Clinic Party, December 2011

Posted on December 27 2011 by Bob
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Don't know if it's the time of the year, my own happy life that I spend together with the amazing Dutch-Dame or anything else but I am enjoying the things I do a lot. Even so with the last Clinic party.

RopeMarks got booked for two shows for the Clinic party, a side act and one kick-ass main stage act. Besides RopeMarks another professional rope artist was booked, nawashi Murakawa.

For me this was a very pleasant surprise since he got booked very last minute. The very first time I ever met Murakawa must have been 12, 13 years ago, a time where I had a big interest in (Japanese) bondage was quite active but was nowhere compared to where I am today.

So, it was real pleasure to make reacquaintance with  him and to see him perform live. To me his show was a breath of fresh air. Lately all you see are copycats, I have literally not seen anything original being done in the West.  In my personal opinion the East is slacking at the moment as well, but that's an entir other blog worth :). 

Nawashi Murakawa used all the traditional aspects, ranging from clothing to attributes and (very good to see) attitude. His movements are determined, his bondage his own but still very much kinbaku, his speed makes it interesting to look at and (that's unique) he was able to surprise me a number of times during his show.

After his show I got to perform my own feeble attempts at proper kinbaku with the love of my live, the amazing Dutch-Dame. "Two shots of our shows are show here.

RopeMarks live @ Clinic Party

RopeMarks live @ Clinic Party

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Seasons Greatings

Posted on December 22 2011 by Bob
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To everyone, have a great christmas a very happy newyear and all the best wishes for 2012.

xmas 2011

Party Hard

Posted on December 21 2011 by Bob
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And on the 8th day, God sobered up... party hard!

Party Hard

Club update, Bound and Loving it

Posted on December 18 2011 by Bob

Natasja, Bound and Loving itToday new face Natasja came to visit RopeMarks HQ. Fairly new to rope bondage but eager to be wrapped in RopeMarks' rope.

Not wanting to make Natasja's bound life to difficult her upperbody was tightly wrapped in a "Mount fuji" style takatekote after which she was allowed to site down before we continued to wrap her legs. Leaving her with nothing to move but her legs with pretty heels and some wriggling. One thing left, her head...

This update is the first of many we did that day. The rest wil follow soon

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Wasteland, November 2011

Posted on December 16 2011 by Bob
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The November 2011 edition of Wasteland (the wildest party on Earth) was a big one for RopeMarks. Since this edition was in Asian style it kinda makes sense RopeMarks had a big part in it.

One of the goodies during the entire evening was a 19m long video wall created by RunPaintRun. His video wall was completely based on the Tokyo "red light" district including 4 rooms with Japanese (style) action that the visitors could voyeur inside. Two of these rooms where occupied by RopeMarks and Dutch-Dame.

In the first room RopeMarks tied Dutch-Dame into a yoko zuri after which he harassed and embarrassed her with a video 8 camera in Kill Bill's Crazy 88 style. In the second room Dutch-Dame got to endure a hashira ushirodaki shibari by the hands of RopeMarks and was reduced to suffer as a room ornament. Below is a phone-video quality preview of the wall.

Download this video.

Video "rm20111126 videowall iphone"

(the complete video and wall will be posted on the RopeMarks site when I have it)

RopeMarks has been supporting Demask ever since the take-over by the new owners. During this Wasteland Demask performed a perfect new show and I was there backstage to help out. This show definitely (re)established the Demask name as the worlds number one (extreme) rubber/latex manufacturer. My own girl Dutch-Dame performed a very big part in this show and next will wear the final outfit of the show.

Dutch-Dame during the Demask show


RopeMarks had another spotlight during this Wasteland edition. Together with the amazing Dutch-Dame they presented their new show. In front of 1000nds of partying people the "Bending over Backwards" (aka aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri shibari) show got to see the light of day on Wastlands main-stage! *proud*




As usual Wasteland is a list of who's who, too name two that made me very happy to see again; Amrita (now Mrs Amrita) and Esinem who's light only got stolen by the lovely model he brought by his side :)

RopeMarks Dutch-Dame Esinem

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Posted on December 16 2011 by Bob
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I want to rant a liittle before I write about two cool events that we particiapted in the last month.

