Nawa shigusa (縄しぐさ) - Rope manners

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Recently I stumbled upon a post on FetLife (all hail FetLife :)) that I just had to share. The post starts with a few general manners from feudal Edo (now called Tokyo) and continues to translate these into manners of rope by the author Bingo Shigonawa.

Unfortunatly the English of Bingo-san is not too good at the moment so the translation of his text was done by the lovely Rida

Here we go, most Western people can learn from these insights...

Main Polite Gestures (主なしぐさ)

Kasa kashige - Tilt your umbrella (傘かしげ)
On rainy days, when passing another person, be mindful to not to drip water on them by making sure to tilt your umbrella outwardly (away from the other person).

Kata hiki (肩引き) - Pull in your shoulders
When passing another person on the street, make sure to pull your left shoulder toward the shoulder of the road (remember that you walk on the left side in Japan).

Toki dorobou (時泥棒) - Don’t be a Time thief
Showing up at someone's place without announcement, being late to an appointment, or actions that waste the other person's time are unforgivable sins.
断りなく相手を訪問し、または、 約束の時間に遅れるなどで相手の時間を奪うのは重い罪( 十両の罪)にあたる

Ukatsu ayamari (うかつあやまり) - Be the first to apologize
Even if it was the other person that stomped on your foot, be prompt in apologizing: "I'm sorry, my distraction caused it". In this way the air will clear immediately and the good atmosphere will be kept.
たとえば相手に自分の足が踏まれたときに、「すみません、 こちらがうかつでした」と自分が謝ることで、 その場の雰囲気をよく保つこと。

Shichisan no michi (七三の道) - 7:3 road
Don't walk in the middle of the street, but walk as if to occupy only 30% of it and leave the 70% for other people and emergencies.
道のど真ん中を歩くのではなく、 自分が歩くのは道の3割にして、 残りの7割は緊急時などに備え他の人のためにあけておくこと

Kobushi koshi ukase (こぶし腰浮かせ) - Rise one fist high
In preparation for other people getting on the boat, be ready to move to create another place by keeping your body one fist high from the seat.
乗合船などで後から来る人のためにこぶし一つ分腰を浮かせて席を 作ること

Sakarai shigusa (逆らいしぐさ) - Don’t be oppositional
Don't start sentences with "But" and "However", as listening to the caring words of the elderly will aide you in growing as a person. However at times, your respectful actions might even provide enlightened to them.
「しかし」「でも」と文句を並べ立てて逆らうことをしない。 年長者からの配慮ある言葉に従うことが、 人間の成長にもつながる。また、 年長者への啓発的側面も感じられる。

Nawa shigusa (縄しぐさ) - Rope Manners
The Good Manners of Rope by Bingo Shigonawa

Ashi ukase (足浮かせ) - Rise your feet
Never ever step on someone else's rope. Most riggers care deeply for their rope and are very particular about it. Treating it with respect is expected, and stepping on it is truly rude and disrespectful.

Nawa kotowari (縄ことわり) - One word
As you are not to step on someone else's rope, you should also not touch it without asking for permission first. Even if you are driven by the good intention of helping tide it up, you should always check with the rope owner if it is ok to touch it.
足浮かせと同様に他人の縄に触れる時は、 一言ことわりをいれる。例え親切心で縄の片付けをする時にでも、 持ち主に触れていいか確認をしてから触れる。

Shichisan no yuka (七三の床) - the 3:7 floor
When you happen to be tying in close proximity to someone else and share the same space, it is a good rule to focus on occupying only 3/10 of the space and leave 7/10 of the floor space to the others. If both parties focus on this, it will end up that both sides will be using exactly no more than half of the space and not interfere with each other.
同じ床で複数人で縄を掛ける場合、相手に七、 自分に三の領域のつもりで掛ける。 互いにそのつもりでいることで、 互いに干渉し合わない五分五分の場を作ることが出来る。

Hime or tono dorobou (姫(殿)泥棒) - Don't be a Princess/Bottom thief
Getting too intimate beyond necessity with a bottom (male or female) that already has a partner is a big no-no. At minimum, courtesy calls that contacts should be had after the partner has been informed and/or permission has been granted. And when applying rope, both sides’ permission should be received first.
主や相方のいる女性又は男性と必要以上に親しくなることは御法度 。相手が知った上で関わることが最低限の礼儀。縄を掛ける場合は両者の同意を得ること。

Ukatsu ayamari (うかつあやまり) - First apology
In the event that rope has been applied without previous knowledge (and permission) that the bottom had a partner, do not blame the bottom but be prompt in apologizing to clean up the air.
相手に主や相方がいることを知らずに縄をかけてしまった場合、 相手のせいにはせずしっかりと謝ることでその場を収める。

Iiwake irazu (いいわけいらず) - No need for excuses
Once the tie is done, don't start making excuses for its shortcoming. It gives a bad impression to the bottom. Accept instead the result with honesty.

Kami hiki (髪ひき) - Don't pull hair
Problems or other matter that come up during a tie and are not dealt with on the spot will fester and drag on. And will often get talked to unrelated parties. Issues should always be discussed on the spot without dragging them on. Don't act in ways that will "pull the hair from the back".

