In another bedroom

Posted on May 24 2010 by RopeMarks
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Recently we had something fun happen to us. We got contacted with a request for a high quality image of one of our photo's. The reason was they wanted to hang it on their bedroom wall. To not make the story longer than need to be:

Here's the original from our portfolio:

And here's the end result in someone else's bedroom:

This makes us really proud :)


BoundCon IV, Custom Photo Shoot, part 2 of 2

Posted on May 23 2010 by RopeMarks
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Have you ever wondered what's happening behind the closed doors on BoundCon, Europe's biggest bondage and fetish convention?

Now's your chance to see! This update shows you the second part of the RopeMarks Custom Photo shoot on BoundCon IV

BoundCon IV, Custom Photo Shoot, part 2 of 2


2009... Ancient history?

Posted on May 09 2010 by RopeMarks
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It really feels as if I've been recording ancient history, even though it was only a year old material. We are now almost half way 2010 and _finally_ I've been able to get our 2009 material online for you!

So, what's new on the site?

From our shows of 2009 where we had video or still material a preview and sample has been placed online.
Last year we performed for the German Fetish Ball, Boudoir Bizarre, B.I.T.C.H, Ball Bizarre, Nuit Demonia, and a lot more.
Link: RopeMarks Shows (

Also in 2009 we appeared in different public fetish and non-fetish media. From full articles about Japanese bondage from our hand to interviews and profiles created by others and sightings of us on different parties around (mainly) Europe.

Links to internet publications

We've had the pleasure to be on TV a number of times again, if you've not been able to see it here is another opportunity.
Link: RopeMarks on Television (

Our portfolio gets updated with every update on Club RopeMarks, so it was relatively up-to-date, still some additions have been made to the portfolio.

That should get me off the hook to update for another year orso! :)



Posted on May 08 2010 by RopeMarks

A new article in the online magazine/newspaper "vers pers" has just (may 2010) been published about RopeMarks and Japanese bondage.

Here's the direct link:

BoundCon VII

Posted on May 03 2010 by RopeMarks
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People! Or better, and I'm usually a bit reluctant to say this, Fans!
You make us very, very, very happy :)

Over the last months we've received a lot of e-mail and many people asked us in person. Will you be at BoundCon this year? Consider this entry our public announcement and answer.

 We will not be at BoundCon VII

This year the dates for BoundCon simply didn’t work out for us and we have other plans and appointments.

Even though we take some peoples response to our absence on BoundCon (then we won't go either!) as a very welcome appreciation of what we do. We definitly recommend anybody that has the opportunity to visit this event to go, it's a one of a kind event!


The Links: BoundCon.