Fetish & BDSM Festival, second edition

Posted on November 19 2011 by Bob

Last October the second edition of the two day Fetish & BDSM festival in Bruxelles, Belgium took place. As with the successfull pioneering edition in 2010 RopeMarks was present with their own booth, shows and several activities. Both days, and festivals, the amazing Dutch-Dame assisted RopeMarks in every way conceivable :)

The pioneering edition doesn't hold too many good memories. Nothing bad about the festival, but at the end of the first day our car got broken in stealing almost everything we would need on the festival, ropes, suspension ring,
toys, laptop, camera, etc. We decided to leave the next day.

This second festival we decided not to let our car get broken in and protected it like a mama bear protecting their childeren, it worked, we still have our stuff and a lot of good memories about the second edition of the Fetish & BDSM festival.

The location of the festival, the cellars of Cureghem, are one amazing location. It falls in the category seeing to believe it. The festival itself was one continuous flow of seeing old friends and familiar faces to meeting new interesting people. It's interesting to see how different events and festivals cater to a completely different parts of the world and scene.

We're very happy that master rope supplier Marrow from BindMe was able to make it to the festival and even more happy his booth was close to ours. Same goes for Baron and Paris from Scene Magazine and their wonderful new chair, offering interesting "abilities" :) After having done mail exchanges only it was great that Matt from Bondage Enigineering and his bratt made it to the festival as well. To our big surprise the festival was graced with a visit from fetish photographer KinkyStyle, and the list goes on and on...

In our booth we did a number of demonstrations and we performed twice a day on the festival main stage.

It was a good festival! :)

Shibari Quadrant

Posted on November 16 2011 by Bob

RopeMarks workshop voor Absolute Danny op 6 December 2011

Posted on November 13 2011 by Bob

In samenwerking met Absolute Danny organiseert RopeMarks een serie Japanse bondage workshops in de uiterst sfeervolle Absolute Suite in hartje van Amsterdam. Voor de laatste workshop in deze serie zijn nog twee plekken beschikbaar. 

Deze workshop word gehouden op Dinsdag avond 6 December (het ideale Sint kadootje? :)

Voor meer informatie en registratie zie de site van Absolute Danny:


Tot snel,

RopeMarks Shibari workshops: http://www.ropemarks.com/workshops
De Absolute Danny Suite: http://www.absolutesuite.com

RopeMarks on Dutch National TV

Posted on November 07 2011 by Bob
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bnn20111023.jpgA few weeks ago we appeared live on Dutch National TV. Youth-oriented chanel BNN has a program about sex and drugs "Spuiten en Slikken". This Roughly translated to "using a needle " (for drugs) and "swallow" (cum).

We've appeared in episode 6 and aired live on 23 October 2011.

This episode had a special about bondage and we (Dutch-Dame and me) showed the bondage's and got something to say about it. I also got to tie up one of the presenters to make her experience what it is like to be _really_ tied up. It wasn't her thing (understatement :)).

On the right there's a still from the TV episode that shows me in close connection with the tied up presenter :). Here is a link to where you can watch the episode online:


A nice bonus is that RopeMarks now appears in the sex and drugs dictionary on the BNN site as the site to consult for all thing related to bondage, yes! :)



Posted on November 05 2011 by Bob
Bondage Negotiations

Remember that negotiations never end, it's a continues activity
(scaring the sh*t out of 'm is just a bonus :))

Club Update, Sakasa Ebi Zuri

Posted on November 04 2011 by Bob

Sakasa Ebi ZuriThis is one rough session I'm playing with Dutch-Dame and incorporates an awesome new RopeMarks suspension, brutally hard for the sweet Dutch-Dame and definitly not for the faint of heart; the sakasa ebi zuri.

Once upside down Dutch-Dame is exposed in the most vulnerable way possible, available for all my perverted actions...

Do not try this at home!

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