10 year anniversary

Posted on November 26 2012 by RopeMarks
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Together with miss Lovely Latex herself, Brigitte MoreAfternoon sun, music, drinks and a pretty girlThe bi-yearly event B.I.T.C.H has reached its 10 year anniversary and RopeMarks had the pleasure to be a part of that event. Bigger and better is a fitting description for this edition of the event. Starting in the afternoon, outside and inside.

Some snapshots from some of our demonstrations:

RopeMarks @ B.I.T.C.H - 10 year anniversaryRopeMarks @ B.I.T.C.H - 10 year anniversaryRopeMarks @ B.I.T.C.H - 10 year anniversaryRopeMarks @ B.I.T.C.H - 10 year anniversaryRopeMarks @ B.I.T.C.H - 10 year anniversary


A B.I.T.C.H is not complete without a main stage act:

RopeMarks @ B.I.T.C.H mainstage

Sommer Silvester

a private party in Avalon, Berlin

Posted on November 25 2012 by RopeMarks
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Around the globe there are an enormous amount of private BDSM/Fetish/Bondage parties organized. From time to time we have the pleasure of being invited as guest and performer. 

As guests to your party we guaranty to be serious participants: 

Dutch Dame & RopeMarks
Dutch Dame & RopeMarks

As performers we guarantee a kick-ass show:

Dutch Dame & RopeMarks - in the heat of the momentRopeMarks & Dutch Dame

Looking for more imagery of the RopeMarks shows?
Want us on your event?

Ball Bizarre Party and Shows

March 2012

Posted on November 22 2012 by RopeMarks
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These shots are taken on a Ball Bizarre party where the light of my life, Duth Dame, is subtly accessorized with the lovely Lara Aimee :-)

Dutch Dame and Lara Aimee

It was not all fun and games, work needed to be done, twice:


ShowBoat SM-Fetish play party

10 year anniversary

Posted on November 19 2012 by RopeMarks
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This year was the 10nd year anniversary of the ShowBoat SM-Fetish play party. The annual anniversary feature was RopeMarks, tying the amazing Dutch Dame (and we got to play with knives :) ).

RopeMarks, playing with knives


Interactive & two mains

Posted on November 19 2012 by RopeMarks
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Number of monhts ago it was time for a long night of bondage and party during B.I.T.C.H. We had our interactive and two mainstage acts. We won''t bore you with too much details, here are some snaps from our interactive-act.

RopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCH


As you can see it was all night kinbaku with some heavy leather restraining thrown in for good measure (I love my girl in cuffs, slave girl cuffs :) ), that gave me the opportunity to have a break and just enjoy the beauty that is Dutch Dame.

But, not long before it was time for our mainstage acts, here are some snaps from the first act:

RopeMarks @ BITCH mainstageRopeMarks @ BITCH mainstageRopeMarks @ BITCH mainstageRopeMarks @ BITCH mainstage


These are from the second act:

RopeMarks @ BITCH mainstageRopeMarks @ BITCH mainstageRopeMarks @ BITCH mainstage


The BITCH nights are killing but sooo much fun :-)

Boudoir Bizarre

partying with pride

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Can't help but to be proud, very proud and oh so happy to have the amazing Dutch Dame at my side <3.

RopeMarks & Dutch Dame @ Boudoir Bizarre party

Picture taken at the Boudoir Bizarre party by Erik.

A few publications

of 2012

Posted on November 18 2012 by RopeMarks
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Here's a short overview of publications we've had sofar this year:

cojac calendar

Heavy Rubber Magazine

KinkyStyle calendar

Marquis Magazine

Nieuwe Revu


Skin Two 63




More of our publications, tear sheet, TV performances, etc. can be seen on the RopeMarks site, here..

Bondage Negotiations - gone wrong

Posted on November 17 2012 by RopeMarks

There are moments that negotiations about tying your girl spreadeagled on a sling, blindfolding and gagging her do not end up as planned...

50 shades of grey

we couldn't avoid it

Posted on November 16 2012 by RopeMarks

50 Shades of Grey coverWhen Fifty Shades of Grey made it to the bestseller list the Dutch media jumped on the bandwagon to talk about the poor literary quality of the work and do in-dept "scientific research" into the BDSM activities described in the book.

Just in case you have been living under a rock, Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel getting its fame from the many explicit erotic scenes with elements of BDSM.

We got contacted in May 2012 by the Dutch television broadcast network RTL if we were interested in talking about bondage and showing some live on TV for the program "Editie NL", we had, but it was on very short notice for us, we could not find time. Instead we provided bondage video material to be used in the item on TV.

Unfortunatly we do not have the actual TV program (some babbling about copyright) and it cannot be viewed online anymore, so the best I can do is provide a peek of the material we supplied for them to use:

Download this video.

Video "rm20110521 02 preview 1024"

Download this video.

Video "rm20100312 4 preview 1024"

Download this video.

Video "rm20100312 2 preview 1024"

For an, almost, compete list of RopeMarks on television visit this link "RopeMarks on television"

Late, late, late...

Posted on November 13 2012 by RopeMarks
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Late, late, late

Something you, my faithful readers, have read before: I'm late, late, late...

Late with updating this blog to keep ya'll up to date with the RopeMarks going-ons, late with updating RopeMarks with all the new eye candy and media related happenings, late with... basically everything.

We're reaching the end of the year and I need to empty my todo list, clean my desk and clean my mind... Maybe I keep that last one dirty :)

In the coming weeks I want to have processed all of 2012, some of the things you can expect:

  • Something about 50 shades of grey (we couldn't avoid it)
  • The Venus fair in Berlin and other events
  • Some thoughts about our shows
  • Different publications
  • One hell of a gossip that's too good not to share (this one will make waves)!

Keep watching this space (you subscribed to our RSS-feed yet? See top)

Bondage Negotiations - K.I.S.

Posted on November 10 2012 by RopeMarks

After a careful consideration of our plans for bondage on Nikki Flames her subtle answer came (not entirely) unexpected

K.I.S. Nikki Flames

Club Update, K.I.S. (Keep It Simple)

Posted on November 08 2012 by RopeMarks
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K.I.S. Nikki FlamesThere are moments when we like to keep things simple, basic. For some reason the more simple our approach the more "resistance" our beautiful girls give us.

There's Nikki Flames, trying to convince us that images of her in heels with this tiny latex bikini will suffice for a proper set (we think it would make a great set - but who are we to tell her that).

Nikki gets cuffed with leather cuffs, simple. Now she tries to convince us that it's not really necessary to tie her arms on her back. It's already a pretty picture, right? (we think it is - but who are we to tell her that).

Nikki's arms get tied on her back, pulling all leather cuffs close together. Now she is convinced this is the perfect combination to make a great set... And we told her she was completely right!