Club Update, BoundCon III, Custom Photo Shoot part 1 of 2

Posted on May 31 2011 by Bob

RopeMarks does MelanieHere's an oldy for you (2006), the RopeMarks Custom Photo Shoot with the lovely Melanie at BoundCon III

Melanie is put through three session and get to endure (but ohw, does she love it :)) suspensions, ballgags, clamps, spanking and a whole lot of bondage


Part 2 is the RopeMarks Custom Photo Shoot with Yvette Costeau and Jill Diamond

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Fixe Magazine

Posted on May 19 2011 by Bob

Fixe Magazine recently interviewed RopeMarks. It became a good interview and we got to add some, non-nude, images for you to look at. Here's the interview:


Rooftop bound

Posted on May 11 2011 by Bob
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Fetish Evolution 2011

Posted on May 06 2011 by RopeMarks

A bit late with the "report" on Fetish Evolution but I'm busy prepping for BoundCon 2011 and then some... Anyway, Fetish Evolution, FE, was simply brilliant again. Other engagements kept me from going the entire weekend so I only had the opportunity to visit the Ball this year.

Dutch-Dame ShackledOn Sunday morning I woke with my girl on my side, spend a lovely Sunday morning, showered, packed and left for Essen. But not before I shackled my girl after her shower. The pic you see is a rare moment in our travel where she was allowed some freedom. The rest of the day was spend shackled until it was time to changed for the party

Dutch-Dame and RopeMarksBefore the party the FE hotel is the nicest place to be, it was great fun to see and meet friends and familiar faces and have a drink together. We also ran into the people of Bibatex, it turned out they brought a lot of latex outfits and were so kind to let my girl borrow one for the party. My girl is stunning, I'm so proud to call her my girl, but wearing the Bibatex outfit and some minor additions from my side... she was (and is) simply irresistible. Judge for yourself...

The party itself is from the caliber, you must have been there to feel the vibe, close to perfect. In the course of the evening I felt it was time to play some more with my girl, dressed her up a bit more with a beautiful rubber hood, took her sight with a rubber blindfold, silenced her with a harnass ballgag and used rubber straps to secure her arms on her back. Without sight, limited hearing unable to speak or use her arms her world reduced to me, her trust completly put into my hands, I led her across the venue and kept her in this situation for, rougly guessed, an hour or three.

Dutch-Dame in full sensory deprivation

Dutch-Dame bound and in full sensory deprivation

These shots were taken about an hour and a half after dressing my girl up.

Coming soon, BoundCon 2011. It promises to be a blast, mainstage shows, my own booth, custom photo shoots and some free-style rigging for the BoundCon organisation.

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