One of the things that annoys me immensely in (mainly) the japanese bondage scene are the copycats (by lack of a better word). I've roughly categorized them in two categories.

The first category are the ones that deconstruct one or two bondages from photo's and re-apply these bondage's to any willing "model"  (do note the quotation marks, but that's a completely different rant). This inexperienced rigger generally applies his deconstructed bondage badly and more often than not the inexperienced  "model" is removed from the bondage with a damaged nerve (luckily most of the time not a permanent damage).

The second category takes actual workshops from one or more riggers with a good track record (i.e. RopeMarks *plug* *plug* :)). They pay good money to learn to do bondage safely, learn to listen to and respect the "models" they are going to work with and learn some crucial fact about the human body related to bondage. So far so good, but this rigger stops there and expects to be the best rigger in the world because he has taking "the right steps" to learning bondage. And this rigger has taken the right steps, but these were only the first steps of one long journey. This rigger then boast on the web about learning from "the best riggers in the world" (i.e. RopeMarks *plug* *plug* :)) but is just a copy of that rigger, shows no creativity, takes no further steps to improve and does not grow or create an own style.  Because this rigger stops he has become yet another no-name uninteresting copy of the real-deal but boasts an ego that says he's the new bondage-God. This rigger still hurts unknowing "models" 

To complete this rant... Why?  Why? Why do riggers in general and the riggers from the categories mentioned above not see the charm and need of doing bondage without suspension? Why don't people see the danger?  Even if I tell them (when they take workshops from me) they don't want to see.

Why do I literally see the most in-experienced riggers (M/F) without any useable knowlegde of the human body and/or bondage suspend the most in-experienced "models" without any usable knowledge about their own bodies in bondage? It's an accident waiting to happen and it does happen, in the last two months I've had three reports of "models" damaged by an inexperienced rigger. Two of the damages healed within a week, the third looks like a permanent damage.

Alle damages were done by riggers in the categories I just ranted about... this is a very bad development...

If you feel like I'm addressing you... take steps to improve...

Workshops at the Absolute Suite

Posted on December 14 2011 by Bob

We just finished a series of two Japanese bondage workshops in cooperation with Absolute Danny.

The workshops were held in Danny's own Absolute Suite, a location smack in the middle of the Amsterdam Red Light District with a whole lot of BDSM/Fetish atmosphere. For this series we decided on small groups and were needed provided willing rope bunnies (M/V) for the participants to practice on, share and abuse. With all partners and bunnies struggling in their bondage and mmphh-ing through their gags delicious Japanese finger food was provided for the hardworking riggers-to-be :)

My guess is this won't be the last cooperation, keep an eye on the site of RopeMarks and Danny.

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Aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri, triptych

Posted on December 03 2011 by Bob
aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri

It took some time to find some time to finally get this piece of art together, three images off beauty in suffering on a backdrop of the great wave of kanagawa.

The suffering beauty is the amazing Dutch-Dame. Her position on each image is similar, the way we dress her up is what creates a new and unique image each time.

The first position the Amazing Dutch-Dame is dressed in a Japanese look, double tenugui, tabi shoes, bound, suspended, naked and vulnerable.

The second position the Amazing Dutch-Dame is dressed in a Western look, red ball-gag, kinky high heeled shoes but still very much bound, suspended, naked and vulnerable.

The third position the Amazing Dutch-Dame is dressed in a very extreme BDSM look, rubber hood, big tight collar, harnass ball-gag and ankle high ballet boots, but still bound, suspended, naked and oh so vulnerable.

A tortures position, supported by only a single hip-rope adding to Dutch-Dame uncomfort, all in the name of art, in the name of the

"aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri, triptych"

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