Happy Newyear

Posted on December 31 2009 by RopeMarks
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The last day of 2009 all over the media everybody is talking about the past year. Some programs even cover the past yearS!

This got me thinking about our own achievments for 2009. On one hand 2009 was a year for us like any other. On the other hand we made some decisions and changes that most certainly had a great impact on how we run RopeMarks and how you see us.

One very important change for us, and we mentioned this before (read the blog here), RopeMarks is an official Dutch company. This has opened up more options than we thought when we started this and, unfortunatly, closed a few doors too. The latter we expected. If I should make a quick conclusion about the effect of doing this is that it has clearly moved us from amateur/semi-professional bondage-arena to the professional bondage arena, and to be honest, it feels good there :)

The other big change we made is the way we work. In the past (pre-2009:)) we did everything and all at once... honestly, that is not the best way to go :) This year we decided to do things project-based. Do a project, finish it with as little interuptions as possible and move to the next project.

The effect of this change is that this year we finished and published our second DVD, RopeMarks Art Series 1, started our bondage meetings, R.A.R.E. and were able to offer you a brand new website, Club RopeMarks.

A serieus company requires some serieus web-presence, another project. We are running on our own servers! This is still a project being in process of finishing, configuring, fine-tuning and moving. We plan to have this finished before the end of next month.

All these projects make us a little more silent on the web than we usually are but, fortunatly, does not stop you from finding us and booking us for your (media) events, parties, (erotic) fairs and participating in our workshops.

This year we've been doing big main-stage shows to all-night interactive shows either in co-operation with the bigger names in the fetish/BDSM-world or all by ourselves. We've done more workshops than we care to count and either operated camera equipment or stood before the camera numerous times for our own Club RopeMarks shoots or recording for national and international television programs.

We have some backlogs in updating our sites and once the move to our own servers is finished we promise to make up for that and show you all the exciting things we've done and all the new sexy models we have ready and waiting for you. Here are just a few samples of what we did this year and what you can expect next year.

Dutch Dame by RopeMarks

Miss Duveaux by RopeMarks

Chantal of RopeMarks

Miss Mirjana by RopeMarks

Have a very happy 2010 everybody and may this become the year we meet (again) and share good times!

Bob & Chantal

Club RopeMarks, running on our own server

Posted on December 23 2009 by RopeMarks
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Club RopeMarksPeople... It has been done... We're so _not_ sorry! :)  

We've been working our butts of the last months to give you the best... Oh wait, we're already giving you the best! :) But now we are giving this to you in a beautiful new package, Club RopeMarks has had a complete makeover, we've kicked it into the 21st century and are finally running on our own server (hell yeah! :)). Can't wait? Go see for yourself

The new and improved Club RopeMarks is live  http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com/

The short story, Club RopeMarks was loaded with old technology and running on shared hosting. Maybe you still remember, Club RopeMarks was an offspring of RopeMarks before the upgrade to what it is now. This hindered easy maintenance and easily adding new galleries, the more galleries we added the more maintenance was hindered.

We've done a compelete makeover from the ground up and we are now a full-fledged modular designed, object oriented, PHP/MySQL, CSS, (Japanese) bondage site running on its own server.

So what's the change for you
 - a brand new, lightning fast, shiny, website :)
 - frequent updates (we give you our best effort to do monthly updates)
 - All preview videos can be downloaded for private use on your computer (windows media and flash)
 - Our members can now easily download all photo's for private use as complete archived sets.
 - Our members can view our video's online and easily download them for private use on their computer (windows media and flash format).

Obviously, a new site will have some "kinks" (hahaha... *uchum*). We've tried to get as many out as possible, but programming is still the art of making bugs so there will definitly be some well hidden critters in the site. These should come out in the first weeks we are online and we would highly appreciate it if you could send us a message when you find things are not working as expected!

http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com/support - You can find our contact information here
All member accounts have been moved to work with the new site and server, we expect no problems there, but if you do experience issues with your account, contact us here.

http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com/support - You can find our contact information here

That's it for now, enjoy the new Club RopeMarks site.

The all new
http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com/ - Club RopeMarks, the RopeMarks Members Only Club

Seasons greetings

Posted on December 20 2009 by RopeMarks
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Nuit Demonia 2009, Paris, France

Posted on December 18 2009 by RopeMarks
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The last project is almost finished, the last details always take up more time than you think. We are still on schedule (sort off :)) and the results should be visible soon.

We are not just working, we also try to have fun. Last weekend we certainly did. It was time for the Nuit Demonia week in Paris, France. On our first night we attended the Nuit Demonia party, as always it's a little different from what we are used to, but in a good way. It was a lot off fun.

What was very unexpected was the presence of Mistress Hibiki from Japan. I've already spent a short blog on her here
RopeMarks Meets Mistress Hibiki from Japan.

The second night it was time for the "Cosy Party", basically a fetish bondage party. Personally I am not a big fan of wearing the regular fetish clothing (latex, leather, etc.) when doing bondage but when you see the pictures that have been taken (I'm still seeing bright spots in front of myeyes...) it does look good :).

We have not received any pictures yet but when we do we'll post them on thesite.

The Links: RopeMarks, Mistress Hibiki, Nuit Demonia Party, Cosy Party.