Club Update, Three girls and an excalibur

Posted on October 15 2011 by Bob
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rm20081228_7931_cover.jpgA short update, with a long name.

We had three girls over... and that's when it went wrong :). We decided to put them in latex, cover their faces with latex hoods. Have them play with each other to finally tie one of 'm up and give the others an excalibur...

Oh, how wicked girls can be (given the right tools by us men :))

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Hamburg trip

Posted on October 14 2011 by Bob

I never expected to say this, but for the moment I've had enough of travelling.  We've been travelling all over Europe the past two months (haven't blogged about all of it) and no matter how much fun, work just keeps pilling up. So, there's one more big event we will travel to, in Bruxelles, the Fetish and BDSM Festival where we will be present with workshops and shows. But that's for later to tell you all about it.

So, Hamburg, we arrived on friday, saw the bed and used it! That is, to sleep... :) we had a full fun weekend ahead of us and were dead tired.

On Saturday we woke at an early afternoon time :) showered, breakfast and went for some sightseeing. At first sight Hamburg wouldn't be my first choice to be a tourist in but with little to no effort we found some nice sights to visit, did some luxury shopping and came across a Starbucks (or two :)).

The evening was reserved to visit the Catonium, a very atmospheric location that hosted a classic S&M Play party. It was also were we would meet the family Grimme for the first time that weekend and participated in a very beautiful private branding scene.

One of the nice things of partying outside of the Netherlands is that people usually don't recognize us. That leaves us free to play as we wish, without all eyes wathing and judging what we do. Over the course of the evening I completely rubbered up my girl in little stages until she was dressed in rubber, head to toe, collared and leashed, parading around in sky high heels being my total pride and joy and most of all: slavegirl.  

All rubbered up doesn't stop there, we need bondage, in little steps I added bondage items until her rubbered arms where bound behind her back, a thick rubber posture collar with small spikes on the inside graced her neck and a big spike connected to the collar held her head even higher. Her legs tied, able to take little steps one and finally a big gag. All rubbered up, fully bound unable to speak, walking on heals  around the party I couldn't be more proud of her. We had fun :)

On Sunday we woke again at a decent afternoon time :).  Today was shooting day.

Hotel series

(nuff said)

The evening we spend together with the family Grimme on a delicious Thai dinner.

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Club Update, Yurekli

Posted on October 07 2011 by Bob
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rm20110319_309a1616.jpgA set of amazing images of the amazing Dutch-Dame, shot by the amazing Yurekli, who just happened to visit Amsterdam and... well... rigged by the amazing RopeMarks :)

In this set you see Dutch-Dame butt naked on the hotel bed, collared, wearing ballet boots, bound, gagged, spreading it for your pleasure and loving it all.

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Workshops with Absolute Danny

Posted on October 05 2011 by Bob

Good news. Together with Absolute Danny we will set up two (Japanese) bondage workshops. 

The workshops will be held in the famous Absolute Suite and will last approximatly four hours. Drinks and Japanese fingerfood included.

Register here to participate in our workshops in cooperation with Absolute Danny

I have high expectations of this cooperation!

Wasteland, Berlin and Venus

Posted on October 05 2011 by Bob
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It doesn't happen that often anymore that a party is totally blowing me away, Wasteland, the Berlin edition did.

The location was wonderfully underground (as is all of Berlin), the music was topnotch, the people were amazing and the shows kicked-ass (especially the two RopeMarks and Dutch-Dame did :)). It has been a while that we came home with the sun already up :)

The day after... or better, a few hours later, broken, satisfied and very happy, we visited the International Berlin Venus fair. A must have visited event. We mainly hung around in the fetish area (*duh* :))

No pictures yet, but I'm sure they will pop up here and there.

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