RopeMarks DVD, Art Series 1 - Master "K"'s review

Posted on June 15 2009 by RopeMarks
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We received Master "K"'s review that made use very proud:

Like a bolt from the blue (or perhaps that should be a bolt from Amsterdam), I received in the mail today the new DVD from the RopeMarks team of Bob and the lovely Chantal. It's titled "Art Series 1" and is the first of what I hope will be a long line of programs from them featuring a European take on the classic Japanese art of kinbaku (Japanese bondage).  It's a most impressive production.  

On a tasteful white on white set the team presents 4 classic kinbaku stylings: an ornate decorative tie, a version of the famous Akechi Denki gote (upper body) shibari, a full suspension and a tie utilizing that classic Japanese accessory, bamboo. The ties are well chosen, diverse and interesting and put together these 4 positions give a fine impression of the range of shibari art.  

Taking a page from the DVDs of the well known Japanese bakushi Miura-san, the production uses his elegant format of a short musical opening (a nice piece featuring taiko drums) as Bob begins to tie, then the hush of the session as Bob completes the tie, then the music to close. However, RopeMarks goes Miura-san one better by having more close-ups and by showing the tying techniques more clearly. Bob's hand movements are smooth, sure and expert throughout; an impressive display that the novice can truly learn from.  

Bob's partners in this exciting endeavor are the beautiful bondage diva, Chantal and the exotic European fetish model Mirjana.  Both are lovely and both do a wonderful job responding to Bob and the ties. It's clear they both enjoy kinbaku, it's beauty as well as its challenges. In a brilliant and sexy bit of drama the models are gagged and blindfolded after the ties are completed and then allowed to struggle and enjoy the ties a bit before each scene slowly fades out. Very sexy, indeed!  

There's a word in Japanese that conveys the qualities of this production. It's shibui, a term that means a kind of rough, masculine, elegance. With this DVD the RopeMarks team firmly establishes themselves as among the best kinbaku artists in Europe and beyond.


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BoundCon VI, The trip, the booth and interviews.

Posted on June 12 2009 by RopeMarks
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On BoundCon VI (read our experience here) we decided to do some behind the scene filming. Usually we are quite busy on BoundCon and can't film everything but we have some nice material for you to look at:  Our trip, setting up our booth and some interviews we held with a number of participants of the fair. Enjoy! :)

The trip and booth:

The Interviews part 1

The Interviews part 2

Disclaimer: No participants where harmed (much) during the making of this "behind the scenes".

German Fetish Ball Weekend 2009

Posted on June 02 2009 by RopeMarks
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May has become a month of extreme's for us, mainly me. On the high, a lot of great events that we have been to and on the low an annoying stomach fly during one of these events. And this is the event that I want to give you a short review of, the German Fetish Ball Weekend (GFB).

Unfortunatly for me a few days before we had to leave to Berlin, where the party weekend was held, I got sick, really sick and until the end of the last day that we had to leave I had a fever and diarrhea. Since I already was feverisch for a few days I assumed it should be over any day. So instead of cancelling the event I decided to gamble the fever would be gone the next day.

Cancelling would be bad for us, but not in the least for the GFB, RopeMarks was booked for the two day fetish fair for a number of shows and demo's and we were booked for the the Ball (the big party of the weekend) to be the main act on the mainstage. This mainstage show was not just us, it was together with Kumi Monster and appropriatly titled "Kumi vs RopeMarks". More on that later.

As you can imagine the six hour trip to Berlin became a almost nine hour trip because of the numerous pitstop we had to make because of my diarrhea. You do not want to know how dirty some of the toilets are that you find in parkingplaces next to the German higways; and, you don't want to know how dirty some were after I was finished there :)

The next day my gamble turned out right, the fever was gone, only my diarrhea was now in the way of completely enjoying the event. With good hope (and a roll of toilet paper :) we headed to the fetish fair. As usual with buildings that host events in Germany they are beautiful and usually very characteristic, so was this. I won't try to describe it (I can't), just check the GFB site for pictures. The fair itself was a big three floor event that had everything you can expect from a a fair and as extra an outside barbeque and bar.

Our shows/demo's were in a big "pit", surrounded by windows for people to enjoy the going-ons. On the first floor the people could look down into the pit to enjoy the show, and the brilliant thing, there was a fully operational electric industrial sized crane that reached all the way up to the high arched ceiling of the first floor. If I had to guess that would be 15 meters up, if not more.

For our first demo we decided on something simple, but as often happens, once I get started with ropes and props I can't seem to stop myself :) The result was a very cool play session with one of the highlights Chantal hanging upsidedown about 5 meters of the floor. One other interesting thing we found out is that Chantal is not that comfortable with big hights, her screaming through her panelgag that I should not go higher made that very clear :) Our second demo of the day was more technical, where I made Chantal "roll around" in the air, going smoothly from position to position.

That night the GFB Weekend had a few parties, we were guests on the Play Party in the Avalon location. Again a beautiful location. We did go but left very quickly, I just was not up to it yet.

The second day I woke up feeling very good and it looked like my bowels passed its content at a more regular speed now. Being bold we went to the fair without an extra roll of toilet paper :) but first we had to stop by the location of the Ball to rehearse for our mainstage show with Kumi. Actually I should say, Chantal rehearsed with Kumi since in this particular show I was not needed on stage. After rehearsal we went to the fair to perform our last show for the fair, did some shopping ourselves, enjoyed the sun on the outside terras and watched people dressed up in rubber parading around. Life's good.

In the evening the big Ball of the German Fetish Ball weekend took place in the Matrix, another beautiful and perfect location for a versatile fetish event. When we entered the first thing that we noticed can be described in one word; SHINY! We were quite late, there already were a lot of people wearing a big variation of rubber clothing and they were all super SHINY, it was a beautiful sight :)

After the fashion show it was time for "Kumi vs RopeMarks", the main show with a "paintress", her "annoying helper" and bondage. Without giving to much away, it was one big mess and I know at least a few people were careless enough to unwantingly participate in the show :)

Now it was time to enjoy the party ourselves, and we did; nuff said!

We have no pictures but will add them to this post when we have them.


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