Ultimate Bondage Rope

Posted on August 29 2012 by RopeMarks
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We have new rope in our shop, Ultimate Bondage Rope.
This is a red linen rope in two diameters, 5mm and 6mm.

6mm red linen

5mm red linen

Visit our shop for more information and purchase
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Shibari in Russia

a book review

Posted on August 28 2012 by RopeMarks
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UPDATE: this book is now available in our shop, click here

Shibari in RussiaWith our last visit to Russia we brought back more than just good memories. One of the other things we brought back was an interesting book called "Shibari in Russia".

Since our last visit to Russia was also our first visit we were very open to understanding the bondage scene "behind the iron curtain". For me it was an area that had not come onto my radar to research in depth related to bondage.

Our visit to Russia was one very memorable visit for many reasons, you can read some more about it in this blog entry. The RopeFest event in St.Petersburg was getting us rapidly acquainted with the current status of the Russian bondage scene and it left us with a taste for more.

Enter the book "Shibari in Russia"; It is a well sized square photobook of almost 170 pages and entirely dedicated to shibari in Russia. To enjoy the full impact of the bondage photo's there is one photo on each page.

If I have to name just one of the strengths of this book it is definitly its diversity! The book contains photo's of at least 40 different Russian riggers and/or photographers and the bondage does not focus on the (common) female recipient but has a well number of (very impressive) male bondage as well. Photo's are taken ranging from professional studio's to simple outside settings.

I can truly recommend this book as it is a jewel that gives you a complete view of the current state of shibari in russia.

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Club Update, Exposure

Posted on August 28 2012 by RopeMarks
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BClub Update, Exposureeing a business we are always talking about getting more exposure, growing the business...

With some great summer weather I felt it was the perfect timing to create some exposure for Dutch Dame... the RopeMarks way :)

Wearing a tight corset and killer heels I put the amazing Dutch Dame on a forrest bench, right next to a cliff that overlooks a busy grass area where people enjoy their summer time.

We tie her arms behind her back, spread her legs, slap a big slave collar around her neck, put her in complete darkness and finally gag her

Helpess she has to sit on the bench, visible for all who enjoy their summer time in the area below!

Now that's some great exposure if you ask me... but then obviously she couldn't ask, being gagged an all...

Enjoy an exposed Dutch Dame.
(this is part one of a two part series)

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Dutch Dame, nominee for the Venus Award for Best BDSM Model

Posted on August 27 2012 by RopeMarks
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Vote for Dutch Dame for best BDSM Model

I am proud, so very proud! My girl, Dutch Dame, is nominated for a Venus award in the category best BDSM model.

The Venus awards are handed out through a public voting system, if you think Dutch Dame should be the 2012 best BDSM model here is your chance to cast your vote:

Click here to vote

Clicking on the link will take you to the Venus site to vote. The category for best BDSM Model is the last category, at the bottom of the page.

Club Update, Belted Dame

Posted on August 14 2012 by RopeMarks
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rm20110813_cover.jpgI seriously think I posess the most amazing girl, the Dutch Dame, in the world.

Her surrender to me is unconditional and in complete trust, I can tie her in the most vulnerable of positions, have her rubbered up from head to toe as my fetish fantasy, have her bound, gagged, blindfolded and collared as my posession in the most tight rubber outfits and corsets; all to have my perverted way with her.

Dutch Dame is my most valuable possession that I love with all my heart.

Now it´s time for my girl, my model, my doll to show her status as loved and owned property of RopeMarks.

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Teppo yoko zuri

An asymmetrical side suspension

Posted on August 09 2012 by RopeMarks

I have a slight concern about some activity I see related to a teppo shibari combined with a yoko zuri. See the images below about what these mean.

