Small RopeMarks Update

Posted on July 30 2010 by RopeMarks
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The RopeMarks site has had a small update.
Some time ago we found out the the American Law & Order TV show used RopeMarks photo's in one of their episodes. We've placed parts of that episode online for you to see. This is something we are proud of :)
Also a small update of the portfolio and an interview with Chantal in Foxy Magazine.
The direct links:
 Law & Order video,
 tear sheets

Club Update: Suspended under the stairs

Posted on July 25 2010 by RopeMarks

Suspended under the StairsSimply a set of beautiful images by Guldor of Chantal suspended under the stairs. Nuff said, go look!

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 Club Update - Suspended under the stairs

Exhibition: Naughty but Nice

Posted on July 11 2010 by RopeMarks

Starting 1 August until 12 September 2010 the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam is hosting the group exhibition "Naughty but nice", RopeMarks will be present with five pieces (*proud* :).

This is what the Treehouse says about the exhibtion:

Naughty but Nice is the follow-up to the groundbreaking Happy exhibit, which began in 2006 as the largest exhibition of gay and lesbian artists in the Netherlands, and by its fourth edition (2009) had grown enough to question its own premise: what, actually, is 'gay' art? Are we helping - or stereotyping - the artist by promoting him/her in a 'gay' exhibition? The 2009 edition of Happy was a particularly good example of this conundrum: pieces like "Symphonic Red Chairs" by Etienne Go - a brilliant photographic study of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion - could be seen as 'gay art' only when the viewer was informed of the sexuality of the artist.

Exploring this question, the curators of Happy (Harald Seiwert and Rene Zuiderveld) and the director of the ABC Treehouse (Donna DuCarme) came to the conclusion that many people, when thinking of 'gay art', imagine erotic poses and skimpily clad models. But this begs a further question: why does a 400 year old nude elicit praise and critical analysis, but photos of a nude 60 year old woman elicit outrage and criticism? Is it really a struggle between Rubens and Playboy, or are we uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a woman over a certain age as a sexual person? Why is a photo of a buffed, underwear-clad man "advertising" when it's a giant billboard on Broadway, but "gay" when it's a photograph hanging on the Treehouse walls? When are high heels high fashion, and when are they kinky? Can one man's gay art be another woman's romantic pose? Would a rose still look as sweet, when painted by someone who doesn't share your sexual orientation?

In Naughty But Nice, Seiwert, Zuiderveld and DuCarme invite some of our favorite HoLeBi artists from the Happy exhibits to join with some new Het artists to explore erotic art. These artists, in accepting this challenge, challenge all of us, in turn, to look at our ideas of gender, sexuality...and art.

flyer front flyer back
Naughty but nice
Naughty but nice


Club Update, Glamour Bound

Posted on July 06 2010 by RopeMarks

Glamour BoundThe glamour bound update is a team-up of a fantastic photographer, the Dutch bondage diva Chantal and the amazing Dutch Dame. The pleasure of rigging both was Bob's.

In four individual sets Dutch Dame gets beautifully rigged emphasizing her body. Next Chantal gets rigged emphasizing her wonderful curves. Then it's time to put the both of them together in a sensual bondage, finally the cuteness of both is brought out in a simple wrists together bondage.

This update gives you 4 sets of beautiful glamour bondage shots of the amazing Dutch Dame and Bondage Diva Chantal.

The Links:
 Club RopeMarks, Glamour Bound.

Club Update, back at the School Gym

Posted on July 03 2010 by RopeMarks

back at the School GymIt's been a while seen I was in a school gym, not my best memories there. Personally I always preferred the glow of a computer monitor over the sweaty bodies of young boys. :)

Now, being a perverted adult I can see the advantages of a school gym, together with Chantal we go back there for some adult workout.

This update gives you seven sets of beautiful images taken by Frits Kraefft

The links:
 Club RopeMarks, back at the School Gym