Ashi biki (足びき) - Don't pull feet
Pulling someone's feet by dragging outsiders into a conflict born by envy and resentment, is not a welcomed behavior.
相手を羨やみ、妬み、 他人を巻き込んで足を引っ張ろうとすること。迷惑極まりない行為。

Onazi kusa (同じ草) - Same plant
No matter the sexual leaning, or preference, at heart we are all the same: humans. And like plants, even if stepped on, we endure and grow. However a plant cannot grow without roots (people) and leafs (people), and they both needs to be nurtured.

Shigusa no michi (しぐさの道) - The way of (good) manners
Even with partners with whom we have built a bond and have feelings for, there will come the time to part ways. Moving on to the next stage without carrying resentment, holding a grudge, hating or blaming is the "way of good manners". Don’t focus on it as the end, but view it as a new beginning.
主や相方と積み重ねた想いや絆も、 いつか別れを迎えることになる。相手を妬み、怨み、憎み、責めることなく、 次の道へ進むのが思草の道。枯れるのではなく、育ち花咲くものである。

Bingo-san has his own blog here ( and can be found on FetLife here ( The lovely Rida's FetLife profile is here (

Quick and Dirty

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Bondage Negotiations - the naked truth

Posted on April 06 2012 by Bob

Club update, Double Bill: The True Beauty of, Japanese, Bondage

Posted on April 04 2012 by Bob

Double BillThe new flyer and business card is out

The flyer and business card are both based on a hashira ushirodaki shibari. One balancing on one leg in a ballet boot and the other by a sakasa zuri by the knees.

The amazing Dutch-Dame is handling both very strenuous positions for your pleasure (and my flyer :))

The links:

Et Alors? Magazine - Special Edition

Posted on April 03 2012 by Bob
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Support the first flamboyant style magazine about fun, fashion, fetish, art, gay, literature, gender, culture, glamour and icons to create a special editon free-for-all magazine in honour of the Amsterdam Gay Pride this Summer.

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Westward bound by Dutch Dame

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An amazing Dutch-Dame, a shiny outfit by Westward Bound and a luxurious location, enjoy :)

Workshop review by Mrs. Soviet Mercedes

Posted on April 03 2012 by Bob

We don't want to withold you this review by Mrs. Soviet Merceded of our workshop last weekend
(in Dutch for now)

For those who know me, they know I have no affinity with Bondage. I have never been interested nor seen the artistic side of it

However this changed once I got more involved in the online BDSM world. Especially on a website like Fetlife, it's almost impossible to miss: (good) bondage is beautiful, a form of art, and it can be damn useful. Now that I got triggered and curious, I browsed online for this new concept. Of course you'll inevitably bump into, for all of us a well-known name, RopeMarks.

Besides the fact that Dutch Lady is a beautiful woman, and one can find her in the most bizarre positions, it is also truelly an art (and very handy!) After I have seen the couple perform several times, it was an easy descision when RopeMarks posted on her Facebook page that there was one spot left in the “Japanese Bondage pt.1 “ workshop. I signed up right away (without even knowing who I would take as my victim, but hey, that's just a small detail), and the countdown has started! As I said before, I have never worked or played with real rope, so this was going to be something completely new.

Received an email with the location and some information about how the evening would go. They will tell something about the history and origin of Japanese Bondage, clothing is aloud, but naked is allowed too. Sex/play is NOT wanted, and after that, the knotting can begin. Hereby RopeMarks will give the example, and then you can try yourself. Of course Bob (RopeMarks) will walk around and help and give tips where needed.

It starts with a story about the history. Some Japanese names (I wrote them down!) and the definitions, the differences in rope including the pro's and con's . Maurice ( also tells his own story about the ropes and what he thinks of it. BindMe sells complete packages for this workshop, almost everyone had one. Very handy!

After the first demonstration (the upper body), it was time to get started ourself! Hmm, this came quite as a suprise, because it really looked easy when Bob worked his magic. I noticed that my hand/eye co-ordination wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But, after trying several times, knotting, re-knotting and some shoving, the result was ok-ish. The first knots were made! However, Bob pointed out that this is not “ true” bondage since the “victim” is still free and able to move around.

We continued with the bondage around the wrists (did I mention how much I was enjoying myself? This is fun!) This was much easier, and once you got the feeling of a right knot, it gets easier. Or so you think, until you get something completely different and you have to practise your knots all over again, because it just won't stick,or simply looks ugly. And let's be honest, it has to look pretty too!

Short break for a drink and a cookie, and back to work again! Now it's going to get a bit more complicated. Also in the meantime, we learned how to make a loop and extend our rope.

And last but not least, we're going to make the “Mother of all poses” . Bob tells us of what to be careful off and pay attentiont to with the arms and how to make a safety loop for when you need to untie everything quickly. Here I found out, that for me those 4 hours are a bit too long, since the most basic knots won't even work with me anymore. Bob jumpin in until we (kind of) understood how to do it ourself. And there you go! The creation of creations is there!

Effective, but not nearly as great as the couple (and just so we're clear, this is logical, since they have worked together and practised for many hours/days/weeks/years).

After that we came to the end of the workshop and we all received our own certificate! (Of course I hang this one in the middle of my living room, ready to tell some crazy stories and answer weird questions!). Also you'll get a log-on for the website, where you can find even more information. Short story long, long story short: if you're interested in Japanese Bondage, but you have no idea where or how to start, go to this workshop! There is a nice, fun and open atmosphere. Bob is patient and explains everything very good. If there will be a part 2, I will definatly attend! Until then, practise and practise on my victims. Grin

Here the links to the websites (second week april online)