The main concern is related to the following. The last RopeMarks show, premiered on BoundCon IX (see this blog entry), consisted of a (brutal) sequence where we go from a teppo shibari to a yoko zuri. This particular sequence is one that I've never seen before. This doesn't mean it hasn't been done, just that my knowledge about the performances people around the globe do might be incomplete. After the premiere of our show we see specifically our teppo redone by a number of people and we see the particular sequence being taught in bondage workshops exactly the way we did it during the show. Now, let's assume for the sake of my ego :), that our show is indeed the trigger of this. Then I would like to point out some details.

rm20120512_150.jpgThe particular teppo that we utilize in our show is an adapted version of the complete one. We stripped it for reasons of speed and dramatic effect. This teppo shibari is safe but only ment for short term and cooperative usage, the short term of less than a few minutes during our show.

rm20120715_2_y.jpgNext, the yoko zuri we utilize is achieved by applying a very simple mune nawa that connects the nawa zuri to the suspension point. The simple version of the mune nawa is definitly not ment for home use. It is again a stripped version for speed and dramatic effect of a complete mune nawa. A full body suspension with this mune nawa is brutal and only ment for a _very_ short period of time with an experienced rope bunny.

On two occasions I have seen our exact teppo shibari and yoko zuri from our show being used in a private play situation (in a public place) and I have seen it being taught. Remember people we do this for a show, entertainment, an act, a bondage fetish circus act based on kinbaku patterns. it's a complete choreagraphed and timed action practised to be done safe, fast and perfect. It is not ment to be redone like the show or taught like the show. Please, please take heed whatever we do during a show, especially our last one, is not ment to be taught for use in serious private play. 

So there... be warned :)



A Shibari festival in St.Petersburg.

Posted on August 06 2012 by RopeMarks

RopeFest is the first Russion shibari festival in St.Petersburg. It was held on July 14 and 15, and we are very proud to have been a part of this.

During our stay in St.Petersburg we got so much impressions that I really don't have a clue on what to write and how to write it to make you understand the sheer awesomeness of it all, the city, the people, the organisation, the location, the motivation, the heart, the openness... it was awesome! :)

Just start at the beginning I guess; we have never been to Russia and us noobs had communistic and police-state thoughts about the country. This made us doubt how we would get our ropes, metalwork and BDSM stuff through customs, let alone ourself with a suitcase filled with material to tie up people and have our nonconsensual way with 'm :)

This turned out to be no problem at all, our suitcase was for 80% filled with "business items" and we whisled through customs without a proble looking as innocent as we could.  If I would work at customs I would definitly stop Dutch Dame and frisk her. :)

We got picked up at the airport by the organisation and dropped of at our place for the duration of the festival. We had time left to spend our first day in beautiful St.Petersburg. It was awesome!

rm20120714_x.jpgFor this two day event we had three planned activities, one big show each day and the last masterclass of the event on the second and last day, the closing spectacle. Inbetween our planned activities we had time to entertain ourselves, see a little of St.Petersburg (by far not enough) and chitchat with the attendees of the event.

Both shows got very well received with the Russian audience, some shots of the shows.



At the end of the first day there was a party, one of the things I finally learned how to do properly is drink Vodka. The second day was bound to become more challenging per attempt to properly drink vodka... :)

The masterclass was a different story all together, since we were last the attendees had seen and learned so much already that we weren't completly sure what to do in our masterclass. So, you ask a room filled with people what they want to know, see, hear... My bad... I got a little thrown off guard because the first question was about a single ankle upside down suspension. Not the easiest to explain without setting a certain base. The rest was a breeze, the questions kept coming, the attendees were really open en willing to learn not just about (Japanese) bondage but about us as well and our motivation behind the things we do.

All together this class is definitly one to remember for a long time.

I can honestly say "We have fans in Russia" and to return the favor "Russia has a new fan of the country and its people".

Dutch Dame

Edit: I didn't mention it yet. Right after our masterclass we had an interview about RopeMarks,  RopeFest and (Japanese) bondage for Russion television! *hell yeah* :)   When I have the material I'll post it on the site.