Club Update, Replay: On her knees

Posted on April 28 2011 by RopeMarks

Dutch-Dame, Replay: On her kneesThis is the continuation of this series. I continue the play we started with Dutch-Dame, Replay!

After Dutch-Dame's suffering on her knees I untie her folded legs, drag her to a stool and tie her legs again. I leave her upperbody and perky tits nicely tight. Not going anywhere it's to time to play with Dutch-Dame's head, mentally but also oh so physically

Dutch-Dame is fitted with a rough, wide, leather collar tightly around her neck. Gagged with a harnass gag and finally blindfolded only to be left alone in her own little world, controlled by me!

Enjoy, as usual, I did :)

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A good end, to a good shoot

Posted on April 10 2011 by RopeMarks
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by Dutch-Dame

Pictures soon :)

Boudoir Bizarre Party Flyer

Posted on April 05 2011 by RopeMarks

Dutch-Dame by ME-Chiel for Boudoir BizarreAnd, here it is, the official Boudoir Bizarre flyer for the 16nd edition. The amazing Dutch-Dame positioned by the creativity of ME-Chiel and RopeMarks, rigged by RopeMarks and beautifully shot by ME-Chiel.

Club Update, Rubber Sunbathing

Posted on April 05 2011 by RopeMarks

Rubber SunbathingChantal is bringing Miss Suzn home after a long day. Suzn is allowed to relax a bit before the evening really starts.

Relaxing in fetish style... obviously

Miss Suzn is gagged with a big ballgag, collared and cuffed, blindfolded and put in a chair for the last sun of the day... Where Chantal straps Suzn with rubber straps to the chair

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