come to an agreement for a RopeMarks presence, this time we did. For the first editions the festival managed to create high expectations online and now we got the chance to see it all for ourselves.

The festival itself consisted of workshop in the afternoon and continues shows (6?) in the evening for the duration of four days. Everything happened in one small space, the Resistance gallery, the shows took place on a small stage in there. Judging by the size of the place it started out with a Japanese feel to it for us. Japanese clubs and bars are _small_ by our European standards.

Since the place is not that big there is not much choice, you either participate in whatever is going on at the moment or you leave and go sightseeing London. Since not everything during the day had my interest and the London Fetish weekend fell in the same period as LFRAJB we indulged in some more kinks than just rope.

As mentioned, during the the evening there were shows, shows and shows. A continues stream of shows. I believe there were six shows per evening. To just blurt it out: Overall it didn't live up to my expectation.

Now for some nuance in that remark. We were only present on the festival for two of the four days so I have not seen all shows. The one show for me that really stood out, the one show that was makeing me want to see what came next and next and next was the one from Shadow. I know Shadow for a long time now and the one thing that I truly admire in her is her orginality and she did not fail me now. The festival attracted a few of the current riggers from the Western-scene that are very active at the moment, they showed solid rope work (some a little predictable).

One part of a show that pops in my head, was someone blowing in another persons ear. Now that could possibly be interesting to see if you have a front row seat but in the back of the room it is totally lost and you just see people sitting still for ages. This kind of thing is more a private play activity, not a show. More shows I saw would have fitted better during intimate play parties than a main stage. If I think hard I might come up with more examples (it's been some months ago now). Generally the feeling that the shows gave me was that they had no place on a festival of the "Art of Japanese Rope Bondage". 

We were asked to do one show there, here is one shot from the beginning and one from the end


In conclusion, we had a great time, we met old friends, made new friends, definitly saw some interesting bondage, talked a lot of bondage (always good) and wheter I watch a complete beginner or a long time rigger I always find something interesting/inspiring even if it is in the details.

A prayer... for good work

Posted on January 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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I love taking photo's, love shooting video even more, but as a pro rigger my problem is that when I am alone with my girl and want to shoot some cool bondage some parts during the process will not get my 100% attention. That is either the bondage or the photo.

If I give my attention to the bondage, the photography will be crap. If I give my attention to the photography the bondage will be crap. So to see that in my view both the bondage and photography failed to live up to my standards... well... 

Luckily there is always my girl who can save any picture with her natural grace and beauty!

The full set can be seen on Club RopeMarks, here.

The new flyer

Posted on January 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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The new flyer is out:


Go find it at your local fetish and BDSM shop!

more media(-related) information here

Club Update, A Prayer Denied

Posted on January 20 2013 by RopeMarks
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rm20110630_7068_cover.jpgRight now we are in the middle of winter and it's freezing, we miss the sun. Time for a sunny update. On a hot summer day, a tight corset, a big collar and a charming little praying spot.Mix this together with the amazing Dutch Dame and some of RopeMarks' rope and it's up to you to imagine what she would have been praying for... If I would have let her :)

We start the bondage simpel but when I was finished I got Dutch Dame tight against the stone pillar by the neck and waist. Unable to go anywhere, look any direction without choking herself. To put a little more emphasis on that part of her distress I wrapped her head in bondage too

I had fun, I hope you do too when you watch this update.

Click here to go to the update

EuroPerve, Resurrection

Posted on January 16 2013 by RopeMarks
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Yes, yes, yes... As someone in the fetish scene for quite some time I have seen many fetish parties come and go. The one party that has always been my favorite is EuroPerve and I've seen that go, but now, with DeMasK under new and improved managment EuroPerve is back, it is resurrected - and I'm happy :)

For this first edition (yes, I think we can speak of new first edition) there was a special DeMasK fashion show planned, an all male rubber fashion show. Yours truly was invited to be one of the macho males being dressed in gorgeus DeMasK latex...

RopeMarks in Nieuwe RevuEuroPerve fun started with a major article in "De Nieuwe Revu" (a big Dutch magazine) about the party, its history, the kind of people visiting and more interesting stuff. My invitation for an interview and participation for a photoshoot in DeMasK latex I could not resist. On the right you see the full page used for my interview for DeMasK/EuroPerve.

RopeMarks as gnome... uhm ZZ Top look-a-likeFor the show all males were fitted with a ZZ Top beard... or so we were told... personally I felt more like a rubber garden gnome... But at least it didn't stop the fun :)

The show went smooth and was continued with *party time*

There was a latex penguin walking around on the party, my own girl Dutch Dame couldn't keep her hands of the beast! Thought I was the only one with a penguin fetish? I do think the penguin had an eye for my girl... *hmmmm*...

L2R: Dutch Dame, Penquin, Anton (he who organised EuroPerve), Madianne, Valentine FD (all the way on the right)rm20120929_0873_by_ropemarks.jpg


We had a special Italian guest over Valentina FD; you can see her here together with my own Dutch Dame, with in the middle Mr. Wasteland himself

Mr.Wasteland between the two most beautiful Fetish Models of the world

Having two Fetish Models close at hand on the perviest rubber party in the world... (you fill in the blanks :). Here they are together:

EuroPerve was and is again the party that the worldwide rubber scene goes too for a good time, There were too many interesting people, just two more shots:

With Mr. Bizarre Design himselfWith Mr. German Fetish Ball himself

At the end of the evening my girl got collared, used and abused and she can still look like the sweet fetish angel that I fell in love with for the very first time.

Heated discussions

Reviews and references

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There are a few heated threads running at the moment on Facebook and Fetlife. If I have my timeline correct it all started with a now removed thread on Facebook. This thread was restarted on Fetlife and it also spawned a thread on Fetlife with a more general approach on the subject.

The subject is bondage (*duh* :)) and is is roughly about getting images from the internet and using them for critisism on the subject and moved into a possible copyright infringment discussion. The spawned thread followed-up on what the expectation is when you publicly post material (i.e. through your own website, on social media, physical media - i.e. DVD's, etc.)

Click on the links above, read up to fully understand the remainder of this post.

Done so? Now continue...

continue reading...

Server maintenance

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The night of Wednesday 9 january to thursday 10 january 2013 we will be performing maintenance on our server

Unfortunately this means we will be offline from 01:00 to (expected) 03:00.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.