Bondage Negotiations - upside down

Posted on September 23 2012 by RopeMarks

I am not sure if this actually is a bondage negotiation, that should have been done way, way, waaay before you reach the point of finding yourself hanging upside down by rope only, tightly bound, hooded, blindfolded and wearing a neck-corset. But if you still feel like "negotiating" at this point your sensory deprivation will be made compelete by adding a ballgag!

Nag and gag

full set, including video, on Club RopeMarks.

Club Update, Upside-down Dame

Posted on September 23 2012 by RopeMarks

rm20110122_9513_cover.jpgThis update is fun, upside-down fun.

We have the amazing Dutch Dame at our disposal and decide to tie her arms, a little differently, behind her back. Add a rubber hood and force a rubber neck corset on her lovely neck.

Next stop, upside-down dame.

We want to make this position a little more interesting, for us... *duh* and add a blindfold

Helplessly swinging around we hear some sighing and little noises coming from Dutch Dame.. Cute, but time for a ballgag!

This is a very beautiful sight to see, upside-down, tightly bound, hooded, blindfolded, neck corset and a ballgag. Nothing to do but surrender to us pervs that enjoy this view inmensly!

Do stick around until after the credits, there is a brief interview with the still hooded Dutch Dame

Club Update, Upside-down Dame

Dutch Dame, summer time

Posted on September 19 2012 by RopeMarks
Categories: Photography

Summer appears to be over in the Netherlands... Enjoy a last shot of the most beautiful Dutch girl in beautiful  summer-time weather - Dutch Dame:

Dutch Dame - Summer time

(click the thumb for a five-image collage)

More of this on the amazing Dutch Dame's own site and of course next summer :)

New Server - upgrade done

Posted on September 19 2012 by RopeMarks
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Never heard of that serverBesides taking a lot of time to set everything up, migrating our sites and all software and/or installing new and improved versions of software, it looks like we're done, Done, DONE!

The RopeMarks family of site are running on a new server *happy*.

Infinity, by Trevor BrownIt took a number of sleep deprived nights some obscene language and brutal violence, I feel like toppling over at any moment now, but the work is done, Done, DONE!

Should you encounter something that appears not to be working as expected, do let us know please!

New Server

Posted on September 19 2012 by RopeMarks
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server-room.jpgTo all members and visitors of the RopeMarks family of websites. We have just started the migration process to a new server. The initial steps and activities will be invisible to you all but there comes a moment that we have to "flip the switch" to activate the new server.

We will provide a heads-up when we activate the new server.

When the new server is active we expect a short time (with a maximum of 48 hours) where it is possible that you experience one or more of the following issues:

As a member
- Unable to login
- Locked out of your account

As a visitor
- Temporary unavailability of, part of, pages

Everything should be working fine withing 48 hours after activation of the new server. If things are still not working for you after this period, please let us know and we will fix it asap.


Club Update, Rock Hard

Posted on September 06 2012 by RopeMarks
Categories: Club RopeMarks

Rock HardThis part two of the two part series, part one is here: Exposure

After having Dutch Dame exposed for some time the "business" has definitly grown... so time to represent this by removing her from the bench and putting her on a hard rock...

Still wearing her tight corset and killer heels we now put the amazing Dutch Dame on a rock, right next to a small dirt-road in the forrest, still looking for that exposure.

We untie her legs but keep tie arms tied behind her back, the big slave collar around her neck, blindfolded and gagged. We transport her from her bench to her rock.

Helpess she has to sit on her rock, visible for all who pass by. Her legs are not tied... but where would she go? How would she get there?

Nothing to do but sit and hear the people passing by, hoping nothing would happen to her...

This is a small but extremely sexy set!

The links: