Magazines and tear sheets

Posted on August 22 2009 by RopeMarks
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My desk is clean! :)

To elaborate a little on that, my desk was stacked with stuff that needed "processing", old videotapes, magazines, DVD's, rope (don't forget about rope :)), somewhere between that mess was my keyboard, my external hard drives, I found my iPod again and a penquin mp3 speaker...  The result of this cleanup is that the RopeMarks website now has all media related material that we appear in or on available on the website. Compared to our last update, somewhere last week, it's mainly magazines and tear sheets from those magazine's that make this update.

Go see:
and see:



Posted on August 15 2009 by RopeMarks
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From time to time awards are rewarded, even to us (go figure! :)). The last award, the bondage award for best rigger of 2009, we received this year has been placed on the site. You can see it here on our home page

RopeMarks Home Page

Below it is an easy link to the other awards we have received over the years


Shared portfolio

Posted on August 13 2009 by RopeMarks
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You are browsing through our portfolio ( you see a photo you really, really, like (you like all of them ofcourse, but I'm setting you up for greatness here :)) and wanted to share it on your own site or blog! Only to come to a grinding stop at this point?  Well, no more. From now on you can share the photo's from our portfolio on your own site or blog.

Underneath every photo in our portfolio can be found a piece of HTML that you can copy and paste on your own site or blog. No charge whatsoever, all we ask is that you keep our return link (included in the piece of HTML) intact.

This is how it would look:

Enjoy! :)

The Links: The RopeMarks Portfolio.

RopeMarks Update

Posted on August 11 2009 by RopeMarks


We've been neglecting our website a little! With that I mean that only the necessary actions to keep the site running smoothly have been done. However this does not mean we have been doing nothing! In fact we've been doing quite a lot, which immediatly gives you the reason we did not find the time to keep the site up to date for you. Well, we have corrected that and there are truckload of new (old :)) things to see for you.

First of all, since the last update we have appeared on several TV shows from around Europe, either as feature or as supporting "act". You might have caught us in the British program "Generation Sex" where we educate a young British couple into the perverse BDSM pleasures Amsterdam (the Netherlands) has to offer, or maybe on the Croation program "Red Carpet" where we tell you more about who we are, what we do and why we like it :). These and two more Dutch television programs we've appeared in can be found in our media section.

RopeMarks Media section:

Second, we've not been sitting still with our shows and the last months we've been travelling all over Europe, most notably the Netherlands (obviously :)), Germany, Italy and France.  There's even an old video (2007) that we got our hands on, man, I even like our own shows! :). We've ploughed through the show material upto 2008, where we had still or moving images they can be found in our show section.

RopeMarks Show section:

Next, we've flooded our portfolio with images ranging back to 2006 with models like the Dutch Bondage Diva Chantal, the always lovey Miss Mirjana and many more. Also images of sculptures made from our modeling. If you have not been living under a rock you know that Twitter is the next hot thing, now, if you like one or more of our portfolio images, twitter it!  We've added a button just for that underneath the image (make sure you refresh the porfolio page properly).

RopeMarks Portfolio section: 
Follow me on twitter: 

Last but not least, our calender has been brought up to date with all confirmed events and activities.

RopeMarks Calender: 

Don't forget to give some feedback! :)


RopeMarks Sculptures by Dann Chetrit

Posted on August 10 2009 by RopeMarks
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We'd like to give you an update on things we've modeled for in the past, in this case for sculptures. Four to be exact. Two of these are really progressing into shape. Here's one of the poses we did:

RopeMarks Sculpture by Dann Chetrit

Sofar the artist, Dann, has made two sculptures out of this pose. More to come? Who knows :)

Old stuff

Posted on August 08 2009 by RopeMarks

I've been ploughing through some old stuff we did, cleaning up, and I found some pics that I thought you might like. Since Here's the first one, more shortly.



Videotapes (VHS/PAL) for sale

Posted on August 03 2009 by RopeMarks

I'm getting rid of my video (PAL/VHS) collection.
Each video is Euro 5 excluding handling and shipping
All video's are PAL VHS tapes.

This is the list I get rid of:

Video Tapes for SaleNagasaki - Rigger Akechi Denki
Doma, Extreme Japanese Bondage - Rigger Akechi Denki
Subliem, Real Japanese Bondage - Rigger Akechi Denki
Tokyo Torture Chamber - Rigger Randa Mai
Tokyo Torture Chamber 2, Pregnant fetish fantasies - Rigger Randa Mai
Tokyo Torture Chamber 3, Lessons in torture - Rigger Randa Mai
Tokyo Torture Chamber 4, Bound with honor - Rigger Randa Mai
Tokyo Torture Chamber 6, Permanent domination - Rigger Randa Mai
Asia Bounded 1 - Rigger Randa Mai
Asia Bounded 2 - Rigger Randa Mai
Serina Komuro, Live @ Roppingi Mistress Bar - Rigger Serina Komuro
Sadomasochism from Japan, About SM & Bondage
Sadomasochism from Japan, Freak Scene
2 hour Bondage, Japan, Part 1
2 hour Bondage, Japan, Part 2
Devonshire SS-3, How to tie
Devonshire SS-9, Sensory deprevation
Ona Zee, Learning the ropes, volume 1
Ona Zee, Learning the ropes, volume 7
Histoire d'O 2
LATEX, Michael Ninn
Bruce Seven, The Fear Zone
Bruce Seven, Painful Cheeks
Bruce Seven, Punished Innocence
Bruce Seven, Obsession

If you are interested drop me a line "bob at".