Club Update, Tanegashima

Teppou shibari

Posted on December 28 2012 by RopeMarks
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Teppo shibariFrom the depths of historical kinbaku, the teppou shibari.

Nuff said!

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Seasons Greetings


Posted on December 24 2012 by RopeMarks
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Our second life

demo's and show

Posted on December 23 2012 by RopeMarks
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For the privatly organised BDSM play party "Our second life" we got invited to demonstrate some kick-ass bondage play and a real show. Allthough it was a private party it wasn't so private no pictures were taken, here are some shots from the demonstration:




More shots of the RopeMarks shows and demonstrations can be seen here


a Mai Randa column

Posted on December 16 2012 by RopeMarks
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The following text is by Mai Randa, written on 3 Dec. 2007 and perfectly translated by Faviola_Llervu.

Together with Akechi Denki, Mai Randa was part of my first exposure to bondage from Japan. Mai Randa is now (2012) in the "business" for around 25 years and with him I think that counts for something, besides his obvious knowledge he has gained experience, insight and a good overview of the business. With that he wrote the following text about becoming a kinbakushi.

Ishi (doctor), kyoushi (teacher), chourishi (cook), kaigoshi (caregiver), kangoshi (nurse), kenganshi (eye doctor) biyoushi (beautician), umachoukyoushi (horse trainer). . . and then, kinbakushi (bondage artist).

The common feature among these words is the expression "shi." And the only big difference being the occupation. That is. . . kinbakushi.

Other "shi" are titles that organizations bestow and which our country acknowledges. It's a title someone finally obtains after overcoming obstacles and frantically studying in order to receive the title (Incidentally, I possess licences as a chef and an eye doctor - ahem! Laughs).

So what is a kinbakushi?

There are associations without national accreditation, and there are titles one sometimes gives oneself without cause. It's become so that a person can label himself a "kinbakushi," think up a stage name, and start up a home page right away. I'm one of them, too. I've been using it for 21 years. Of course I hold it as self-confidence and pride in my own occupation. That is because I have "now" grasped it with incredible effort in this one occupation. This is a 21 year asset for me. So I'll puff out my chest. I say it and write it audaciously. I've been doing this work for half my life, you know. That would get anyone to puff out their chest.

There's something of a kinbakushi boom now, and the number of people who thoughtlessly call themselves kinbakushi has grown. Especially young men. I'd say they are snot-nosed brats with a long way to go. They're no-nothing children. I think these guys are headed for pain and bitterness, and it's sad.

Tie women. It certainly looks good, and it satisfies the thirst to conquer, which is one of the human lusts.

That doesn't mean I'm saying it's "bad." But I'd say we're drowning in the "shi" word! Guys who started tying 2-3 years ago already have their own students? Huh??? They have enough technique to teach what? Just because they've been taught the technical side of bondage. . . ? I want to say, "What a joke!" Technique comes second. First, the most important thing is. . . it's from the heart and soul. One should at the very least seriously work to get called a "shi." There are many things you should study before studying tying techniques, like medicine, neurology, history, etc.

I was doing this for 20 years before I had my first apprentice.

Those techniques can be learned with the "Randa Mai Complete Kinbaku Manual" book and DVD.

One doesn't boast about being a "shi." One gets labeled a "shi" because they've overcome huge barriers with their own hard work.

Kinbakushi. . . not a big deal at all, right?!

Being close to 15 years in the business myself there is one particular statement that I find very strong in this text "One doesn't boast about being a "shi." One gets labeled a "shi" because they've overcome huge barriers with their own hard work.".

Food for thought!

Dance Valley 4 Wasteland

Posted on December 12 2012 by RopeMarks
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RopeMarks and Dutch Dame at Dance ValleyThis year saw the first ever presence of a hard-core fetish party on the main stream dance event Dance Valley. Wasteland decided on a fetish circus theme. RopeMarks was present to perform a handful of shows and was part of one gigantic videowall created by RunPaintRun depicting a fetish sideshow. Below is a short video of our part in the videowall.

Download this video.

RopeMarks fetish sideshow

More RopeMarks show are this way

RopeFest, more eyecandy

Posted on December 08 2012 by RopeMarks

You've read: RopeFest, a shibari festival in St.Petersburg

Dutch Dame @ RopeFest partyHere are two more shots from our shows during the RopeFest event in St.Petersburg.



on the right is the amazing Dutch Dame during the RopeFest party!

BoundCon IX, more eyecandy

Posted on December 06 2012 by RopeMarks
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You've read: BoundCon IX, a first peak.
You've read: BoundCon IX, First impression.

Now it's time for some more eyecandy from this years BoundCon, number IX.

RopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IX


RopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IX


RopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IXRopeMarks @ BoundCon IX


RopeMarks Dutch Dame and the Rubber SistersAlso at BoundCon were the Rubber Sisters, we lured them to our booth and conviced them that every doll present at BoundCon should be tied up... before I knew it... I had three of those dolls in my ropes. Oh happy day :)

We had the pleasure to be the closing act on main stage, also we premiered our new show there. Since almost a year has passes now and we performed this almost every country with a rope event we've decided to put the full show online:

Download this video.

Video "rm20120512"

We participated in escape challenges and custom photo shoots

Escape challengeCustom Photo Shoots


And with this eye candy it's the last you will hear from me about the ninth edition of BoundCon

Club Update, Triple Blond

Posted on December 02 2012 by RopeMarks
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Triple Blond, with Miss DuveauxIngredients:

  • white latex outfit
  • black jute rope
  • natural jute rope
  • white latex blindfold
  • black leather single glove sleeve
  • one blond miss Duveaux
  • one perverted RopeMarks
  • no place to go

We spend this day tying Miss Duveaux to a chair, tied and blindfolded outside on the balcony and single sleeved inside.

We had fun :) I hope you do too!

Club Update, Triple Blond with Miss Duveaux