Dutch-Dame, undolled in the Wörthersee

Posted on July 27 2012 by RopeMarks
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Time for something beautiful and sunny after all the hassle...

Dutch Dame, Undolled

(click the thumb for a four-image collage) 

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet it is the perfect moment to undoll my doll and capture this amazing Dutch Dame in her full beauty...

On the Dame's own site you can see more images



Posted on July 24 2012 by RopeMarks
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It happened again, last Friday, July 20 around noon we were on the receiving end of a hack attack. This attack brought our server down.  Our monitor instantly picked this up but because of other engagements I was unable to respond until later that day. When I got our server back up everything looked just peachy :)

The next day, early in the morning the same attack re-started, bringing the server down within the hour. The attack continued throughout the day bringing our server down the moment I got it back up. The level of aggression we monitored with this attack was completely new in all the time that I have been running RopeMarks.

Usually I write about details of things related to RopeMarks, including details of hacks. In this case I won't supply details just yet. We are currently in a situation were an attack clearly aimed at bringing our server down with this kind of over the top aggression is more than suspicious.

I called our kick-ass webmaster and provider for support and we decided to act upon our suspision. The attack was continues over the day this allowed us to collect all information regarding the source, the "people" behind it and surprisingly, their "client"...

Bringing a server down is not really a challenge, everyone with basic server knowledge can do this, if they really knew what they were doing we would still be down. Our monitoring and tracing over the period of the attack proved this was a childish attempt, it's the level of aggression and determination to try and keep us down that we witnessed that made us decide on our next steps.

As I said it is easy to bring a server down, we have collected all information and with my techno-nerdy itch it is now childsplay to bring their site and their "client" sites down and better, keep them down; "I have the power!"(R) He-Man :). However, I will not lower myself to their childish level I see no benefit in this, I don't believe in revenge, I believe in karma...

I am 100% certain that these "people" and their "client" are reading this blog. I am challenging them to come forward and act like adults instead of mice, or closer to the truth, rats! You have my contact information, I'm waiting. If I'm not contacted within the next few days by you I will take legal actions against you; under Dutch laws this means four years of prison for you.

the angry rigger and cyber-techno-nerd :-)



Web Attack: Mass Injection Website

Posted on July 11 2012 by Bob
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I love doing RopeMarks activity, the bondage, the travel, the showing people what can be done if you truly understand bondage, the playing around with my girl, especially the playing around with my girl... a little thing I'd like to call "The True Beauty of, Japanese, Bondage". Also, I love the technical site of having my own server, building/running multiple websites, toying around with internet technology, creating kick-ass code and seeing it all smoothly work together in the RopeMarks websites.

The part I don't like about running RopeMarks is a bunch of losers continuously trying to hack our server and sites. I truly loath hackers... losers and hacking. Being a nerd myself I can, on some level, understand the technological challenge of hacking, but what I don't understand is that these losers fail to see that hacking a server or site is stealing money from the owners. Imvho hacking is equal to breaking and entering and robbing the owner.

To prevent hacking several measures have been taken to either detect and/or prevent this. On average Club RopeMarks, a pay-site, endures a hack-attack ones every three days. R.A.R.E., also a paysite but on a subdomein, endures a hack-attack ones every two weeks. These are mainly attacks to get to the passwords. The free sites, RopeMarks, Shop RopeMarks and Blog RopeMarks endure a hack-attack once every week. These attacks are for the "good" of the loser/hacker that tries to brand the site with his logo or redirect to some place that makes him money. Our server is basically under constant attack, finding leaks in the control panel, trying to get to the passwords , etc.

Unfortunatly a few weeks ago one attack on the server succeeded and the passwords of the control panel were compromised. This successfull attack was followed by a mass injection of malware on all sites running on the server. This means that malware is injected into the pages of the sites and redirects victims to a site that will then try to download Trojans and keylogger code. If a user visits one of the infected sites, they are redirected through a series of different sites owned by the attacker and brought to the final landing page containing the exploit code . The final landing page records the visitor's IP address. When visited for the first time, the user is directed to the exploit payload site. But when visited again from the same IP address, the user is directed to the benign site of ask.com.

Because the last weeks we have been travelling heavily this successfull attack went unnoticed until yesterday. Together with one kick-ass IT-professional and our ISP, the day was spend tracking how the losers got in, fix this, clean the sites and continue our merry way... Yesterday turned out the be one _loooong_ day...

So, the status, the server seems to be fixed and is hack-proof again (for now), the sites are clean and everything seems to be running ok again.

There is one thing left to fix, the blog still has a broken version of FancyBox at the moment, resulting in images opening in a browser window instead of popping up. We will fix this today.

Back to the regular program...

Club update: Squeezed

with Nikki Flames

Posted on July 11 2012 by Bob

Nikki Flames, squeezedWe have a new face for you on Club RopeMarks, the petite and sexy redhead Nikki Flames. Famous for seducing late evening and nighttime viewers of erotic television programs we now have her on Club RopeMarks to seduces you. Well, that is to say, she can try, all tied up, gagged and blindfolded.

We start by squeezing her petite body in a tight rubber corset, reducing her waist to virtually nothing. Next a tight rubber neck corset to keep that pretty head all straight and gasping for air.

Now its time to get that upper body all wrapped up in rope, tight ropes and tie her legs spread to leave nothing to the imagination.

When she feels comfortable in her outfit and bondage, when she feels that this day is just about letting go and enjoy the action (well, we do :)) the next addition is one hell of a big ballgag that we stuff in her mouth (it barely fits) and keep in place with wraps of bondage-tape.

With the bondage-tape we continue to wrap her head to finally take her sight and facial senses completly.

So far, With every step Nikki has bit by bit been drifting into submission. The final step, completely cutting her off from the real world is giving her that last push, into submission...

The image of this petite readhead, tightly laced, bound, gagged and blindfolded has been captured for your (and her and our) enjoyment.

Have fun,

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