Club update, futomomo zuri

Posted on March 26 2012 by Bob
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Futomomo zuriWay back in 2009 there was a moment that I had the availability of the amazing Dutch-Dame, a wonderful medieval-looking location and a photographic light-wizard from Studio 3. Don't forget a not to shabby rigger, RopeMarks :)

With a team like that something special needed to be created, the decision fell on a futomomo zuri kata

The result was _very_ pleasing and a shot from this shoot became one of the RopeMarks flyers (collector item for many). Our other flyers can be seen here

Also, we perfected the kata for the futomomo zuri and turned it into a fully choreographed show with lights, music and the works. The full show can be seen here


BoundCon IX, a first peak

Posted on March 16 2012 by Bob
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It's almost time for BoundCon, the ninth edition already.

Unable to say no to the charming invitation to be present we are there!

What can you expect from RopeMarks sofar:

  • The amazing Dutch-Dame in all her glory, she will be tied, gagged, supended and generally tormentend in rope! :) 
  • Our own booth with continues (Japanese) bondage demonstrations
  • New artwork 
  • A Custom Photo SHoot on Friday with the amazing Dutch-Dame and the lovely Katarina Blade
  • A new main stage act primetime on Saturday evening
  • A Custom Photo Shoot on Sunday with new comer Lena King (I'll try to be gentle...)

BoundCon 11-13 May 2012, be there!

Book: Hotel RopeMarks

Posted on March 12 2012 by Bob
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Book: Hotel RopeMarksTogether with Dutch-Dame RopeMarks traveled around Europe in 2011 . Usually RopeMarks left no opportunity behind to tie his amazing Dutch-Dame for his personal pleasures. Dutch-Dame had to endure historical kinbaku, contemporary shibari, classic Western bondage and rough metal restraints all for RopeMarks' perverted pleasure. The rancid polaroids are all that's left...

Allthough not intended to be art; they are artistic, allthough not intended to be beauty, they are beautiful, allthough not intended to be enjoyed by others, they are now yours...

visit Shop RopeMarks for more info and purchase

Original Osada Steve shibari & kinbaku rope

Posted on March 12 2012 by Bob
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Original Osada Steve shibari & kinbaku ropeThe traditional rope set for Japanese bondage (shibari, kinbaku) directly from the famous master from Japan. 7 ropes of approx. 8m of Japanese jute. Suitable for beginners and advanced students. Of course suitable not just for Japanese bondage, but for all other bondages as well.

7 ropes of approx. 8 m of traditional jute rope, ready for immediate use! Since the rope from Japan has no defined breaking load, we recommend European jute or hemp rope for the main suspension ropes when doing suspensions

The rope is ready for use in 8-meter pieces, which are finished at both ends with a simple overhand knot.

Visit Shop RopeMarks for more info and purchase