Muganawa – 無我縄

Posted on July 31 2011 by Bob

Something that I can very much relate to, perfectly put into words by Nawashi Osada Steve,

Quote: "In essence, a muganawa session is set apart by its emphasis upon the passive partner being allowed to reach his/her true potential rather than the assertive protagonist simply imposing his/her will."

Happy reading

Flow View on Club RopeMarks

Posted on July 28 2011 by Bob
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Here's a question for you peeps out there that regularly visit Club RopeMarks (

On the updates page ( we offer you three different views to browse the perversion we have to offer, Flow View, Gallery View and Minimal View.   

My questions are

- Were you familiar with the Flow View?
- If so: How often do you use the Flow View to navigate the updates?
- Any positive or negative remarks about the Flow View?

Many, many thanx for answering here (as a comment) or sending me a private mail ( 


Club update, Hojojutsu meet Futomomo

Posted on July 28 2011 by Bob

Hojojutsu meets FutomomoThis is f*ck*ng impressive update, even if I say so myself!

We tie the amazing Dutch-Dame in an old (but oh, so unknown) hojo style bondage. Next we put on a thick hood with no eyes, just a mouth opening... then we plug that opening with a ballgag. She has to "suffer" like that for some time...

The predicament is far from complete and we hoist her up by her thigh to finish her in futomomo zuri and have her hang to dry like a dead fish...

I so love my job :-)

Server upgrade

Posted on July 24 2011 by Bob
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A task I've been postponing for ages is finally started, a server upgrade. I mainly need  to upgrade my OS, PHP and control panel (possibly my Database too) to the newest stable versions. This task is now being prepared and will be executed on 

Monday 25 July 2011 at 15:00 CET (The Netherlands)

and will, fingers crossed, last about two hours. In that time frame all of the RopeMarks sites will have some downtime and will on and off be unreachable (several server reboots are required).

In the mean time, do enjoy yourself with this shot of Dutch-Dame exposed in the wild for unexpecting bypassers (and there where quite a few :))

Dutch-Dame in the wild


Posted on July 14 2011 by Bob

How Dutch can a Dutch-Dame get...


Ohw and a shot from this series is going to end up on a Dutch souvenir refrigerator magnet :)

Club Update, Simply Rubber Bound

Posted on July 13 2011 by Bob
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Simply Rubber BoundIngredients:

  • Two chicks
  • One rigger with a perverted mind
  • One photographer
  • A wardrobe of extreme latex
  • Jute rope

Result: A fun filled Saturday afternoon that starts with Chantal and Niniane all rubbered up climbing the stairs to the RopeMarks studio. Each posing for you, showing their curves and finally tangeled up in each other.

In the studio Niniane ends up tightly bound in a hogtie on the floor unable to stop Chantal having her way with her

The links:

The man behind the rope

Posted on July 13 2011 by Bob
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Usually I'm not the one being photographed and if it occurs I look like a clown... This shot I kinda like... meet the man behind the rope :)

RopeMarks, The man behind the rope

World Bodypaint Festival, Day 3

Posted on July 07 2011 by Bob

Already a number of days back from Austria and the World Bodypaint Festival, I still owe you the third day, the finals.What can I say, my girl and her painter made it into the finals and for today had to make another full body paint. This is the result of their effort

Unfortunatly they didn't win but there is always next year! Their final ranking I believe was number 8 in facepaint and 25th in full bodypaint (of a total of 300+ painters?). Not a bad result imvho :)

World Bodypaint Festival, Day 2

Posted on July 03 2011 by Bob

The second day of the festival was a face paint competition. Dutch-Dame's paintster was BodyMention.

Same mantra, paint, judges, photo area and presentation. 

I'm beginning to understand (I think :)) the bodypaint world and bodypaints in general.  It's not that different from my "normal" world (Japanese bondage and fetish) with two exceptions, the bodypaint world is more accepted and allthough there is a lot of competition the atmosphere is very relaxed between painters and models.

Below two shots from the face paint (yes, I got to do some "bondage", BodyMention got inspired by my work and has added a form a bondage in the face paint, very cool :)).  

Now, hurry to the last day. BodyMention and Dutch-Dame made it into the finals! (so cool... did I already mention I am _very_ proud of my girl? :))

World Bodypaint Festival, Day 1

Posted on July 03 2011 by Bob

Dutch-Dame in full body paintFirst day is done... actually it's the third day that I'm writing this... there's too much to see, too much to do and to busy being proud at my girl :)  

First day was a full bodypaint and Dutch-Dame's paintser for the day was BodyMention. Putting on the paint took about 6 hours. After that time BodyMention and Dutch-Dame had to pass the judges and the photo area.

The final part of the day was a presentation of the paint by Dutch-Dame on the mainstage of the festival. A presentation is kind of a short show (2 minutes) with music, choreochrafy (sp? :)) and lights. Imvho, Dutch-Dame kicked ass.