Wild beaming

Posted on January 28 2011 by RopeMarks

Yesterday has been an interesting shoot day and I'm so looking forward to the end-result. Together with my girl Dutch Dame and artist Hester Scheurwater we've been creating some exiting video to be projected on a building wall (wild beaming).

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Posted on January 26 2011 by RopeMarks
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An administrative note, we've just moved away from our previous calendar and started using the Google Calendar.

The RopeMarks Calendar

Did you know we actually maintain the calender to be as up to date as possible? Honestly, the calendar is just a truckload of extra work for us. But we (still) get many question from people about where our next show is or when they can meet us or run into us on a pary or an event. That's why we have a calendar :-)

Are you people aware we have one? are you actually using it? Tell us? :-)

The RopeMarks Calendar

Club Update, Waxed Dame

Posted on January 26 2011 by RopeMarks

Waxed DameMy personal opion is that by now we've been getting *hot* enough from seeing Dutch Dame bound, stretched and suffering on Club RopeMarks. It's about time to make things *hot* for the Dame, it's time to wax the Dame.

Enjoy... I did :)

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Successful negotiations

Posted on January 26 2011 by RopeMarks

Always remember to have your negotiation phase done when you play...

Successful Negotiations

BindMe, Japanese, Bondage Rope

Posted on January 23 2011 by RopeMarks
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At BindMe.nl Marrow is always striving to offer you the best quality of ropes at a fair price. With some years of experience in the field he developed a sense for what is a good rope for bondage and what’s (k)not.

Constantly searching for the best sources for hemp and jute he is now able to deliver jute rope that looks, feels and handles like the best Japanese jute available. The rope is a fine tight twisted 3 strand type, each strand consisting of 12 single twines. The single twines give the rope its finesse and smooth feeling sliding through your hands and over the skin of your "victim". Because of the great twist of the strands, the rope is holding up very well and the so called "high stranding" is minimal. (High stranding is the effect of one strand at the end of the rope separating from the others and forming a small loop there). The rope photographs very well and has a lovely smell.

And the best news is... there's lots more where this came from!

So if you are interested, be sure to contact Marrow ( Marrow@BindMe.nl )

Please click on the banner to be taken to the BindMe site

Wall art

Posted on January 21 2011 by RopeMarks
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At least eight of our photo's are now used to decorate a number of walls in a bondage-club.

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RopeMarks Untangled

Posted on January 20 2011 by RopeMarks
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BlogRopeMarks.comThe RopeMarks Blog, as most of the sites in the RopeMarks family, is a product of demand instead of hard commercial activity from our part. The demand for the RopeMarks Blog is mainly technical, we needed a better place to share our adventures.

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Club Update, Miss Double I

Posted on January 13 2011 by RopeMarks

Miss Double IWe have a meeting with Iris and photographer Frits Kraefft in the RopeMarks studio. The result, Iris is restrained, hooded, gagged, bound and suspended...

A cover, 6 page article by the hand of Iris and these pictures have been published in the Dutch SM magazine Massad. Makes me proud :)

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  Club Update, Miss Double I
  Frits Kraefft
  Massad Magazine Cover
  Massad Tear sheet

Goodbye 2010

Posted on January 03 2011 by RopeMarks
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A new year... a time to reflect on the past year and consider changes for the coming year.

2010 has in a way been a normal year with a few highlights, it has also been a strange and sad year for me personally but for RopeMarks as well.

In a way RopeMarks activity was very normal this year, we did some great shows for the international Fetish/BDSM scene on small parties (at most 300 people) and for big parties (5000+ people!). Our workshops filled up faster than ever, we got published in several types of media and participated on Fetish/Bondage fairs.

A few highlights of the past year are that we met the well known Nawashi Arisue Go and his partner Kogure, took them to dinner and generally had a great time. We participated in an art exhibition with 6 of our own pieces and on our shoots we met the amazing model Dutch Dame, she really struck a cord...

Now, so far, so good. If you remotely follow us via our own site, our blog or via the different communities you might have noticed a big change. Something we haven't talked about openly yet.

RopeMarks has always been Bob and Chantal for something close to twelve years. In 2010 Chantal and I made the decision to stop our relationship and each go our own way. Chantal also stepped away from RopeMarks leaving it for me to continue. RopeMarks is now just me, Bob.

Ending a relationship of almost twelve years is... not easy. With the things Chantal and I did privatly but also professionally with RopeMarks the level of emotional depth that you reach, the trust and respect you build towards each other is enormous. Not having that has left me personally with a very big gap to handle and overcome but has also left RopeMarks, in a way, crippled.

The personal effect shall remain personal but with a 12 year relationship finishing things, getting on with your life, giving what happened a place are at the moment of me writing this still in progress (and not always nice). The effect for RopeMarks is that there are going to be changes; big changes that will affect all my activities of RopeMarks. Because my time has always been limited and my work has, in a way, doubled, these changes will happen slowly... but surely.

To end on a very positive note, unexpectedly I connected to a girl with whom it turned out I had more in common than I ever could have imagined. I even met Dutch Dame earlier in 2010 but didn't expect us to be where we are now, together.

Everyone all the best wishes for 2011!


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Club Update, In Heat

Posted on January 02 2011 by RopeMarks

In HeatThis studio shoot in the sindering heat resulted in some stunning shots of Vendetta Li tightly bound in different positions. When the gag was added there was no denying her own heat...

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