Wasteland, Berlin

Posted on September 29 2011 by Bob

From the Wasteland Newsletter:


Dutch-Dame featured by RopeMarksRopeMarks is owned and operated by Bob, A Dutch guy living in Amsterdam with a fairly twisted mind and imagination.

This Award winnig performer and the Amazing Dutch Dame will present you the true Beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage aka Shibari aka Kinbaku.

RopeMarks can be considered a household name of very good reputation in the world wide BDSM/Fetish scene: www.clubropemarks.com

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Small steps...

... make for a long journey

Posted on September 27 2011 by Bob
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Over the past weeks we've started to upgrade RopeMarks  and bring it into this century. The most notable change at the moment is the overal look and feel and the front page. We hope you like it?

More changes will come asap. Some things on the list are a better portfolio that will include video, faster loading times and a clearer way to see when we organise things, i.e. workshops, meetings, etc.

Until then,

Upcoming series sneak

Posted on September 24 2011 by Bob
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A sneak peak at one of the upcoming series

Hotel series


Posted on September 24 2011 by Bob
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For not responding in a timely manner to any of your mails and requests.

My mailbox(es) is(are) overflowing and time to answer is terribly limited.

I will answer each and every mail!


Posted on September 21 2011 by Bob

A Dame in ballets, unable to walk away, a cold Vodka, let's negotiate before we play!

Bondage negotiations

Club Update, Hogtied on the kitchen table

Posted on September 20 2011 by Bob

Dutch-Dame, hogtied on the kitchen tableWe had a friend photographer over with the intention to capture a unique Japanese bondage suspension, but before we did that, don't know if it was after the fourth or fifth vodka, the sweet Dutch-Dame ended up in a hogtie, wearing nothing but ankle-high ballets...

It was a fairly simple hogtie, so after another vodka (and some photo's) later I added another layer of difficulty for my sweet girl and continued chit-chatting about techno-stuff with our friend photographer.

Another vodka I think (and some photo's) later we checked up on Dutch-Dame and interpreted her sweet pleading eyes not to be released but to add yet another layer of difficulty for her. Going back up, continuing our chit-chat, filling up and emptying our glasses.

When we went down again, looking at Dutch-Dame on our kitchen table, tightly bound, elbows together, collared and visibly having a difficult time we trashed her around on the table a bit, exposing her womeness, turning her, making her feel the bondage and her helpessness even more.

Time for one more vodka, on the kitchen table, watching a bound and suffering Dutch-Dame before I decided it was time to release her.

Did we do that unique Japanese bondage suspension, oh yes! Update soon :)

For now, enjoy the amazing Dutch-Dame hogtied on our kitchen table.

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Bizarre Design


Posted on September 17 2011 by Bob
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Quick preview of my beautiful dame in a beautiful Bizarre Design corset (the real deal!)

Dutch-Dame in a corset of Bizarre Design

the links:
Bizarre Design

Scene Magazine

and so much more

Posted on September 14 2011 by Bob
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Dutch-Dame, RopeMarks, Scene Magazine

A few months ago already (time really flies) we had a wonderful dinner and drinks afterwards with the people behind the website Scene Magazine (and so much more other sites). We were getting to know each other better, great idea's flew over the table and intimate details shared. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to the next dinner.

Now go click on the banner and visit their site.

Scene Magazine

Twisted Leprechaun

9-11 September 2011

Posted on September 12 2011 by Bob

Fresh of the plane from Dublin, the event still active in every fiber of my mind and body: Twisted Leprechaun, Ireland's first ever bondage and BDSM festival

The Twisted Leprechaun event spanned three days and is the biggest alternative educational event in Europe, with over 50 workshops on a vast range of topics and presenters hailing from all over the world. At the end of each day a play party was organised. Inbetween workshops two halls of vendors sold a wide variety of bdsm equipment.

RopeMarks was present with three workshop teaching the attending people how to go from bondage-zero to full fledged suspension, all in the Japanse style (shibari, kinbaku). During the entire event RopeMarks was assisted by the amazing Dutch-Dame.

In-between our own workshops we had some time to mingle and have our picture taken with some of the other big names the Twisted Leprechaun organisation had invited to come and teach or be present as a vendor.

With all those workshops and knowledgeable people walking around, go figure, we even learned something :) This was one very, very good event and if you know this is the very first event by this organisation the second&nbsp (oh yes!) can only get better.

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RopeMarks Workshop 12 November 2011

Posted on September 06 2011 by Bob

Summer is over.. weather-wise it has been long over here in the Netherlands... but that's a different topic :)  So, summer is over, time for planning, planning and planning. First things first, a bondage workshop. We're holding a RopeMarks level 1 workshop on 12 November 2011 in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

For this RopeMarks bondage workshop there are no prerequisites any couple can participate. However you do have to register. You can do that here:

Register for the RopeMarks workshop

If you want to keep up-to-date with what we do, where we are and say hi or have a drink with us, check our Calendar and this blog.

Calendar: RopeMarks Calendar.

Fetish Art & Photography

Posted on September 02 2011 by Bob

Book coverThere's a new book out, Fetish Art & Photography.

Among others it features a collaboration between RopeMarks, Dutch-Dame and CoJac Photography.

More info